11 February 2009

Wednesday's Recollections of Tuesday

Shelf: An over-populated piece of furniture with crowds of books hungry of eyes to give them an opportunity --- Alfonso Brezmes

Good Morning Good People!
I'm just settling down with a cup of strong coffee and a morning smoke. I'm still working on eliminating that smoke. John explained it in a way that makes perfect sense to me that it is not good for me in any way but it's hard, hard, hard to break the nicotine habit. I am working on it though.
RJ is still mending nicely! I'll be headed to Pburg sometime today to take a load of stuff to his house. He called yesterday wanting his wallet. Said he needed some money. I reminded the boy there isn't much in the line of money in his wallet. And where he thinks he's gonna go to spend the few dollars that are in his wallet, I don't know. He can't be traipsing all over town right now! At least he shouldn't be traipsing all over town! He's a grown man, I can't make his decisions for him.
I finished up the laundry last night. Went to Hays at around 11 pm and didn't get home till almost 3 am. The cupboards are no longer bare though.
The weather gurus are predicting rain and snow for later today. It appears to be nice outside, but a bit windy this morning. It was really windy on our drive home last night from Hays. Susan and Fred went with me. Susan's cupboards are now full as well.
I added another book to the list at the left. Weedy Rough. It was a great book! A novel that takes place in the 1930s in a little town in Arkansas. I finished it on the way to Kansas City. I wish I had taken another book along as well but I didn't.
I read quite a bit while in Kansas City though. Brochures, newspapers, magazines, anything I could get my hands on really. But only books get added to the list. There's a book laying on the coffee table that I didn't even know I owned that I will be reading next. I do believe RW put that book there with the intention of reading it.
RW has moved back home again. I do hope he doesn't go back to the situation he left. It wasn't good for anyone involved! He's gone off to work this morning and said he won't be home for a couple of days. He's going to stay at Justin's house cause he has to work early tomorrow morning. He works in Pburg so that makes sense.
I haven't worked on any art for days now. I need to get those whimsical cats done for sure. There are more trees to be made as well and also monochromatic chunkies. I've a list of things that must be done this month. There were 11 things on that list. I've accomplished a grand total of 1 of them thus far. Once I go to the post office later I'll be able to scratch another 4 off the list. I have 18 ATCs to complete...no, I have 3 of those done, so I only have another 15 ATCs to complete for the art show in NJ. Looks like art will be on the agenda for sometime today.
Soon as I get done talking to you all I have envelopes to get ready to take to the post office to mail today. I have paperwork to complete that needs mailed today as well. I might just take that paperwork to Pburg with me and hand deliver it though. Gotta get it done first though regardless the method in which it arrives at its destination.
I picked up a boatload of paint chip samples, brochures and a few magazines to add to my art fodder while I was in Kansas City. I do believe those paint chip samples-some of them at least-will end up on my whimsical cat chunky pages. I love paint chip samples! So many colors to choose from! The brochures will be cut up for collage images as will the magazines. I always pick up magazines that I don't generally have access to if they are free. And the ones I found were free for the taking! I got an Art In America magazine from the hotel room and an Apartments For Rent brochure at the hospital. Not to mention all the travel brochures I picked up in the lobby of the hotel. Art fodder and trading fodder. I need to do more trading!
Tomorrow I'll be going to Plainville to the hospital to have blood drawn so they can check my hemocrit numbers. I need to make a drs appt to see Genny about my face. I've developed a rash of some sort across my nose, forehead and cheeks. I think it's roseacea but I'm not a doctor and a doctor should take a look at it. It itches like crazy sometimes but I refrain from scratching as much as I can. That itching goes along with the itching on my arms and legs. Arms and legs itch because of my spinal cord injury. I got the toughest skin on my upper arms from all the scratching I've done over the last eight years! That itching is deep down inside, not on top of the skin though.
I woke up with three cats in my bed this morning. Billy asleep in the crook of my legs, Miss Blue asleep right beside my tummy and Doob snoring away in her usual spot by my head. I had to move all three of them before I could climb out of that bed or cats would have gone flying! Two of those cats are still asleep on that bed an hour later. Fred had already gone outside, courtesty of RW, by the time I got up. Actually RW woke me up. He wanted to borrow some money for gas for his car. I gave him a 20. He'll return it next week when he gets paid.
Guess I better get off this wretched machine and go do something productive. Dishes need done, there's a load of laundry in the dryer that needs put away (last of the laundry!) and I need to get dressed and do that paperwork.
You all have a wonderful Wednesday! I'll come yak at you all again another time!
Peace, my friends!

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