29 June 2009

I'm Still Alive and Kicking!

Whooo hoooo! I'm very tired of having to retell this story .....again! I've told it numerous times already.....but you all won't know what has happened unless I retell it once again. Forgive me if it's a rather boring read as I've run out of pep to talk about it!

I didn't make it through the weekend without seeing the doc one more time! Early Sunday morning Susan was taking me back to the ER as I was in exceptional pain after having had my morning constitutional. I thought I was dieing, it hurt so much!
All that pain was good news though. No kidney stone. Yeah! What happened was the ovarian cyst they found on the CATscan I had Friday burst. And it hurt like hell!!!!
All's well now though. I slept for 14 hours straight, relatively pain free when I layed down to sleep due to the Lortab I had taken earlier. I'm pain free this morning. The bleeding has stopped and I do believe my medical woes are done with for a bit.
I do not have to go see the gynocologist cause there is nothing there now for him to see. I do have to go see the urologist still though as I had blood in my urine still yesterday morning. They've not figured out the cause of that anymore.
I am glad to be past this drama! Looks like you all are stuck with me for a bit longer! LOL Thanks for hanging around! :)

I shall come yap at you all later when I get the artwork scanned that I have to show you all. I have inchies, ATCs and Chunky pages for you!

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John said...

Yay!!! I'm glad it's over :)