20 March 2008

Let's Look at Some Cats

Blue-eyed Black Cat
technical pen and acrylics on watercolor paper
I have drawn this cat two times. Both times with blue eyes and a black coat.
One of these ATCs belongs to my sister Jeanny now. I traded her four cats for a box of fingernail polish. I got the better end of that deal! She thinks she did though!
Artist Trading Card

If you look real close at the photograph behind Cat, you'll see that it is a lot for wrecked cars. That chain link fence is all that truly turned out correctly in that photograph and I kept it 'just because I might need someday'. Low and behold! I did need it!
Cat is made from that plastic/linen/paper-like stuff I was talking about in a previous post. His nose is cork. The buttons down his front are sequins. And his whiskers are wires. He was cut out freehand with the scissors, no pencil involved.
I made him for the March Collage-A-Thon.
He went to live in Austrailia I do believe.
Artist Trading Card

Doob on Cork
I made three cards that were based on this one. This is the first one. I posted it to my gallery and it was gone before I could turn around! Then two more requests came in for it before I had a chance to take it out of my gallery because it had been traded. The heating tool was a new toy to me when this one was made so I said, "What the heck?" and agreed to make two more cards for two more people. Doob sat patiently for her portrait each time. That cat looks nothing like Doob though. It's shape is correct but Doob is actually a gray calico persian without the smashed in nose. She's a mutt if you want to know her true heritage!
The cork used to be a bulletin board that hung on the closet door in the deskroom. The danged thing kept falling off so I took it down for good and cut it up into ATC size. It's way to thick for an ATC though. I did make quite a few cards out of this material before I found some thinner cork out in the antique icebox in the burned house.
Artist Trading Card

Fancypants and Puss
I got a new set of Sharpies. Then I got another set. And then I got a set of Bic Markers and ..... and....I went crazy with the markers! These are the only cats I drew with them so far. I did this drawing from looking at painting that closely resembles my take on it. I've no clue what the original painting's title is. Nor who the artist is that gave me my inspiration. If I did know, I'd give credit where credit is due.
I traded this card.
Artist Trading Card

Acrylics on watercolor. Cats are my most favorite subject to paint. Fritz is done from a photograph of a cat named Fritz that I found on the www. Do a google image search or go to kittenwars.com and you'll find more cats than you can shake a stick at! Most of my cat portraits come from photographs found on the internet. If the picture is titled with a name, that's the name of the painting. If it isn't titled with a name, I make up a name for the cat I've just painted.
My cat portraits do not last for long in my gallery. I need to do more cat paintings.
Artist Trading Card

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