02 February 2009

Monday Morning

Once again I forgot to add the pictures before I started running my mouth....
Hope you all had a great weekend! I did!

This is "red lady" chunky page. Piece of a broken brooch, netted ribbon with silver glitter, a postage stamp from Cameroun, silver foil paper from a cigarette pack all attached to recycled chipboard from food packaging. I haven't added the danglies yet. "Little Girls with Money" chunky page. Black paper from an antique scrapbook, play money, snaps, cat came from a greeting card and an old photo of two little girls all attached to recycled chipboard from food packaging.

This conglomeration is a set of 9 ATCs. These were done for the Black and White Zentangle 9/9 Fill In The Blank Swap. The template came to me as one sheet of paper and I put the zentangle to it, then cut it out to fit on white shirt box stock. It's headed to California to be swapped out for 9 ATCs done on the same template from 9 different artists. The idea is to end up with 9 ATCs that fit together as a whole. I'm anxious to get the returns. I hope mine is well received!

Well the Pittsburg Steelers won the Super Bowl yesterday. I forget the score...but it was a close game! By the time the final score was met, I was pretty well blitzed from all the jello shots I'd consumed throughout the previous hours. Vodka will do that to you! Susan went with me to the Super Bowl Party and she had a blast as well! Who knew football could be so fun?
There was lots to eat, lots to drink and lots of laughter from all present! Not too many folks were present come to think of it! I've been to much bigger Super Bowl Parties in the past at the SClan's place. Helena and Bob hosted the wing-ding. Jerry showed, Kellen was there, Lois came late (but we all knew she would! Lois will be late for her own funeral I do believe!) and me and Susan. Nice little crowd! I really don't know what was so funny that had us laughing all the time, but laughter didn't cease for any length of time for the five hours we were there!

Even with the not-so-good news that was delivered last night, I didn't let that get me down at all. I don't think that not-so-good news is going to hold up anyway so I'm not going to worry about it! And if it does come to be...well, I'll deal with that when the time comes. I'm not one to worry about anything till it is time to worry about it!
I'm waiting on T to get here so we can discuss the trip to Kansas City tomorrow. I kept thinking all weekend that the trip would commence on Monday but we won't depart till tomorrow actually. Good thing, too! I haven't even started packing. T says we will be gone till the 9th so there won't be any posts for awhile on the blog after today. I'll take some pictures with T's camera while we're gone and when I get back I'll have a picture post for you all.
I've arranged for Susan and Ma to take care of the cats and Fred while I'm gone. Ma will probably clean the house from top to bottom while I'm away too. Not cause I've requested it, but cause she will. I'll be truly surprised if when I come home, the house looks like it does now. I'll get the few dishes in the sink washed up today but I won't have any dirty laundry or dirty floors when I come home. I go away and Ma always comes along and cleans the house from top to bottom! There just ain't no stopping her!
I'm still working on my whimsical cat chunky pages. Better get moving on those soon! I think I'm going to take them along to KC afterall. I can pack up the paint and brushes along with a boatload of collage stuff, no problem! And while T is watching TV in hotel room, I can work on cats! And other obigations as well. Better drag out my hard suitcase to load all that stuff into. Where the heck is that suitcase?
I might be back tonight with one more post before I depart tomorrow. T says we are leaving early so that means I better get some sleep tonight. I think I can do that! I actually feel quite fine this morning despite the fact I had way too much vodka last night in the form of jello shots. No hangover at all! Though I did stumble from my bed at 7 a.m. to get a drink of water... I was dying of thirst when I woke up at that time! Alcohol will dehydrate a person. That's why you wake up with a headache... is because you're dehydrated. I washed the jello shots down with plain old water throughout the evening so I was ahead of the dehydration game last night!
RJ has arrived so I shall yak at you all another time!
Be happy, Friends!


John said...

Hmmm... never had vodka before... or jello shots. Ain't much of a drinker anyways.

Your Ma is just like my mom and dad. Every time they visit me, the house will be 10 times cleaner than before, even after me warning them that I'll not allow them to visit me again next time. Nowadays, I make sure that before they come, I would clean up the whole house as clean as I can so that there's nothing left for them to clean!

Mary Bee said...

dmnh- absolutely well received. I love the presence of eyes ant the face lower left. I think this swap is going to have cool results. I have one more to go and will post mine on the thread. Cool seeing them here on your blog.