27 January 2012

Paper and Fabric and a bunch of Junk

Hello People!
Not much happening in my neck of the woods. Lots of sleep going on when I'm not making something or another.
Still no new pictures of Mr. Kitty. I have figured out his eyes but have done nothing to get those eyes in place on Mr. Kitty's head, so that project is still on-going.

I showed you all the beginnings of this red foil paper flower ball in the last post.
I thought when I was folding the cones that I would take some red ink and paint all those white lines from the backside of the foil wrapping paper these are made from but I've since decided it's fine just as it is!
Foil paper is a PITA to glue together! 
I tried three different glues before the regular ol' tacky glue did that trick of keeping this thing together!

I learned how to fold another origami ball last night but have yet to make one. It's on the list of things to get done! We'll see how it turns out. Don't hold your breath to see it though, might be weeks before it appears here! It's all in the planning stages right now. Got the idea in my head and I'll put it fruition soon enough.

I showed you all yellow sweater flowers in the last post. This is the same design but done in thin fabric with this plaid rose. I used to wear the shirt this fabric came from. It got a rip in the front of it and couldn't be worn anymore. I love the plaid on this one. I have enough petals cut for another one or two of these. Just need to sit down and get them made.

These are sweater material. The round one is the seam from the sweater sleeve all the other ones are made from. Not quite as cute as the yellow sweater flowers but I still like them!  The rest of that sweater will be made into a monster or two.

I'm still working on Junk Magnets for the swap over at AFA (link's up there at the top).
Forgive my dirty fingernails! Had my hands in the junk before this picture was taken!
That's an origami tulip made from purple paper, there's a big black felt 'washer' in the bottom of this juice bottle lid, some old broken chain from a necklace, three semi precious stone beads (holes weren't cut right so they're useless as beads), a purple foam "O" under the stones. The purple dangly is a necklace pendant.

Another junk magnet for the swap: The base is a coiled up magazine reed (magazine page rolled into a stick), a 45rpm adapter, a bread bag tag, a clock button, a gold foil candy wrapper rose, a copper wire jumpring to hold the amber colored stone dangly, a glass donut bead, a carved stone pink flower bead and a little brass butterfly.

I'm not sure this one meets the qualifications for the swap so it might not be entering the swap. I think it's too big for the maximum size for the swap. It's the finished altered key I showed you all in the last post. I added a couple of glass beads to the spring from the clothespin, a pearl and rhinestone bauble is wired on and I added a few microbeads to it as well.

I have plans to sew a monster this evening after getting Mr. Kitty's eyes in place.
I'll be back soon with more creative endeavors to show and tell!
You all be good to one another!
It truly does matter!

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