06 November 2008

And Thursday Has Rolled Around Again!

We made history! I am so glad that our new president is Mr. Obama. He was the right choice, I do believe. I'm very thankful that he is the chosen one. He will do great things for America if those who doubt his abilities will only give him the chance to implement the changes that are needed. It isn't only America who will benefit, it will be the whole world. He and his family are in my daily prayers. He is going to need all the prayers we can muster up for him during his term as president. The naysayers are going to make sure of that. Good will triumph though if we all pull together and help him make his promises become reality.

I haven't been here since last week because I haven't been. I really don't have a good excuse so I'll offer up no excuse. It is me that suffers from this more than those of you who read this. Writing is in my blood and when writing doesn't occur for this long, well, I suffer! Time to stop the suffering and put some words down on this screen.

I don't have any art to show you today because I'm a lazy girl some days and today is one of those days. I simply don't want to go retrieve the pictures. There isn't any spectacular art you all are missing out on anyway cause there hasn't been any spectacular art produced for you TO miss out on! I told you I'm lazy some days! :) Unfortunately it's been more than just one day.

I wasn't home from early Monday afternoon till late Wednesday afternoon anyway. I was up in Pburg with my grandson. RJ and Terah had gone off to Kansas City for a dr's appt for RJ's back. They've decided he still has to have back surgery but not the procedure they had first discussed. The boy is only 25. I think that's way too young to be having back surgery of any kind but I never got my medical degree so we'll let those who did get one decide on the best course of action where RJ's back is concerned.
I had a wonderful time sitting with Brenton though. He's six. He's hilarious. He's a great little kid! I took Fred with me for those two days. He and Pug had a great time. Fred is a 120 pound black lab and Pug is a little terrier mix mutt who might weigh 10 pounds. They had a blast! I had to chase Fred around the neighborhood three times on Tuesday when the kids kept letting him out the front door. Liked to have wore my hide out! The neighbor kids, Christian and I'm not sure what the little girl's name is that lives next door to Brenton... came over after school let out. I told them children to wait for me to open the door, knock and I'll let you in so Fred doesn't go out. They paid no attention to that advice and that is why I had to chase that fool dog all over the place. That door would open and Fred would be gone!
Pug has this rope toy. It's a sphere with a big black rope running through the middle of it. Pug would bring it to the livingroom and lay there with it in her mouth, watching Fred while he watched her. Then she's take off running down the hallway with Fred on her heels. They'd come back into the livingroom, Fred with the rope toy in his mouth and Pug literally biting him on the hamstrings and Fred dancing around trying to get Pug off his tailend. He'd sit down on her head and she'd pop out from underneath of Fred and head for his front feet where she'd bite him again. Fred would get ahold of it in his mouth and Pug would get ahold of the other end of the rope and Fred would shake his head like dogs will and Pug would leave the ground and get flung all over the place. She wouldn't let go though and seemed to be having the time of her life with Fred! This went on for hours! Then Pug showed up from the backyard (which is fenced) with a tennis ball. Tennis balls are bad news! Those two fool dogs tore all the fuzz off that tennis ball in the course of the evening. Neither one of them wanted the rope toy after Pug brought the tennis ball in. Fred isn't allowed to play with tennis balls in the house cause he can't be trusted. He breaks things. He gets too excited about tennis balls and he's too big to be getting that excited about anything inside the house. I retrieved that tennis ball out from under the sofa at least a dozen times before I could sneak it away from them two canines. Not to mention all that fuzz on the livingroom carpet. I got it away from Fred and Pug saw me put it in the drawer in the coffee table. I swear she told that Fred dog where I put it cause he stood in front of the coffee table, barking his fool head off at me like a spoiled child demanding he get his own way. I didn't give in though and he eventually shut up about it. And the good news is he didn't break anything either.
He got all his tennis balls taken away cause he just can't be trusted with them. He snuck one into the van one day when I took him with me when I was going somewhere. We were on the highway at the time, driving 65 mph and that stupid dog lost control of his tennis ball which landed right by my feet. He plunged after it...imagine a 120 pound dog trying to dive for a ball at your feet while you're driving down the highway! I about wrecked that van. I got ahold of that tennis ball and out the window it went! I don't generally litter, but it seemed much safer that the ball go out the window than back to that dog! So no more tennis balls for Fred!
He now has two rubber rats to play with. I bought one of them for him back at the first of October. RJ threw it up in the tree in the front yard. Not on purpose, but there it was nonetheless. So the next day I bought another rubber rat for Fred and the one in the tree came down with the help of the wind. So he has two of them now. Only problem with the rats is that they keep ending up in the trees or on the roof. One of them is on the roof of the burned house right now. Susan threw it up there the other day, again, not intentionally. She seldom plays with Fred but for some reason she thought it a good idea to do so that day. Then the day before yesterday Ma threw the other rat up on the roof of the house. Again, not intentionally. But Fred has no rats to play with at the moment cause no one has climbed up on the roofs to get them down. I'm hoping the fierce wind that's blowing out there today will help out in that endeavor and the rats will come down from the roofs. We will see. He really likes his rats. They are identical. Black rubber rats made for Halloween. He chewed the whiskers off both of them right off the bat! I'm really surprised they are both whole with the except of the missing whiskers. They both squeak. That in itself is a miracle. He hates squeaky things usually. Has to find that squeaker and destroy it! He hasn't done that with the rats though. I have quit trying to figure that dog out though...

Susan has invited me to supper but I declined that offer. She's going to call me in about an hour and I'll go over for some desert. Ma is bringing chocolate cake apparently. I remember when we were all still kids. Ma baked a cake almost every single day for desert. Cakes from scratch, not from a box! I'll brave the wind and cold to eat some of Ma's cake! I declined the offer for supper cause I've already eaten and there isn't room in me for roast beef and potatoes. Darn! Roast beef and tators sounds really yummy!

RJ and RW were supposed to show up today to work on my van but I've not seen hide nor hair of either of those boys. It's been way too windy today though to be out there in that drive way working on that van in the cold. RJ has figured out what is wrong with it though and that is the first step. I'm a patient soul. Probably too patient actually, but that's neither here nor there on this matter. The van will get fixed eventually. I don't seem to have missed having wheels for almost a month so I'll get along without wheels for a while longer.

I'm done rambling for the time being so I'll close this one out. You all be good to one another. Smile at a stranger, give a helping hand and go get your hugs!
Changes are a'comin' folks! Let's embrace them for the good of ALL!

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John said...

Hi Donna!

Yes, I share your joy and yes, CHANGE is coming :)

All will remember that on Nov 4, 2008, Americans created history!