22 January 2012

Paper Mache Cat, a Few Magnets and Some ATCs

Hi Everyone!
The kitty is taking shape a bit more each day. I didn't work much on him yesterday. We are in the drying stages at the moment. 
I've figured out what to use for his eyes, but I don't know if what I have in mind will work or not without some experimentation. 
Next post we'll see how that experiment turns out!

I'll have to put another coat of  paperclay or gesso on him...not sure which just yet. 
I truly do make this all up as I go along.

His face needs a bit of tweaking as well. I'll have to drag out the dremel and drill some holes for whiskers. Not sure what I'll use for whiskers just yet either.
He's coming along nicely though and I'm pleased with the progress.

Ma came over the other day and we sat at the kitchen table making magnets from jar lids and junk. 

This one is mine. I'll be entering it in a swap over at AFA (link's up at the top). I have two others done that I forgot to take a picture of. You'll see them next time.
This one started out life as a cap to a gallon milk jug. It has a little of this and a little of that on it. Sequins of different shapes, plastic gems, fake pearls bauble, a puzzle piece, some copper wire jump rings, a clear plastic flower with green stripes, little feet lapel pin with the shaft removed, a heart cut from a microwaved CD,  brass doodad with a plastic yellow ball on top of it, a couple of glass tube beads and a metal shaft from a magnetic clip. the inside of the lid has another lid glued in it to adhere the magnet to. The inside cap is blue and came from a vanilla extract bottle.

These two lid magnets are Ma's

I really like the one with the spider!

I drew three ATCs yesterday as well.

On The Savannah
markers on recycled cardstock

Firestone Flamingo
markers on recycled cardstock

Pliocene Pussy Cat
markers on recycled cardstock

I have a sweater monster in the works, three more magnets in the works and the paper mache kitty ongoing as well. Never a minute goes by that I am not at least THINKING of something that needs to be created. 

I'll be back again soon to show you more progress on the Art Front!
Be good to one another!
It matters!

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