20 July 2009

The Sleep Monster Stopped By For a Visit

I haven't posted all week because I haven't had a lot to say.
The sleep monster came for a visit on Monday. I left the sleep monster here at home when I left on Tuesday. Monday gave me 14 hours of sleep. Much more than I actually needed! The sleep monster waylayed me on Thursday when I got home. 17 hours of sleep. Friday, sleep monster still present. 16 hours of sleep. Saturday....Saturday was a doosey! 26 hours straight....early Saturday evening all the way into Sunday evening. Sunday gave me another 14 hours of sleep. Some of that sleep time was drug induced with flexaril and cyclobenzaprine. The sleep monster arrived right about the same time the pain monster arrived. My head is killing me at the moment actually. Pain in my neck, shoulders, arms, right down to my hands and fingertips. Laying in bed makes my legs hurt as well. There is no winning the race against the degradation of this old body! I always hurt to one degree or another. Docs say don't worry about all that sleeping, your body needs it apparently. I just go with the flow...

On Thursday I made around 50 inchies. I didn't actually finish them all yet. I drew line pictures on 50 inchie blanks, let's put it that way. I have only colored four or five of them in thus far.
I also have an ATC that needs scanned done.

It is rather warm this morning. My clock says it is 3:59am. I've been up since 3:04am. Made a pot of coffee, read a few blogs I have neglected for the week and fed the dog and cats. A skunk smell woke me. I was so pleased NOT to find that critter in the house! I have the back door standing wide open and one could come in if it figured that out. Fred was on guard duty, sleeping on the lawn by the back door.

My sister Marilyn was here on Saturday for a couple of hours. She interupted my nap--that's OK though. She and my nephew John and his girlfriend had come to Stockton to pick up a puppy John and Megan had bought. A pretty little brown and white husky with the bluest eyes. They named her Clover. She followed Fred everywhere he went! Fred didn't care. He's an easy fellow to get along with!
I gave her some of the Brooke stuff we bought at the auction a few months ago. Koozies, keychains, letter openers, clips, etc. It was good to see her.
I knew she was coming, I'd just forgot about it till she called and said 'we're almost to your house'. I didn't even have time to straighten the livingroom! She said she didn't come to see the house, she came to see me, so that made my messy livingroom easier to bear (for me that is).

And the livingroom is still a mess! Along with the kitchen, the hallway, the bedroom and the bathroom. We won't talk about the deskroom...it's always in shambles.

I am going to finish my coffee, read a few more blogs and go back to bed. My head feels like it weighs about 800 pounds and I'm having trouble holding it upright!
You all go get and give some hugs today! I'm lacking in that department for the last few days....

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John said...

Hi Donna, hope that you're feeling better *hugs*

Clover? Not sure why it reminds me of that monster movie 'Cloverfield'... :)