06 March 2008

Origami, Conte Crayons and Acrylic Paint

I had quite a time this morning folding boxes from magazine pages and wallpaper. I lost count of how many I actually folded. Somewhere around 20. I also made folded paper stars. Don't let anyone tell you those little guys aren't a pain in the ass to make. Cause they are danged frustrating when you're just learning how to fold them! I made around 30 of them with help from my sister Susan. She showed up at 6 am for a smoke and some hot tea, after calling to make sure I was up.
I've been awake since the last post.
I do need some sleep but I can't seem to get any so here I am again. I've created five ATCs today. Four of them for the Cave Art Swap done in conte crayons. I really like working with my conte crayons but they do make a mess! They are the ideal medium for replicating cave art though and I'm quite pleased with the results. You all aren't gonna see any pictures today of them though as I haven't scanned them yet. The fourth card is a painting of a womans foot walking across a lawn wearing red polka dotted sneakers. I like the prespective on it.
I should of worked on my Etsy shop today but instead I sat over there at the light table working on cave art and then at the painting table working on the red sneaker in the grass. I also made some labels to use on the backs of my ATCs. I figured it was time to upgrade from just writing all the info on the backs of them. I look at some of the cards I've recieved in trades and the backs are as pretty as the fronts! I couldn't say that about my own cards. Until now.
Ron is out on his motorcycle riding all over the yard. Terah calls it his hog. I call it the piglet. It's a mini-bike. Ron's not a little boy! He weighs in at almost 300 pounds. He just got it on Wednesday from the auction house in Hays along with all the other stuff he won in that auction. I've yet to venture out to take a good look at the piglet. The bike, not the boy!
Last week I did a series of cards inspired by casino carpets. I'll show you some of those in a little bit here. I traded my Ebony Man card to a girl in The Netherlands and I am quite worried about that card making a trip across the northern hemisphere and arriving in one piece at its destination. I hope I packaged it up well. I'll show you all that card as well. I will be doing more crayon carvings once summer rolls around and I can take the crayons and the hot plate outdoors. Melted crayons stink! But they sure are fun to play with!

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