25 March 2008

A few good fishes

This is 'orange roughie'. I'm not sure that's the correct spelling of 'roughie', might be 'roughy'....either way, that is the name of this page! "Orange Roughie". This was a rather easy page to make as the frontside is simply a drawing of a stylized fish rendered in sharpies on watercolor paper and glued onto the margarita coaster as its base.
The backside isn't much more glamourous than the front of the page. The coaster was painted black in acrylics, sponged with yellow once the black had dried and then sealed with varnish. The ATC size label is done in glass paints of various colors for the fishes. Black sharpie for the words.
Danglies to be added later.

This is front and backsides of 'goldfish'. The back was a really cool experiment with acrylic paint, glitter, modge podge and some really cool paper. The fish is a foam sticker with my information written on it in black extra fine point sharpie. The frontside is a conglomeration of ribbons, lace, rickrack and origami fish.

This one is without its danglies. Those will be added when all the pages are done. I've a long ways to go to get 20 pages done!

This is the front and back of the 'fancy lion' page. I made it out of a beer coaster as the base, painted it with acrylics, sprinkled irredescent flakes on the front side, added some red sequins...I think there are some purple sequins under that fish as well. The fish, coral and starfish on the backside are all made from parts of an aluminum tray I found at the thrift store. It amazed me how easy it was to cut that tray with a pair of old scissors. One side of the tray is gold, the other side silver...which worked out really great for this composition! The fish is simply cut out with the scissors and his fin is attached with a metal brad generally used to secure papers together. I poked some holes in the tail fin with a needle, but I think I probably should have left well enough alone without the holes. The star brad on the starfish on the backside is NOT holding the star to the backing. It is just there for decoration on the starfish. I painted over the back side with acrylics in a royal blue color, then I modge podged the blue paint and added a layer of webbing paper in black and then lastly painted the whole of it with gold acrylic ink. The ATC size label was added lastly. I should of gone a little easier on the gold ink on the label, one could have read the information there more easily. I've yet to add the danglies on the edge.

I will upload pictures of the danglies before they are attached to the pages.

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