16 November 2008

November's Arrival-POETRY

Tis surely Autumn's stand
and I sit here with thoughts in hand
wondering about the winter to come.

The trees are undressing as in
anticipation of a good night's loving.
They bare thier branchesfor all to see.
They endure the coldness that
is surely to be.

The wind whips the fallen leaves
into a frenzy of color
to fall happily
to the ground for a cover to make.

The dirt in my neck of the woods
is slowly chilling the roots.
Everything preparing for the snow to fly.
I heard the turkeys in the field know why.

They gobble to their hearts' delight,
strutting their stuff while
time goes by.

There's dampness in the air tonight
and tomorrow we'll find Jack Frost spent the night
dusting the landscape with flecks of ice.

November's presence has made her mark
upon the place where I sit making mine.
I'm bundled for the chilling that is to come
and wonder fills my heart as the days go on.

6 November 2008

I haven't written much poetry this past year for reasons I am unsure of. The muse simply refuses to cooperate. But here's one for you anyway. Is it quality? I'm inclined to say, "Not so much." It hasn't been edited at all. What you read is what came out of me at the writing of this one. Hope you like it anyway!

I do not have any new art to show you as my deskroom is in disarray at the moment and no new artwork has been produced here. I did make a couple of ornaments to give as gifts come Christmas. Peapods. Very cool! I can't show them to you at the moment though because I can't take a picture of them without a camera that likes the PC. Perhaps Terah will bring hers along the next time I see her? I'll have to ask.

Susan kidnapped me on Thursday morning and we went to Hutchinson to see sister Jeanny and her clan. We stayed till mid afternoon on Friday and headed back home to cold rain. I had a good time away despite the pain that lingered the whole while. Sitting in the car does that to me though. Makes me hurt like crazy from the top of my head to the tips of my toes and it's the arms, neck and shoulders that hurt the worst!~ I survived though and I'm quite happy to have been kidnapped for the adventure!

As cold rain greeted us on the way home, when we got home, warmth and love were in abundance! Ma paid my propane bill and paid to have 100 gallons more put in my tank. I will be warm now with the furnace fired up! Thank you, Ma! 831 She also finished my laundry and cleaned the spare bathroom and the hallway. She's a good mama! My bed was also clean and fresh when I climbed into it later on Friday evening. She had washed my blankets and bought me a new sheet too boot! I didn't really need a new sheet, but I was pleased to find it. It's green, my favorite color!

I'm rather behind on mailart commitments what with the deskroom being in a shambles. RJ still hasn't come over to put shut off valves on the waterlines to the bathtub and I can't put the deskroom back together until he does that. I'd do it myself but I don't even know where to start to accomplish that feat! So I am playing the waiting game on that front. RJ and Terah went to Hutchinson on Thursday as well. I haven't heard from them and I am in hopes that no news is good news. The boy will show up early Monday morning with Devin in tow and they will fix that problem with the bathtub and I will have Devin here to help move all that stuff back to the deskroom so I can get it back to some semblance of order again. I still have cat portraits to paint. Do you all realize how long I've been saying that? I'll tell you: since July! Like I said, I'm behind in commitments.

I have little on the agenda for the rest of the day. I just woke up from a three hour nap and will probably be awake till early morning when I'll crash once again. I need a shower and something to eat. In that order. I should also go get yesterday's mail out of the box across the highway sometime before tomorrow morning. There is art waiting for me out there. I know there is!

I'm going to stop rambling at you all and go do something productive for a little while. You all be good to one another and lend a helping hand where a helping hand is needed.



Anonymous said...

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Having said all that I would like to invite you to become friendly with me here in my San Diego blog, and comment.

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John said...

Is that Hutchinson in Kansas or Minnesota? How far is that from your home?

Donna said...

Hi John,
The Hutchinson I spoke of is in Kansas and is about 160 miles east and a bit south of me. That is my hometown, the place where I was born. I also graduated High School there.
Hutchinson, Kansas is home to the world's largest grain elevator and home to a giant salt mine as well. They've been mining salt in Hutch for better than a hundred years. They recently opened the oldest parts of the saltmine as a museum. They also have storage facilities there, where among other things, are stored old Hollywood movies and such.
I didn't know there was a Hutchinson, Minnesota. How do you know of Hutchinson, Minnesota?

John said...

A salt mine! I wonder how that looks like...

I knew about Hutchinson in Minnesota when I tried to google Hutchinson. I'll bet you didn't know there was another city called Hutchinson huh, no? Here's the LINK.

AND... here are the links to other places with the name Hutchinson:

1. Hutchinson County, South Dakota
2. Hutchinson County, Texas
3. Hutchinson Island, Florida
4. Hutchinson River, a river in New York
5. Hutchinson River Parkway, also called "The Hutch", running through Westchester County, New York, and the Bronx
6. Hutchinson, South Africa, a place in the Northern Cape Province