30 March 2008

A Contest for The Readers I Don't Yet Have!

This contest has been cancelled for lack of interest.

Yes, that's right! A Contest!
These three ATCs can be yours! How?
Well beings summer is right around the corner and flowers are a big part of summer, I'd like to hear some summer stories.

What you need to do to enter this contest is write a story about a favorite summertime event. It may be about an event that has already occured that you just can't forget about. It may be about an event you wish would occur. It may be about an event of any kind so long as it occurs/occured in summer.
To enter you must have a working blog of your own and you have to leave your story in the comments section of this entry on this blog. You should also leave me an email address where I can get ahold of you in the event that you become the proud owner of these three colorful flower ATCs. I'll need to know where to send the actual cards to.
So, who wants to try for them????

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