28 January 2012

How About a Monster?

No new news going on with Mr. Kitty but other things have materialized.

Hello Readers!

The Pastel Monster
I have dragged out the sweater material again. More sweater material, I should say. This guy started out life as a crowl neck hand knitted sweater. It is soft, soft, soft! I don't think there will be any other monsters made from it though as the weave in the material is bit large and the polyfil shows through the monster's skin. Her leg looks a bit cockeyed cause this sweater had a diamond pattern knitted into it and the leg seams just happen to intersect one of those diamond patterns. I used a sleeve, with much left over, for this monster.
Her eyes and horns are made of felt.

I think the remainder of the sweater will end up in the sweater quilt I keep saying I'm going to make one of these days. I might try to make a sweater rose just to see if it will work. I don't think it will though. This sweater is quite fuzzy and the hot glue might not play nicely with all that fuzz. We'll see though!

Plaid Rose #2
You can see some of the petals used in making this rose laying next to it on the kitchen table.
I don't have enough petals to make another rose so these petals will end up in the 'mulch' bag.
What is this 'mulch'? It's pcs of material that are too small to do anything with but can be used to stuff little critters when I make little critters.

I started on my Valentine's Day project. 
You get only a sneak peek. I will tell you that crewel embroidery yarn, fiberfil, and those felt santa hats I talked about last post are involved in this project!

I thought I had shown you all the finished yellow sweater roses but I couldn't a find a picture anywhere! I ended up with 13 of these. 

They are all stuck to my metal pantry cabinet in the kitchen. They will all disappear from this cabinet in the next few weeks though cause the yellow ones are slated as Valentine's gifts and the others are slated for the craft show in September.

You all be good to one another!
I know I say that at the end of every post but it is so important!
The world is becoming a hateful place 
if we don't all remember what it is to be human,
we will all perish in a very sad state!
be good to one another!
It matters!

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