01 February 2009

I'll Be Gone All Week

Ma called this morning to tell me about her captive. Yep, she's been a'trapping again. She was after a black and white cat that someone dumped down at her place. The gray and white one I talked about last time hasn't been seen since the last time I saw it. She got herself a black and white critter but it wasn't a cat. She caught herself a skunk in her live trap. She didn't relocate the fella though. She said he didn't stink at all! But she didn't want to pick up the trap and scare the thing so she snuck around the back of the trap and opened the front so he could just go on with himself. She figured out why he never sprayed while in the trap. Skunks have to raise their tails to let loose with their scent. The trap isn't tall enough for the skunk to do that! lol Ma was tickled pink! She said, "Oh, goodness!!!!! I'm so glad he didn't smell up my trap!" Mr. Skunk got his belly full of cat food while confined to the trap. Ma said it took him a good half hour to figure out that the door was open and he could leave. Ma had the trap sitting where she could sneak up from behind it so he never seen her open the door. She went around the house to where the trap was and let the skunk see her and he ambled off to the row of cedar trees next door and went on his merry little way. It was a fun story to wake up to this morning.

I'm going to a Super Bowl Party later this evening. I'll be making brownies afterall. Looking forward to this diversion from the norm.

Sometime today I need to pack my bags for the trip to Kansas City. I'll be riding down with T and RJ and staying till they let the boy out of the hospital so T doesn't have to stay there all by her lonesome. RJ says someone needs to keep T busy so she doesn't give the nursing staff too much trouble trying to tell them how to do their jobs! She only means well, but I know just what the boy is talking about. Susan had a change of plans and coudn't go afterall so it works out OK. I really didn't want to have to stay all week long, but what else do I have to do? I will not be anywhere near a computer that I know of. Not unless T's dad will let her use his laptop for the trip. He'll be staying with Brenton while we're all gone. Brenton will like that...he'll get to hang out with PawPaw all week!

I haven't been around here for a couple of days for no good reason. I just haven't been. Been living, loving and laughing though. I don't know why I haven't had anything to say on this blog. Ma always told me if you got nothing good to say, don't say anything. It's not that I didn't have anything good to say... it's just that I didn't have ANYTHING to say apparently!

I made money trees day before yesterday at Susan's house with her. She made one, I made three. RJ wanted them. I still need to put magnets on the back of them. I'll do that sometime today. You all have seen the money tree chunky pages and if you haven't just go back a few posts and you'll find them. That is what these are, 4x4 inches square. They have no danglies though and won't end up in a book. RJ wants to give them to a few of his buddies just for laughs. He's been asking me to make him some for about a month now.

Ma came over the day before yesterday and we cleaned the fridge. Moved it out from the wall and cleaned under it, inside the working innards and mopped the floor under it. Fred ate the dead, dried up mouse Ma found on one of the coils under it. That dog is a mess! And that fridge was a bigger mess!!! It's all nice and clean and not working near so hard now.
After the fridge cleaning, she went out to the mailbox across the road and fixed it. I was certain, as was she apparently, that that thing was going to fall over! It's been leaning quite percariously for quite some time. I got the mail out of the box yesterday to find a pink post-it note from the mail lady thanking me for fixing the box. She must of been pretty certain it was going to fall over as well. It will stand straight till someone runs into with the side mirror on the van again. Wonder who that is that keeps running into it with that side mirror on the van???

I'm taking art stuff with me to KC so I can get 18 ATCs done for the Burlington County Artfair..That's not what it's called exactly but these 18 ATCs will be going to New Jersey for a show. They aren't due till March, but I figure the sooner, the better. So I'll get them done while I'm gone away from home. T will make art with me, I'm sure. I just hope the hotel room has a nice big table in it!

I should get off this machine for now. I need to get a lot of things done before tomorrow gets here. Packing is going to take a bit of time. I also need to take a shower, get dressed and go to town for smokes and cat food. Susan and Ma will look after my critters for me while I'm gone.

Justin is coming sometime today to fix the outside water faucet. Digging holes is his profession and digging is required to replace the faucet. The head on it broke cause water froze in it and blew a big old chunk of it out... it leaks like there's no tomorrow and we just can't have that! The pump will burn up if it isn't fixed soon. And we won't even mention all that water wasted that's fallen on the ground around it! Sure don't want my well going dry! Don't want to replace that pump either! I haven't had that new pump for even three years yet... it's got another 20 yrs in it if all goes well.

Alright! I haven't had much of importance to say, but I was here and that was the goal. You all have a fantastic week ahead. I'll do my best to not worry too much about RJ and I'll try to have a little fun while I am away.
Don't forget your hugs!!!!!

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