05 January 2012

Work in Progress and Some Other Baubles Completed

Happy Thursday Everyone!
It's really only Wednesday as I write out this post but it will more than likely be Thursday by the time anyone reads it!

I'm still in the swing of creativity. I don't think that is going to slow down any anytime soon. I may have to take a breather for a few days while the kids are here for a visit but I'll get right back in the swing of the things next week.

In addition to the things I'm going to show you today, I have a couple of Goddess Stuffies I'm working on and a few other things rambling around in my head that I would like to give a go. I'm also still working on mug rugs, though that endeavor has slowed down considerably. I'll probably sew some of those while the kids are here beings they are all ready to be sewn.

I made a couple of altered key ornaments. I don't know what else to call them other than ornaments. They're just hangy things to do with what one wants. They could be hung on the Christmas tree I suppose, or one could hang them from a window shade as a pull for the shade or one could hang one from their rear view window in their vehicle. I've no clue what I'll do with these two. Trade them perhaps?
They're just useless keys made into something pretty. 
I spray painted the keys black and put irrediscent glitter glue on one of them. I used a variety of doodads on them. Made jump rings from copper wire and silver colored wire, used a bit of ready-made chain and some beads and charms and what have you. The one above has a pink stone of some sort that should have been a bead but the hole didn't get cut all the way through. There's another stone on this one along with the plastic and glass beads. That big round thing is a piece of pvc pipe cut into a ring. I put a hole in it with my crop-o-dile and added a couple beads to pretty it up. The horseshoe charm was once an earring. The mate to it long lost.

This one is in shades of black, white and silver with a hint of copper thrown in. It is just glass and plastic beads, a metal disk that came out of a magnetic clip, a plastic coin, some ready-made chain a white quartz stone wire wrapped to the key.

I was sitting in front of the pc the other night playing Mahjongg, thinking I was wasting my time and I decided to drag out the polyclay to see what I could come up with.
This clown head appeared! I used a burnt out camera flash bulb as an armature for his head. You can see he isn't very big from the picture of him in my hand. He's one of the works in progress. Not sure what will become of him.

I'm thinking he needs a paint job as I totally spaced him out when he was in the oven baking. He's a bit brown! I think I might sew him an outfit and make him some hands and feet out of polyclay as well. We'll see what happens with him. Heck, he may end up in a container of 'things I don't know what to do with' and nothing will happen with him! (Why has the font changed? I didn't do anything to make it change! Damn computer has a mind of its own some days!)

There is a swap over at AFA called "A Jar of Hearts" Swap. I don't think I'll enter the swap, but I got inspiration from the theme of this swap! I made this little thing last night.
It's a little velvet heart filled with polystuffing and some beads sewn to the front side, a length of wire with a loop on either end impaled through the heart to hold the danglies and for it to have a way to hang. The danglies are just ready-made chain (an old necklace) and sparkly plastic beads to match the beads on the heart itself. Jump ring is copper wire wrapped around a Sharpie marker to make the jump ring. This thing is about 3.5 inches long. 

This is the work in progress I talk about in the title of this post. I accepted a challenge to make a 10 page envelope book with a pink theme. These are the pages thus far.
Cat still needs some eyes. He's free hand cut collage, a fabric embroidery patch on his chest (daisy), some chipboard cutouts, copper wire for his whiskers, glitter glue in gold, magazine paper, writing paper, cardstock, scrapbooking paper, foil paper and envelope. I used a bit of marker on him as well.

This is the backside of the cat envelope. It's a mandala done in red sharpie on dark pink mulberry paper.
This mandala represents affection.
 Kinda hard to see in the picture. I really don't take very good pictures! 

Fish #1 for the envelope book is a bit of this and a bit of that....the fish is made from cardstock, sparkly pink paper and little dots cut out of various pinkish colored papers. There is some gold glitter glue, silver sequins, handmade paper, ironed easter grass, pink netting, crewel embroidery yarn and a bit of marker on there. Some purple tissue paper as well. This page is a bit stiff cause I put the design on a piece of chipboard the same size as the envelope.

Backside of Fish #1. Just markers on the envelope itself. Free hand drawn mandala.
I decided to go with mandalas for the backsides of the envelopes cause to me, mandalas can be made for anything! The fish mandalas represent abundance. You can interpret that anyway you like though.

Fish #2 is made in the same fashion as fish number one minus all the stuff in the background and the need for a chipboard layer. Fishes both still need eyes attached. This one has a copper wire fishhook in its mouth. The pink background is just regular writing paper with swirls and doodads drawn on the one side of the fish with a white paint pen. 

You all have already seen this mandala. It's done in ball point pen on thick chipboard, cut out and glued to the backside of Fish #2 envelope book page. 

Marie Antionette Envelope Book Page.
That's Betty White's face on Marie! Makes me bust out laughing every time I look at it! Her dress, hair, shoes and the like are all free hand cut collage from various types of pinkish paper. The star on her belly is a chipboard die cut. I added a bit of embellishment to it with sharpie and white paint pen. The background is just black sharpie zentangle drawing with a hint of the white paint pen here and there.

No drawing, no art at all on the backside of Marie. This is just a pink paper heart doily cut to fit the backside of the envelope and fabric embroidery patch in the shape of an unopened rose bud.

Words Envelope Book Page
There is no rhyme or reason to this page. Just a bunch of pinkish papers glued down randomly in some sense of order I can't fathom. I then embellished it more with words in red sharpie, some peace signs and a bunch of random marks. I like the whole effect of it all though so it worked out alright! I did have my doubts about it as I worked on it. 

This is the backside of the words page. This mandala represents hope.

Owls were on the girl's list of themes she likes so I went with a pink owl in keeping with the pink theme of the envelope book. This one has yet to get something on the backside. It will have a mandala like the others. I'm thinking I should add a mandala on the backside of the Marie page to keep with the theme as well. Not sure I will do that but we'll see. 
There's still quite a ways to go on the envelope book before it is done. Mail date is the 7th of Feb so I better keep on with this one if it's get finished in time! There's still two covers and four more envelopes to decorate, not mentioning that I still need to figure out what the devil I'm going to fill the envelopes with! They'll need little things that will fit in the envelopes; stickers, embellishements, what have you. 
All still in the works!

And then there's the paper star garland I forgot to take a picture of when I hung it on the tree the other day. 

I've already shown you all the stars in a previous post. Probably at the end of November or early December. I don't rightly remember just when I did these. They started out as long strips of magazine pages, folded into what was supposed to be a 3-D star. My paper strips weren't quite long enough to make the stars all the way so I stopped at this point and ended up with flat stars. I spray painted the stars white and then they sat in a basket for weeks till it hit me one day that I could make them into a garland. So I punched a hole in either side of the stars (ruined a few with wrong placement of the hole) and hooked them together with hand made copper wire jump rings. I ended up with a garland with, (I think, I didn't really count) 28 or 29 stars.

The garland would be nicer if it were a tad longer. I may make more of these babies to add to this garland for next year's tree.

I really like how they look on the tree!

I suspect when I get more things made, you all will be the first to have a look at them!

Be good to one another! 
Make this your best year yet!

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