19 January 2012

And the Cat Grows, Still

Hello Readers!

I'm still hard at work on my paper mache cat! I have decided I will give it to my sister Jeanny for her birthday. She hasn't even seen it and already she covets it! 
I told her I seriously considering painting it orange and I thought she would burst with excitement! I haven't actually told her she's getting the cat. I've only danced around the request. 

I got up this morning and bulked him out some and put a last layer of paper on him. 

My sister, Kathy, gave me a bunch of old paper napkins that she got from the remnants of a yard sale. I've trained my people well to look for unusual things for art! She said they weren't good enough to use for napkins cause she hadn't a clue just how old they were or how they'd been stored before she got them. They were plenty good enough to use in paper mache!

Kitty was a bit skinny in his midriff so I bulked out his shoulders a bit. Bulking out involves tape and paper...whatever kind of paper you want to use will work! Tape it on the piece and then paper mache over it. Easy peasy!

Except for his face! His snout is way too long for a cat's snout! 
I was taping little balls of newspaper to his his nose area for some cheeks to stick whiskers in later and my mother told me I should be putting those balls on the other end of him! LOL I told Ma he's been neutered!  One of his legs is way fatter than the other three. Ma was displeased I had cut a good 4 inches off the end of his tail by this point too. I fattened up his belly, his tail and along his backside with paper napkins and masking tape.

Then I covered him up with drug booklet paper. I like the fact the drug booklets are numerous colors. It lets me know where the next layer has been placed. Assures ALL of it is covered in each layer of paper. 

His chin is a bit off! I'll correct that when I apply the paper clay tomorrow. 
I had planned on getting the paper clay made today but that didn't happen so it's scheduled for tomorrow. We'll see. If I'm going to give Kitty to sis, which I'm sure I will, I have till the end of April to do it! I plan on having him done before the end of January though!

This thing, however, probably won't be done by the end of January. I spent a whole day punching stars and putting them on this canvas. This thing has stopped talking to me, as it were. I don't know what direction to take with it at this point. I've put it back on the easel to brew! I think I jumped the gun on putting the stars on! I really don't know what will happen with it. 

I started a new project on the kitchen table this evening. I must have this project done tomorrow afternoon so the kitchen table is clean for the putting on of the paper clay to the cat. 
I went out to the burnt house yesterday and collected up some magnetic clips. Took them all to the garage and proceeded to demolish said clips for the magnets in them. I was getting really low on magnets and I have about 2000 of those magnetic clips to steal magnets from! It's great for the ego to demolish perfectly good things. I took the little sledge hammer to them. I couldn't do more then 20some. My arm was killing me by then! That sledge only weighs 8pds. It shouldn't be so hard to pick it up! Took both hands to pick it up and aim it at a clip. I generally got the magnet out with one whack, but some of them took two whacks. 

I'm working on junk magnets. The swap I entered calls them Earth Day Magnets (Sans the Magnets). Apparently magnets are considered a hazardous material to the United States Postal Service. This is news to me but whatever. I'll add a magnet when I get my returns. No problem! (I just see a lot of issues with magnets not being able to be sent through the mail. If that's true how come magnets are sold on ebay and etsy and a lot of other online stores? Does UPS and FedEx allow magnets to be shipped through them? I have questions is all. But it's no skin off my teeth to make magnetless magnets for this swap!)
These are magnets made from junk. 
I have lots of junk to use in magnet making!
No pictures of the magnet progress, I'm afraid.
I've only got 1 done and 2 others in the works. All depends on if I work on them still this evening as to how many will get made. I was shooting for 7 of them, but that might not happen. Might end up with the three in progress now.
I'll show you results in the next post.
Until then......be good to one another!
It matters!

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