20 March 2008

A Few Trees for Your Eyes

I Thought we would look at a few trees. I like to create trees.
Forest Rain
Acrylics on watercolor paper. The paper isn't actually watercolor paper but I don't know what else to call it. The paper came from a box of refills for a photograph album. It feels and acts like watercolor paper and that's what I call it. I bought a box full of this stuff for a quarter at the thrift store in Plainville. It takes a bit of prep to use it but it was a wonderful find!
This painting was done for March's theme. Rain. There was actually a tie for the theme for March and I did do another painting in the tying theme of polka dots. I posted it earlier today. "Almost Home Again".
3 1/2 inches x 2 1/2 inches

Blue Moonlit Tree
It's blue paint from a tube with a plastic brush on the operating end of it. I took the brush off and slathered the blue paint onto an ATC sized corregated paper board that came from the box Brenton's Spiderman Toys came in. (Toys come in great great material for ATCs!)
The paint is made by Crayola. It came free with three tubes of Elmer's Glue Sticks awhile back. I have blue, yellow and red paint. It reminds me of the paint we used when we were kids in grade school. Fingerpaints! I didn't use my fingers as they are too large to work on a canvas this small. I used a small paint brush to remove the tree from the paint.

A Walk In The Park
Black gel pen on white copy paper. You can see traces of pencil in there as well. It used to reside in one of my scrap books. It was a tad bit larger then and a tad bit younger as well. It is covered with clear packing tape as that is how it was secured in the scrapbook. This picture survived a house fire. About 85% of what was contained in the three scrapbooks did not survive the fire. I ran across this little drawing that three years ago I had stuck in a box and decided it had spent enough time in the box of other survivors and I cut it to fit an ATC. Sometomato now calls it hers. I was happy to give it a new home and even happier that I know it found a good one.
The picture was drawn, I'm guessing in 2001 or so. I'm really not sure.
3 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches

Coming Home
I cheated on this tree. I like the outcome of it, but it really isn't MINE. I changed up the scenery and I changed up the tree a tad, but that tree is photocopied onto watercolor paper. My print cartridge was almost dead. The copies came out perfect for altering them. I did six trees from that printing. All of them with different backgrounds surrounding this tree. Summer. Winter. Spring. Fall. Sunset/Sunrise-you decide.
I rendered this one in technical pen and sharpie. The other five trees are done in different mediums-perhaps you'll see them in another viewing of trees.
I also traded it.
Artist Trading Card

Money Tree #2
I made four money trees like this. I thought the money trees would go like hot cakes on a cold morning at a church social. They didn't. I gave one of them to my sister Susan. I eventually traded the other three. This is one of the traded trees.
All of them are different backgrounds with an original tree sitting at the foreground as this one does. The trunk for this rather dainty money tree is a tumbleweed stick. The shredded money came from a 5 year old's field trip to the Dane Hansen Museum in Logan, KS where he recieved it as a gift from the museum along with a whole bag of goodies. I asked if I could have some. He said, "Yes." And I made trees. That foil behind the tree is from a baked sweet potatoe I ate at Golden Corral.
Artist Trading Card

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