22 November 2008

Cleaning, Rearrangements and Blood Letting

I have been steadily rearranging my deskroom for the last few hours. RJ and Devin moved the big pieces of furniture for me early on Friday while I slept. I can't find anything I need but that will change the more artwork I get done~! I can't believe how big this room appears to be after having rearranged. There isn't much less in here, it's just been moved around. The only two things that are missing were not on the floor to begin with. The little table that stood on top of the dresser went to the storage shed out in the yard and the slotted cabinet for papers went to the spare room where I sent my paper cutter as well. Though the cabinet the paper cutter was on is still in the deskroom. I still have a long way to go before all is in place where I want it. I need to get some labels to label all the little boxes, tins and jars that hold all those little elements I use in my art. That is part of the reason I cannot find anything when I need it.... I have to look through a dozen little containers before I find what I am looking for, if I ever find it!
The file cabinets really need to be cleaned out and reorganized as well. Especially the green one. It is all wasted space at the time being! The dresser with six large drawers needs to be organized in four of those drawers. I've really little clue as what those drawers house except for the one with ribbons and fibers in it and the one that houses the bubble envelopes. Bunch of useful junk in the rest of the drawers though that need to find a permanent home in this deskroom! We won't talk about the shelf by my computer... it's a MESS! I'm sick of cleaning though and I'm taking a break for the time being.
It's good to be able to see the floor! Wow! That carpet is really green! :) I haven't seen this much of the carpet in this room since the day I moved everything into this room over three years ago! I really can't believe how much ROOM is now available in my deskroom! Should have rearranged this mess ages ago! Thanks to Ronnie and Devin for moving all the big stuff for me. I couldn't have done it alone!
And now that the deskroom is taking good shape, I better get busy and get those cat portraits done along with the chunky pages due for a swap and the little books due for another swap and and and....I have lots of work to do! First thing on my agenda though is to get the Star Trek chunky page done that someone has been waiting on for weeks. I'll finish putting everything away a bit at a time. Someone needs to clean this desk off too. I think things live on this desk and carry things away in the night...day...I'm awake in the night...I'd catch them running off with things during the night. Must be daylight when the beasties come out! I'm only kidding there you know! This desk is a bigger mess than the shelf that sits beside it though. Feels good to have an organized spot in which to create again.
What this means for you all is that you'll again be seeing some new artwork in the near future! And yes, I CAN hear you all sayin' "Oh Yeah!" LOL I'm stoked. Can you tell? It's been far too long since artwork was accomplished in this room and I am ready to get going with it again! Does anyone know what happened to my water bowl for painting though? It seems to have been lost in the abyss and even though the abyss isn't quite so deep as it was the day before yesterday, that bowl has not appeared! I'm not even sure why it isn't on the painting table? I don't paint anywhere but there and that bowl's nowhere to be seen.
I must clean off the shelf in the closet as well. I've no idea what is on the south end of that shelf as I haven't seen any of that stuff for over three years. I doubt most of it will remain cause I have not missed any of it in more than three years. I'm figuring none of that stuff is real important!
Well now that I have cleaned out that shelf in the closet....I can't believe I hadn't missed some of that stuff! I didn't do away with any of it, just put in different spots with like items.
And while I was cleaning out that box I found some wooden embroidery hoops that I wanted to hang from a hook on the filing cabinet but the hook was too long and the hoops wouldn't fit on it without some surgery to the hook. I took it to the kitchen where my pliers were located and promptly cut a good sized hole in my left thumb and another good sized hole on the underside of my right index finger, both at the same time! I've used that pair of pliers a hundred times with no injuries! I'm now injured! I did stop the flow of blood which was quit large for the size of holes in my hands, but now I have pain. :( But it ain't like I don't live with pain 24/7 so I know I will survive and I'm quite certain my thumb and finger will fine in a few days time. Two for the price of one and I didn't get that magnetic hook to work for the hoops afterall. That plastic hook was tougher than I first thought!
Well, I've yakked at you all long enough for one post... oh the trials and tribulations! LOL Thanks for hearing me out... that is if you've hung around long enough to get this far. And if you didn't, well, you missed out on the laughs. I hope you all are getting a laugh from this rambling!
I can tell you I have confused the hell out of that silly Fred dog for the last few hours, running all over the house, fetching things from the spare room and taking other things there from the deskroom. He would get comfy on the floor of the deskroom and I'd suddenly run off to another part of the house and being the follower that he is, he'd have to get up and go with me. I've tuckered the poor fellow out! He's now asleep on my bed and has given up on me for the morning! He's going to be kicked out of that bed soon though cause I will myself be getting in it and he's not allowed to sleep on the bed while I'm in it!
Sooooooo..... Here's hoping you have a happy, productive Saturday regardless what your plans are! Be good to one another!


John said...

Oh my! Are you alright? Is your thumb and index finger better? I shall pray for a speedy recovery for the cuts. It can be quite a disabling experience, not having all your fingers to use.

Thanks for your "ramblings" :) I appreciate the time and effort you took to share about yourself.

Take care and have a beautiful Saturday and Sunday :)

Donna said...

Hi Johh,
I shall survive the wounding! :) Thank you for the prayers though. My thumb still throbs this morning and I will have a nice little scar on it when it heals. The finger though is all better now, just a little blood blister to show for the fight with the pliers!

I hope you have an excellent weekend as well!