20 March 2008

Ebony Man

This is Ebony Man. He made it safely to The Netherlands.
I talked about this card in an earlier post. I've yet to drag the hotplate and crayons outside. Today is the first day of spring and it doesn't actually feel much like spring out there this morning. It is supposed to get up to 73 degrees F today though and that should warm things up considerably.
This was my first attemt at carving crayons on a mounted board. I learned a few things from doing this carving.
1. Black doesn't go well on white paper. That pinkish stain around the carving is bleeding of the pigments from the crayons.
2. I got the thickness of the crayon perfect!
3. The paper should be either of a darker shade or one that does not allow the crayon pigment to penatrate it. I have some plastic/linen/paper-like stuff that would work well for that kind of application.
4. Next crayon carving will be done in a multitude of shades just to see what happens.
5. A cameo would be a real lovely subject-getting the layers the right thickness might be a bit of a challenge but one worth experimenting with I do believe.
6. Cardboard from Brenton's toy packaging is an excellent weight for a crayon carving. These ATCs are rather weighty and they need a sturdy backing.

At any rate, this one was packaged properly and did arrive in The Netherlands quite intact~!

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