20 March 2008

Four Leaf Clover Carving

Good Morning All~!
That's an ATC the carving is attached to. The carving itself is made of soap. The label on the soap said it was made in India. It smelled real nice. Some soap stinks badly when you carve it. After using my long nosed tweezers, a toothpick and my very flexible steel pallete knife my hands were as smooth as a baby's bottom! Then I stunk up the house by painting that little chunk of soap with fingernail polish.
The background is a pc of chipboard covered in pink body glitter and very fine green glitter. That was achieved with a layer of modge podge to adhere the glitter.
I made it yesterday. It is one of four good luck charms that will be made for the Good Luck Charm Swap at atcsforall.com.
I'm pleased with the result.

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