29 March 2008

Where the heck is that muse of mine?

I really don't have much to show you all today. My muse has escaped her confines and is on the loose elsewhere. I really wish she would come home! I have a ton of artwork that needs attention and without her in tow the going is quite rough! And the end-results of the artwork done is a bit rough as well!
I will, however, get a few cards done before the sun arises in the morning!
I thought I'd show you all something today so here's a painting, an available ATC, and three ATCs that have found new homes.

This is a painting...yes, a painting of Omni. (I know it looks like a photograph but it isn't.) This painting was done back in 2001 if memory serves me correctly. It is rendered in india ink, white and brown acrylic paint and red sharpie mixed with acrylic paint to get the pink on her nose and ears. It was done as a Christmas present for the fellow who owned Omni at the time. I haven't a clue where she is today. Bryan was killed in a car accident in May of 2003 and where Omni ended up is a mystery to me. She was a sweet little dog and adored that man!

This is "The Ants' Picnic", an ATC. It is up for trade. The little ants are plastic, a gift from someone I traded another card to. The watermelon slice is painted in acrylics on watercolor paper and cut out with the scissors. The background is another sheet of watercolor paper painted in acrylics. I've not offered this one for trade till now. I need to put it in my gallery at atcsforall.com. Click on the link up in the left hand corner and go visit the site. You'll find gobs and gobs of wonderful artwork there that rivals this pc of art. This is child's play compared to some of the gorgeous artwork displayed at AFA.

"Beverly" is done in technical pen on watercolor paper. I traded her just this morning. She will be heading to England come Monday. She's a Gibson Girl. In that style at any rate. I looked at a picture of a drawing to draw this one. That is kinda cheating, but she is my own rendition.

"Blooming Pinks" was traded yesterday. It is headed Ithaca, New York, USA. It will be headed that way come Monday at any rate. It is sharpies on stiff board. The stiff board is from a game board that arrived in the mail one day. Had I not cut the game board into ATC size pcs, it would have ended up in the landfill. The landfill didn't need another gameboard. I did.

"Maggie's Bouquet" is wooden shapes colored with sharpies, glitter added and glued to a Russian text page from a book about philosophy?, not sure just what the name of that book is even though I was told the name of it and I should remember! But alas, I don't remember so it's a mystery unless you can read Russian, which I can't. It is all mounted on chipboard. The Russian book came from Katie. I traded her something for the book, danged if I can remember what I traded for it though. Maggie liked the card and that's all that really matters aside from me having a good time creating it!

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