08 November 2008

An Excellent Friday Comes To An End

Friday was a red letter day so we're going to use RED font this early Saturday morn.
It is almost 2:30 a.m. on Saturday. I just got home about 20 minutes ago. I left home at 4:30 p.m on Friday to go to The Taste of Home Cooking School over in Pburg. I went with my friend Helena and had a fabulous time despite the fact I sat in the same spot for over three hours. My old body is already paying for that but it was worth it all the same cause I did have a great time! It has been forever since Helena and I went somewhere and did something together. She paid for the tickets as a Monday gift for me. (I always get a Monday gift for sitting with the girls.) We left there right about 10:15 p.m. and headed back to Stockton. She called her husband when we got close to home to tell him we were on our way and he suggested we all go to the bar and play some pool. So we picked Bob and Kellen up at their house and went to The Duck Blind where we played some pool. Helena and I did not drink, she had ice water and I had a coke. B and K drank rum and coke and played a lot more pool than H and I did. Some lady asked K if I was his wife. K is a 22 yr old boy! lol Made my day! I'm old enough to be that boy's mama! I must of been looking exceptionally fine this evening? lol I'm still laughing at the absurdity of it all. I laughed more this evening than I have in ages! H and I played the trivia machine at the bar while the boys played pool with some other fellas. I hadn't been in a bar for ages. I forgot how noisy drunk people can be! It was fun though. I had a fabulous time! Our friend Josh showed up there at the bar a couple hours before we left. B told him H would give him a ride to his car and I would drive him home. He kinda balked at that idea but we talked him into it pretty easily once we were headed down the road to where he left his car. He was way too drunk to be driving anywhere! I was glad to get him home safe and sound. Then they brought me home.
Someone, I'm assuming my sister Susan, left the porch light on for me. I forgot to turn it on when I left this afternoon. That was nice to see when we pulled into my drive. Fred was asleep on my bed, where he shouldn't be, when I came in the house. I think he's taken up residence there again right now too. I left Fred outside when I left and asked Susan if she would let him in later as I had no idea when I would get home. Sure didn't expect it to be 2 in the morning though!
I really should be heading to bed here pretty soon. I have things to do come morning. RJ and RW will be here early to help Monte and Elaine unload their trailer they're bringing. Monte is storing some of his things in my burned house till he gets his building built at their new house in Pburg. RW promised to help. RJ is coming to put a part on the van to try to get it running. I'm hoping Brenton and Terah come as well. Would also be nice if Lou and the younguns would come too but I'm not sure if there will be any younguns here or not. It will be a bonus if there are.
Friday was a good snail mail day. Three ATCs and no bills! There was some junk mail thrown in the box across the highway too but it really doesn't count as sometimes it's good and sometimes it isn't. I can't recall right off the top of my head just what did come with the good stuff. I have yet to go through it all. Yeah, that bad habit is alive and well. I really need to change that habit of not dealing with the snail mail as it arrives!
I'm fighting off cats as I type. Miss Blue wants to sit between me and keyboard and Doob is sitting on the floor meowing her fool head off at me. She probably wants me to go to bed so she can snuggle up under the blankets with me! Billy is already asleep on the bed. I found all three of those cats and the dog asleep on my bed. It really surprises me that Doob lets that dog on the bed and stays there herself. She hates that dog!
I didn't get any supper so I nuked some roasted chicken when I got home and filled my belly. I need to clean out the furnace today so I can fire that sucker up. It is quite chilly in the house tonight. The wind has been blowing pretty steady for two days straight out of the north. Those two rubber rats are still up on the roofs. Guess the wind wasn't quite strong enough to dislodge them. RW will climb up there and fetch them down when he gets here later. Fred will be happy.
Bob said he drove by in the semi about noon Friday and saw Fred laying in the driveway. He said he thought Fred was dead. He wasn't, he was just sleeping in his usual spot in the sunshine. Bob said he thought about calling me to go check on Fred but he didn't and when he came back by an hour or so later Fred was not in the same spot so he knew all was OK. I'd be lost without that silly dog to keep me company and give me some entertainment from time to time!
Mr. Skunk has moved onto greener pastures. I haven't seen hide nor hair of him since the last time I talked about him here.
I'm going to bed now. Friday was indeed a stellar day! I hope your Friday was half as fine as mine was....even at only half as fine, you had a great day as well! :)
Go get your hugs...I collected a few...and lend a helping hand where a helping hand is needed!
I shall yak at you all another day!

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