09 February 2009

Six Days Gone....

And mighty glad to be back in my own space again!

Ronnie's surgery went very well according to the doctors. They opened the boy up front and back. Scraped off the herniations, put in some bone grafts to fuse two of his vertebrae together and stapled him shut. He's in a lot of pain still but not near as much as I had thought he might be. He and T went home this morning. I'll be heading over to Pburg later today with stuff of theirs that ended up in my bags. I loaded up the car while T got the boy ready to leave the hospital. I just packed everything willy-nilly and didn't separate their stuff from my own in the packing process.
We stopped in Abilene for a visit with RJ's grandma on the way to Kansas City on Tuesday. Then on the way home we stopped there again to give RJ a rest from the car and to have supper with Edna (RJ's grandma). It was good to see her again. Had been quite sometime since I had seen her. There has been animosity between her and I for the past 11 years and I really haven't had a desire to confront her all those years. She's an old woman though and it really did neither of us any good to hold onto those bad feelings produced when Gary died. We've come to terms and for that I am grateful. I have forgiven her for words said all those years ago.
We also stopped at my sister, Kathy's house to see them and give RJ more rest from the car. Abilene is 2 1/2 hours from home so we still had a stretch to go. Was good to see Kathy, Mike, Jenny and Chris. Marilyn and Taylor came over to Kathy's while we were there. Marilyn is another of my sisters. We stayed in Abilene for about an hour and half...something like that...
Ran into rain on the interstate between Abilene and home. Nothing major. Rained off and on all night though.
RW showed up at the house shortly after we got home. He and Lou are having marriage troubles again. I do believe they will be calling it quits. I think that is a wise choice as they are not good to one another nor for one another. And those four little boys suffer the most for it. RW will be living with me for awhile it looks like.
I came home to a clean house! I knew I would though. Thanks Ma! 831!
The trip would have been a whole lot more fun if we'd been going for a different reason. I walked 26 miles this week. Least it feels that way. Our hotel was across the street from KU Med Center but it was still quite a way to walk for me. I was more than happy to find a chair after the walk over to the hospital. Or around the hospital for that matter! I would lay good money down that there were as many people in that hospital on any given day as there are people in Stockton. Big, big place!
I lost a crown off a tooth while eating cinnamon bears that T and I snagged from RJ's get well balloon. That'll teach us! So a trip to the dentist is in order.
It amazed me the variety of people I saw over the last six days. Stockton is a predominately white community and I really don't see a lot of people of any other race. I enjoyed the extreme variety over the week. Emnet was one of RJ's nurses. I'm uncertain what nationality she is but she is the most beautiful person I have ever laid eyes on! Her friendliness only added to her exotic beauty. She had long black, wavy hair, deep brown eyes, chocolate caramel colored skin...she was a beauty! And she cared for her patient's well-being also.
I saw folks of every skin hue there is, I think. That was one of the best parts of the trip....all the different people I was exposed to. I still have no desire to live in the big city, but a visit every now and again sure doesn't hurt at all.
The critters were happy to see me. Especially Doob. Ma said she only saw Doob once in the six days I was gone. That's cause Doob doesn't like Ma and she hides from her. Doob meowed her fool head off all morning this morning! Miss Blue is sitting here on the desk watching me type. She missed me as well. I can't get out of her sight without her coming to find me. Bill acts like he could careless if I'm here or not. And Fred was all tail wagging for all of two minutes and now he's like...OK, she's home. Where's my ball?
I missed them a lot more than they missed me!
I need to go do some laundry so I'll stop yakking at you all.
I hope everyone is well and happy! I missed posting in the blog too~!
Peace, my Friends!


John said...

Welcome back Donna! Praise God that the surgery went well :)

By the way, you had a new commentator while you were gone. Go check your past post :)

Donna said...

Hi John,
Thanks for the welcome back!
I hope all is well in your neck of the woods! :)

The new commentator is my art buddy, Maryellen. You should go check out her adventure through the Himalayas in Nepal. She'll show you some artwork as well.
I'm glad to be home!