13 February 2009

Art Promised Yesterday

Here is that art I promised you yesterday. I fixed the scanner this morning all on my own. I swear this machine does crap like that just to mess with my head somedays!
These three inchies (1 inch sqare pcs of art!) came from Nanner in Wisconsin. I had sent her a package of blank inchies a few weeks ago and she sent me these three as a thanks for having done so. I think the 2009 one is just a riot! The octopus is just too cute...he has personality! And lots of it! And the little penguin is also adorable and he goes well with my penguin collection. I'm going to mount him on matboard and frame him in a little picture frame I have so he can go in the bathroom with the rest of the flock of penguins. The staples are there because Nanner enclosed each inchie in a clear plastic film of some sort. I'll take the penguin out of his sleeve before I mount him. If you look closely, the penguin is actually the number 8. How cool is that? Nanner is in the inchie number swap as well. I'm hoping for another of her inchies from that swap. Thanks Nanner!

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