22 March 2008


These fish are pretty useless fish at the moment but they're the only fish I have to show you all right now.

Page 1 front side

Page 1 back side

Page 2 front side

Page 2 backside

These fishes are useless at the moment cause of what I mounted everything to. I will use them in a chunky book that I have to bind. They are much too thick for Maggie's machine to bore holes in.
I have four useless pages done... the two above and another two. I'll show you the other two next post.
I really wish I could use them in The Chunky Fish Book but it just won't work so I've made more that will work. I will show you all pictures of them in the next week or so. I have only one that is ready for its dangly things. There is one background done and the fish is ready to be glued down. Then the back must be done as well.
I have six that are done on the fronts and two that are done on both the front and the back.
I really like my aluminum fish sculpture. It has an aluminum starfish on the backside along with some aluminum coral as well. I'll show it to you all in the next post.
The other one that is done is a sharpie drawing of a boring gray fish with a colorful background. He's not the greatest fish I ever drew but he will do. The handdrawn fish on the backside goes along nicely with him actually. I'll show you that one eventually as well.
None of them have their dangly things like the two above have. I have made six bead and wire danglies. I'll show you all them eventually as well.
Right now I'm doing laundry. It's 4:46 a.m.

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