17 January 2012

Some Paper Mache in Progress

Remember this thing?

I woke up with this critter nagging at me.
I was on a paper mache kick back in September of 2011 when I started this critter. It'd been called everything from a cat to a wombat! I sat it on the kitchen table this afternoon and it yelled at me while I cooked some fried potatoes, so I sat down and fattened up its legs and  its head and cut a bit off the end of its way-to-long tail.
Then I promptly chopped its head off and 
put it back on again in a different position. Wooden skewers aren't just for BBQ! 
And hacksaws do an excellent job of hacking!
It was quite liberating to saw this critter's head off! When the idea hit me to cut its head off cause it just wasn't working with its head where it originated, I second guessed myself. Questioned if cutting its head off was such a good idea. I sucked it up, got out the hacksaw and boom! No head! And it felt good! It was a whole lot easier both mentally and physically than I thought it would be~!
I have decided this is indeed a cat.
There were doubts about what it would become.
This is one stout little cat! As you can see in the picture of its decapitated head, it is solid paper! The armature is made of magazine paper rolled into reeds, taped together in the shape of a creature with four legs. From there newspapers were taped round and round that armature to develop the shape of the critter. When I got tired of layers and layers of newspaper, I wrapped and wadded tin foil around the legs to fatten them up. 
I used paper napkins to bulk it out. Lots of masking tape is involved as well. 
I fashioned him some ears from corregated cardboard and taped them on his head. I taped them three times before they ended up where I wanted them! 

Then I sat down to a hamburger patty, some fried potatoes and a bowl of sweet corn for supper. I contemplated what to do with the cat while I ate.

After I got my belly full, I cut the cat's ears down some so they weren't quite so large and covered him in a layer of the drug brochure paper. I really wish there had been enough purple pages to make him all purple but it really doesn't matter cause that will all be covered over with paper clay day after tomorrow and you won't know it even had color! 
He'll get another layer of paper and glue tomorrow. I need to give him some toes. I was half way through that first layer of paper mache when I remembered I wanted to put some toes on him! Will use egg cartons for his toes. Cut the egg cups in half and trim them down, stuff em with newspaper and tape them to his feet before I put the next layer of paper down.  I'll mix up a batch of paper clay to finish him off the next day.
Not sure how I'll paint him but I'm thinking he'll end up being orange with some kind of decorations on him. Haven't thought ahead that far!
I really don't know what I'm doing! I make up the rules as I go along!
There's at least another 4 days work to do on this thing.

Nothing has occurred in the cutting room. I have no picture either.

Be good to one another!
It matters!

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