26 July 2009

Just a Quiet Sunday...

yeah, I know I've been away for a bit...Just hasn't been much happening in my world that seemed worth talking about in the last week or so. I've stuck close to home, slept a great deal, did some dishes the night before last, and made 13 little blank books in the last two days/nights. Still sleeping all day and up all night. Don't suppose that is to change anytime soon though.
It's about 10:30 a.m. I've been up since midnight ...there abouts anyway.
Soon as Susan's assesment is done she and I will be heading to Hays apparently. I haven't a dime to my name, but that doesn't seem to bother her any. She's invited me along for the ride and lunch. I need to get out and get the stink blown off me anyway!
I have a load of clothes in the dryer. Soon as they are dry, I'll get out of my pajamas and into clean clothes. I think I'll wear my red flowered dress. The sleeveless one. It's a very comfy dress!
I've decided that I am hungry NOW! I have a minute steak on the stove, gonna make me a steak sandwich. Give my belly something to do and bring my blood sugars up as well. I'm kinda shaky today.
My arms are killing me too...especially that right one. It hurts in the muscles of my forearm mostly. Burning pain...hurts even worse when I stretch that arm out. I'm glad this pain isn't a constant pain. It sticks around for a few days and goes away for a few days. All depends on how much I use that arm as to how much pain I have. I played football with that silly Fred dog yesterday. I kicked that ball more often than I picked it up and threw it though...That dog liked to have wore my ass out! He had that football early this morning wanting someone to play ball with him. He was on his own though. It was way too early to play ball!
Fred doesn't like plums. He'll eat the pears on the trees in the yard. Well, he won't eat them ON the tree...he'll eat them if you give him one! But he won't eat those plums out there on the trees! I ate one yesterday while I was playing ball and tossed him the plum pit. He spit that thing out, sniffed it, looked at me like "Man! That is nasty!" and walked over to his football for more play. I tried a whole plum later. I threw it to him. He'll catch just about anything you throw him. He bit down on the plum and spit it out. Didn't want anything to do with it! I never heard of a dog that liked fruit. Fred is an oddball dog though!
I've turned my steak. Won't be long now and I'll be chowing down!
I will scan the little books I've made this weekend sometime later today probably. Then I'll tell you a little about them when I post them here. I still have a couple of them that are ready to be put together so they will get scanned then as well.
Right now, I'm off to eat some steak! Go get your hugs!

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