25 January 2012

Some Pretty Yellow Flowers, a Few Magnets and a Bit More...

Happy Wednesday, People! 
Hope you all are well today!
I don't have any new pictures of Mr. Kitty. He's still sitting atop the metal cabinet in the kitchen, drying. I'm still trying to figure out what to use for eyes.
There a few ideas bouncing around the old noggin:
*sure wish I had a ping pong ball*
*big bolts...I'm pretty sure I saw some in the prepared iron bucket out in the garage the other day*
*paper clay ... my least favorite of the ideas*
or, maybe
*plastic eyeballs...not sure they are the correct size*
So, in theory, things have been getting prepared while the kitty gets all the getting done. 
He must be perfectly dry before we proceed with more paper clay. I sure don't want the little devil getting mildew after all the work put in thus far!
Hopefully, next post you'll see some progress on Mr. Kitty.

Fear not, though! I have been busy with other things.

I showed you all some magnets in the last post. Well, I'm still working on magnets only these do not have a magnet on them, nor will they get a magnet till they have traveled to their new homes.
I read the hazardous materials part of the postal code. Magnets are considered hazardous materials if they exceed a certain amount 'pull'. I don't think anyone is going to attach a magnet strong enough to grab anything from 15 ft away to their magnets for this swap. That is how I read the code. You'd have to have a magnet strong enough to grab something 15 ft. away. If you have a magnet that is that strong holding your doodads to your fridge...you are on overkill, my friend! 
But, anyway, the magnet tops go magnetless through the mail cause that's how the swap host wants it and that's how it will be done.
I have three magnet tops in the works for that swap. I'm thinking to do 5, might be 6...I'll have to check the swap....I'm not done with magnets yet. 
I'm not sure if all of these will even make the cut for the swap. 
Red Button Key Magnet
It's a tractor key with an attached fob spray painted black. I put a few little junk pieces on it; a red button in a metal jacket, there's a blue stone, a little metal rod, some other things I can't identify from the picture and a quartz donut bead wire wrapped with brass wire. I''m thinking it needs a little something more.

Blue Flower Threader Magnet
I'm pretty sure this one will go in the swap. I'm very pleased with it! It has a lot of things on it. The base is a disk cut from a microwaved CD. I punched a hole in it and hung a little wire wrapped glass bead on a handmade jump ring. The glass bead came from a broken bracelet. (I loved that bracelet!) There are some tiny screws, a couple of ceramic beads, a string of sequins, a handmade foil rose (candy wrapper), a silver metal disk from a magnetic clip, star and leaf shaped plastic gems, little metal rod from a magnet clip, plastic silver oval, glass tube bead, piece of broken CD not microwaved, blue flower fabric emblem,  and a broken needle threader. It's a bit over 2 inches across.

I remedied the broken needle threader. That's not the only broken needle threader in my 'little junk' box. I made me a new needle threader that is not going to break no matter what I try to drag through the eye of a needle with it! I took a length of jewelry wire that was thin enough, when folded into a point, to go through my smallest needle. I wrapped the ends of that folded wire around a little wooden stick and secured it with 1/4 inch copper foil tape. It should last some years, I suspect. 
My hat is off to whomever invented needle threaders! They are a godsend!!

Back to magnet tops:

This one is rather silly. I'm debating his joining the swap. His eyes are two little screws stuck through holes punched in two metal disks (they're like tiny bowls with straight sides) that came out of magnet clips. His nose is a metal disk (flat) that came out of the same magnet clips, a white plastic cap from a syringe (perhaps? Not sure what that thing came from). His mouth is part of a red aluminum pull tab from a can of chili. All attched to a blue milk carton lid.

I thought I had turned this picture right ways, but apparently not.
When the kids came down just after the new year began, Terah, Brenton and I had a few hours of fun with the magnet making kit I got for Christmas from Justin and Courtney. 
Brenton did the orange flower and the eyeball just above the smiley face.
Terah did the purple heart, the bug with green background and the first three on the top row as you see them in the picture.
The rest are mine.
Here's a shot of the metal cabinet in the kitchen where all art magnets end up till they travel on.
Ma's yellow magnet with the butterfly in it is sitting on top of the cabinet cause E6000 does not like the plastic that peanut butter jar lid is made from. The magnet fell off, that's twice I've had to glue it back on. 

This is the beginnings of a red foil paper flower ball. It should be done soon. I have, I think 8, papers left to fold before gluing can commence. I believe I'll use one of those nice red cotton strings from the dog food bag for a hanger for it.

Yes, this is a Halloween Chunky Page. Yes, I know Halloween is nowhere in sight at this time of year. So, why did I make a Halloween Chunky Page today? Cause it seemed like a good idea. I like it. I made a few mistakes in the making of it. I only looked at the templates when I drew it up, didn't actually print them out and get it just right. His head is a tad large and it's not quite where it's supposed to be according to the tutorial, but I think he'll work just fine for a first try. Next time I make this kitty I'll give him a different background and probably make the kitty a different color as well.
I've yet to do the backside of this chunky page and danglies still need to be added. You'll be seeing this one again soon.

Just an experiment with paper roses. Not quite a success, but far from a failure.

The basket holds the backside of a sweater and about 8 hot glue sticks.
It stinks to high heaven in this deskroom right now! I used nail polish to edge my flower petals which gave the flowers a WOW factor. I'm gonna have to take them outside to finish the nail polish part. I only did five of them with nail polish, there are a total of thirteen of them. I like them! They will all be a different color of nail polish. Nothing garish. That purple is about as garish as the flowers will get. If one were going to wear the polish on their nails then the garish would come in with the yellow polish that edges the petals of one of those flowers!

Here are some unembellished flowers. These things are simply sweater material cut into rough squares with one edge rounded off. You hot glue them together to form a rose. They average about 3 inches across. I was quite impressed with how very easy it was to make them! I wasn't sure what the hell I was gonna do with them, but I've since figured that out!
These are Valentine's Day Presents!
I slapped a magnet on the back of them and viola! 
Instant roses for your fridge! (Or wherever!)

It's a good thing Valentine's Day is still a little ways off cause these things are going to have to air out in the burnt house for a few days at least!  That's the price you pay for sparklies sometimes though! I do like the look of the nail polish though it really isn't shiny. It kinda soaked into the cotton sweater material like a sponge takes in water. I will go for sparkly colors for the remaining sweater flowers. 
Once I locate that bag of sweaters I thought was in the closet I'll probably make some more sweater flowers. I've no clue what became of that bag of sweaters. It must be in the burnt house. 
Another reason to go out there!

You all be good to one another.
It matters!
I will return in a few days with more show and tell!

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