16 February 2009

A Party, Some Art and Some other stuff...

We are in messed up mode apparently...no, wait! That was yesterday I was in messed up mode. You'll read about the party farther down the post after you get through all the art I made this weekend and before.

I have been very busy with artwort this weekend. There was a collage-a-thon in progress over at atcsforall.com this weekend. Not sure how many cards I made nor how many have traded as I'm still in the trading mode.
AND.... I've lost track of how many pcs of art have been made this year....my goal was to make 365 but if I've lost count, we may never know just how many I did make...Guess I'll have to find a free moment (or two) to figure it all out.

Here we go!
I forget what this one is called. I'd have to go hunt it down in the availables notebook. It's done in sharpies on posterboard though. I did this one while I was away in Kansas City when RJ had surgery. I sat in this giant room with steel girders all over the ceiling, many tables and many more chairs, lots of people coming and going...Natural light streaming in through the huge windows that looked out on a courtyard with the oldest building on the campus in view. It was a beautiful day! No one has caimed this one yet.

Green Flowers- freehand cut leaves and stems.. The flowers are pre-punched paper. I colored in the centers with sharpies as well as the lines on the leaves. The flowers are attached to a pc of cardstock that started life out as a greeting card. The design behind the green flowers is part of the greeting card.
Dunce- Zentangle done in sharpies on recycled white stock from packing of some sort. I think you all may have already seen this one. It's still up for grabs. Sharpies on recycled white stock from packing of some sort. I did this one at the hospital in that giant room also. That giant room is actually the cafeteria. There was peace there. Even among all the people coming and going. I people watched and colored on my tiny canvasses. The carpet in this room looked something like this card. The colors a tad off and the design is off a bit as well but the carpet inspired this one. There are some pretty cool carpets out there! This one is up for grabs.

Cantaloupe Sunrise- cantaloupe seeds, rice paper, blue rick rack, eyelet lace fabric and magazine cutout all attached to recycled chipboard from food packaging. I traded this one this afternoon. It was made months ago.

XOXO Feb CAT- menu from a travel brochure, red paper ribbon with gold stars, fabric heart, wooden heart colored with sharpies, sequins, little pink playing card, heart cut from a chocolate box, genuine garnet gemstone, plastic XOXO from a valentine's garland all attached to recycled chipboard covered with a paper napkin adhered with melted crayons. I traded this one. It will be headed to Finland along with the previous card.
Belly Scratch Feb CAT- black rice paper with gold emblems, woven straw from a placemat, magazine cutouts all adhered to recycled chipboard. This one traded. I forget where it's headed to. Somewhere in the states.

Together Feb CAT- hearts cut from a chocolate box, together sticker, velvet and lace ribbon, pink tissue paper, irridescent plastic film, foam sticker all attached to recycled chipboard. This is my least favorite of all the cards I made this weekend. It's way too froofroo for my tastes! It remains unclaimed.

The Grenadines Feb CAT- various types of paper, text, satellite map, cardstock, textured paper, ect, used postage stamp and fuzzy foot all attached to recycled chipboard.

In Honor of George Feb CAT- In honor of President's Day. Abe didn't get made cause I don't any Abe Lincoln stuff that I know where is. I happened to stumble across that $5 stamp with George on it and this idea kinda hit me. This one is contructed of cardstock, shiny ribbon (from one of my Christmas presents), paper flower, sequin, rhinestone, various papers, two used postage stamps all attached to recycled chipboard from a game box.
Excuse Me Feb CAT- map from an atlas (yes, I tore up a book that originally sold for $150. I was beyond saving after having gone through my house fire. Glad I saved it nonetheless though! I didn't pay that much for it! But that is what it originally sold for. I paid a couple dollars for it at a yard sale!), the fish came from a travel brochure if memory serves me correctly. Shark is from a magazine, Burp quote is from a sale bill for used books, cat and words are also from magazines and there's a triangle of cardstock behind the cat. It's all attached to, you guessed it!, recycled chipboard. David Feb CAT- magaizine cutouts attached to recycled chipboard. It's still up for grabs.

#4 Global Elephant Feb CAT- Satellite imaging maps from that expensive atlas. Elephant free hand cut. Attached to recycled chipboard from a game box. This one is traded.

#6 Swallowed by the City Feb CAT - Satellite imaging maps from the atlas. Elephant free hand cut. Attached to recycled chipboard from a game box. This is traded. #5 White Tail Feb CAT- Satellite imaging maps from the atlas. Elephant free hand cut. Attached to recycled chipboard from a game box.
#3 Lost in Texas (on Mars) Feb CAT- Satellite imaging maps from the atlas. Elephant free hand cut. Attatched to recycled chipboard from a game box.

#2 Lost on Planet Earth Feb CAT- Satellite imaging maps from an atlas. Elephant freehand cut. Attatched to recycled chipboard from a game box.
#1 Mars in San Diego Feb CAT- Satellite imaging maps from an atlas. Elephant free hand cut. Attatched to recycled chipboard from a game box.
I have another three cards started that need to have some color added to them. I also did another whimsical cat page. Need to get those cats done! And those monochromatic pages!

I really can't tell you all much about the NASCAR party other than #17 won the race when it was called because of rain. I won the $2 in the pot because that is who I said was going to win the race. There was no rain falling in my neck of the woods though, only in Florida, that I know of for certain. I really don't generally watch NASCAR but I'm up for new experiences. I don't generally watch football either but I always see the Super Bowl. It's the company that accompanies those events that matter the most, not what the get-together excuse is!
The party lasted long after the race had been called on accout of rain. We laughed and giggled and all got silly as drunk people will do. I don't consider tying one on every now and again a bad thing. My old body doesn't particuarly care for the activity but I bounce back soon enough. The party was at Susan's house so I didn't have far to travel to get my bed. Not sure exactly how I got there without falling down somewhere along the way, but in my bed I was when I got up at 3 a.m. That didn't last long .... being up.....I was back in bed by 6 a.m. I hit that bed around 9 p.m. My right eyeball felt like it was gonna explode and make a hell of a mess! I generally have good recollection. I have never been so drunk I didn't remember what occured. Only reason I can't tell you all about the party anymore than I've done is because it's really all irrelavant. I had a great time and details really don't matter? That sounds like I don't remember it! LOL Truly I do!
Everybody brought chow to eat. We had bbq meatballs, little weinies ( the jokes abounded!), taquitos, nachos, hot wings, lots of raw veggies-carrots, celery, brocoli, radishes with ranch dip if you wanted any. Helena made a yellow cake with chocolate frosting that had a checkered flag in icing on top of it... Start Your Engines spelled out as well. It was a cool cake! Susan made cookies-chocolate brownie bites and chocolate chip cookies. I didn't eat much of any of that food. A few carrot sticks, a couple celery sticks, a pc of broccoli--radishes don't like me. I had a couple little weinies, 2 hot wings, a taquito and a handful of peanuts from the chex mix. I started out drinking iced tea. Should have stuck with ice tea!
It was a great day!
This whole weekend has been great! Only one real sadness to mare the greatness: Hopefully my brother will work that out and know that should he need anything at all....all he must do is ask.
I saw a great many people yesterday and collected a few hugs along the way. H, B, A, S, K, S, J, B, T, RJ, B, D, S. All of those folks, except 3 are especially close to my heart. It doesn't matter which three of the initials there, I enjoyed the company of ALL! Just some a little better than others. It's like that at a gathering...you enjoy everyone, but some you enjoy just a tad more. I like that I enjoyed the whole day.
I hope all is well with John. He's gone missing for a few days. Ain't like him. Be well, friend.
I'm sitting here listening to Neil Diamond's 'Delirious Love' on the media player. I've been in love deliriously a time or two. Each love we experience in a lifetime is a love all its own. Memories made between two people are memories those two people can never relate to any other person they've ever loved or will love. I call those rooms in my heart. Each occupied by a love that sustained, helped, enlightened and brought joy to me. I hope you have as many rooms to visit in your heart as I have in mine.
I'm gonna go make some more art---with words this time---so I'll yak at you all tomorrow perhaps. Have yourselves a wonderful week filled with smiles and hugs!

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