26 November 2008

Sleep, A Pink Bird, Money Trees and Star Trek

I didn't make it back here on Monday. I slept Monday away. I missed the ballgame... two basketball games played by the two girls I sit with on Monday evenings. I missed sitting with the girls as well. The fibro kicked my butt royally on Monday. I couldn't keep my eyes open to save my soul! I'm still a might tired even though I've had plenty of sleep. That's the fibromyalgia though. It takes over and bosses my body around. I have little control over when it takes ahold nor when it lets loose.
Here is the artwork promised though...take a peek at what I have been up to. I have done more Chunky pages and another ATC since the last post and I'll show you those in my next post. Nothing spectacular, though I rather like the ATC I made yesterday.
Altered Playing Card (APC) Collaged-pink tissue paper, foil origami paper, the bird is cut freehand from a pc of scrapbooking paper, his beak is a trimmed pipe cleaner, legs are black cording and his eye is a seed bead. All attached to a playing card. Eventually the whole deck will be altered and traded. This APC will be headed to Finland.

Next we have the trees made for the Chunky Page Tree Swap. I made seven of them but I'll only be sending six of them. The other one will go into my own Tree Chunky Book once I get enough trees to assemble a book.
All of these are made pretty much the same. Various papers for the backgrounds, most of the green for the grass under the trees came a veggie catalog or magazine. The 'leaves' on all the trees is shredded US Currency that my 5 yr old grandson, Brenton, gave me this past spring from a field trip to the Dane Hansen Musuem over in Logan. The tree trunks are free hand cut from various brown papers. There is wallpaper, packing paper and cardstock among them. Each of the pages has the brown fibers and some multicolored fibers sandwiched between the fronts and the backs. Each page also has a glass leaf tied onto the end of one of the fibers. I didn't scan the backsides. They just have green backgrounds with a fabric leaf and green label with my info on it on the back. Nothing exciting! These will be sent to the host of the swap and will be divvied up among the players. I will get six pages back from six different artists who also participated in the swap.

I wish I knew how to make that scanner take only a scan of the item on the scanner bed instead of all that dead space around them each. Perhaps someday I will figure that all out. Until then, we'll just have to deal with these not-so-good scans.
The next two Chunky Pages were made for a Pass It Forward (PIF). Only one page was expected but she's getting two cause I was on a roll! Nothing spectacular about these two pages either. Two paperback novels were the basis of the pages. The text background is a page from one of the books. The color picture is from the front covers.
I wanted to make a model of the spaceship in miniature to add to the danglies off the side of the page, but I found a picture of that spaceship from Deep Space Nine and there is no way it would have worked. The post office's machinery would have annhiliated it! So I went with origami stars, plastic stars and plastic blue beads as danglies instead. The backs of these two are text pages painted blue with printers ink, there's a cutout from the back page of one of the paperbacks of a character from the series and my informtion to round it all out. The bottom page here has braided twine along the bottom edge to hide the author's name. It just didn't look quite right being there so I covered it up.

The only way I know today is Wednesday is that the calendar on this machine tells me it is. On the agenda this morning is a marathon baking excursion. I have peanut butter cookies, chocolate cake and peach jello salad to make. Yes, I know peach jello salad doesn't get baked! lol Tomorrow is Turkey Day and all these things must be done before then. The cake will actually be cupcakes I think. I haven't yet decided on that.
Before baking commences though I'll be finishing off some Chunky pages that Allison and I made a few weeks ago on a Monday at her house. Allison is 11. She made the pages to assemble into a book for her mama for Christmas. I'll be giving my three paper mache bowls another coat of paper as well before the day is out. All this artwork can go on while the oven is doing its job with the baking.
I woke up about an hour ago with a cat laying across the top of my head and tail across my nose. There was another cat asleep on my chest. Not sure where Miss Blue was. Fred climbed into my bed shortly after I climbed out of it. I need to go chase his hide off my bed and pull the blankets up over the pillows so I don't end up with a dog-drooled pillow! I also need some coffee in me.
Here's hoping you have a fabulous Wednesday wherever you might be and that you find the chance to smile at a stranger and maybe give some badly needed hugs to someone. You'll get some nice hugs in the deal for yourself as well.
Be good to one another!

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John said...

Wow! You had been very productive, Donna. Remember to get enough of rest. Take care & God bless you.