05 April 2012

Some Fishes, A Cleaning "Lady" and Stripes

Hello Readers!
I've been a bit lazy the last few days. 
The trash men didn't get a chance to have their work cut out for them when they picked up the rubbish on Wednesday. All that crap in the burnt house is still in the burnt house cause it didn't make it to the trash bin on Wednesday morning. It rained on Tuesday and Wednesday is the reason all that crap's still in the house. We really wanted it to dry out a bit before the trash men came to get it so we just stacked it all by the front door and said we'd take it out on Wednesday morning. It was raining Wednesday morning. I was sleeping Wednesday morning and Ma didn't really feel like getting out in the rain to wake my hide to help her take it to the trash bins.
Two things were accomplished....the crap dried out somewhat cause it wasn't out in the rain and it wasn't still sitting under the leaks in the roof of the burnt house. Hopefully, the weather permitting and my old body cooperating, it will be in the trash bins come Wednesday next. The trash guys will be much happier with a heap of dry cardboard boxes full of paper than they would have been with wet crap!

I have been lazy in that there isn't a lot to show since the last post. My muse isn't gungho at the moment and I'm pushing her! All I really want to do these days is sit in front of this stupid machine playing Mahjongg! That is not a productive day! 

The day before yesterday I started on yet another project. 
I was straightening things up on the shelf in the kitchen where I keep the painting supplies. I was looking for the gold paint actually...I came across a basket of chipboard fish I had started way back in September, October?, somewhere round there...I abandoned that project for the same reason I have abandoned (apparently) the flamingo...the muse just was not talking about it! 
Well, she changed her tune when I unearthed them again and we've been going at fish like gangbusters!
26 of the little devils!

At the moment, the fishes are just armatures.

I'm waiting for the glue holding the fins on to dry right now.
I intend to have all 26 of them paper mached before daylight! 

Yes, I have changed my days and nights around again! 

I did a couple drawings since the last post:
Cleaning the Lair
markers on cardstock

markers on thick mat board

I need some new Bic Markers! Gonna have to raid the piggy bank and buy me some!

That's all I got today, people!
It's cold, rainy and I want the sunshine to return!

Be good to one another!
It matters!

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