01 July 2009

Let's have Art Wednesday.....

Sorry it's been a couple of days since the last post when I promised you artwork. Here's the artwork....I've been away for two days and am just now getting to this. Maybe I'll tell you about my excellent adventure and maybe I'll forget to...at any rate, as promised......artwork!

Looks like we are starting with ATCs. The two kitties below are going out in a swap all about markers! These two are done in markers (cause that's what the swap is all about.) I still have two more marker drawings to do for this swap. Not sure if they will end up being kitties though.

This Is Frank- June 2009

The Big Apple-- June 2009

The next six ATCs were done for the Fortune Cookie Fortune Swap. I really wanted to do 7 of these but I only had 6 fortunes to work with. :(

Wealth- green glitter, white crewel embroidery yarn, white plastic netting, irredescent glitter, embroideried mirror, chipboard circle, paper flower, chipboard blue rectangle with the fortune glued to it. Fortune as colored green with a marker and the black dots are dimensional paint. Base is from that game I can't remember the name of. Stiff chipboard. This holds true for all six of these ATCs. The fortune reads: Wealth is not in making money, but in making the man while he is making money.

Old Tasks- June 2009 .... text page, purple glitter, irredescent glitter, purple crewel embroidery yarn, magazine cutouts, gold foil medallions, yellow chipboard regtangle with the fortune glued to it. The fortune was colored with purple marker. Fortune reads: A good time to finish up old tasks.

Now Is The Time!~ June 2009 text page, blue glitter, blue crewel embroidery yarn, irredescent glitter, plastic flowers. The fortune reads: Investigate new possibilities with friends. Now is the time!

Musical Future--June 2009 ... The color is all off on this one! There is not a lick of orange anywhere on this ATC! Text page, red glitter, irredscent pink glitter, red crewel embroidery yarn, paper flowers, sheet music bits, genuine red garnet in the middle of the flower. Fortune reads: An interesting musical opportunity is in your near future.

Fresh Air and Grace--June 2009 ... text page, pink glitter, pink irredescent glitter, purple crewel embroidery thread, magazine cutout, rope from some junkmail, pink chipboard rectangle with fortune glued to it. Fortune was colored with a pink marker. Fortune reads: Fresh Air and sunshine and plenty of grace slam the door in the doctor's face.
The color on this one is off as well. The background is much pinker than this shows it to be.

Extraordinary Vitality--June 2009 text page, raspberry colored glitter, irredescent glitter, purple crewel embroidery yarn, paper flowers, embroideried mirror, the purple dots are dimensional paint that failed dimensionialism. Fortune was colored with a marker. Fortune reads: You are imbued with extraordinary vitality.
And LOOKIE HERE!!!! We have made some inchies. Finally. I'm still behind on the inchie goal...though still well in the running to accomplish it! Susan, Linda and Jerry all helped with a few of these. I'll point them out to you in the commentary.
We are officially up to 489 of them! Almost halfway there!

top row, 3rd from left is Linda's.
middle row, 1st in line from left is Linda's
middle row, far right is Linda's
bottom row, 1st from left is Susan's
bottom row, 2nd from left is Jerry's
bottom row, 3rd is Susan's
bottom row, far right is Susan's
the rest are mine

Yes, I know, technically I shouldn't be counting L, S and J's inchies but I'm going to anyway.

middle row, 3rd from left is Susan's
bottom row, 1st is Jerry's
bottom row, far right is Linda's
The rest are mine.

These are all mine. And yes, that is a dead squirell on the first inchie of this batch. Don't ask why. We were talking about roadkill and that is what happens when I've a pen in hand and inchie blanks before me!
There are five more inchies done and ready to scan but they will wait till I have enough to scan an even dozen. It's easier to keep track of the total that way.

And then we head on to Chunky Pages. I have been busy for the last week or more with these masterpieces I'm showing you all today. (Masterpieces....:) Yeah, right!)
I don't know yet if these fish will end up in Evelyn's book for her birthday later this month or not. Probably will as I need a few more pages for that book. I may go through the pages already done that I have up for trade and perhaps use a few of those instead of these fish. I just haven't decided yet is all.

Purple Fish Enid...security envelope insides, red nylon head scarf material, lavendar netting, hemp cord, eyelash yarn, micro beads, handmade paper cut into fish shape, dusted with purple glitter and a googly eye added in the appropiate spot. The base is part of a boardgame box.

Red Fish Wanda......security envelope insides, red nylon head scarf material, irredescent glitter, ironed easter grass, eyelash yarn, microbeads, handmade paper cut in the fish shape, dusted with glitter and an eye added. Base is part of a boardgame box.

There is a lot of wheat harvesting going on right now! I noticed the field behind the house is yet to be cut though. That should happen pretty soon! It sure looks ready to me...though I'm no farmer by any stretch of the imagination! The fields are much prettier before they are cut than afterwards!
How I wish the camera would talk to the pc!
So many missed photo opportunities...
Get yourselves some hugs. I have done that already today...perhaps more are still in store... you can never have too many!
Be good to one another and come back to see what's on my mind tomorrow....or maybe not tomorrow, but the next day... with me you just never know when I may drop in!

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