13 February 2009

A Really FAT Cat, Some Mail Art and Thursday's All But Gone

Looks like there will be no mail art afterall. There is something seriously wrong with my computer! The damn thing has developed a mind of its own again! I've lost my scanner. Earlier I lost my Yahoo Messenger and had to download it again. And then it wouldn't work still. Not sure what kind of bug has infected this wretched machine. Gonna have to get T to come take a good look at it and fix it for me.

Hello Friends!

Guess we'll start off with that fat cat mentioned in the title. The cat in question would be Doobie. I weighed her earlier cause I picked her up this afternoon and about killed myself in the process. Ok, not really... but that cat is FAT! She weighs 23 pounds! I don't think cats should weigh that much! I call her a pig disguised as a cat! She never misses a meal. I give all three of those cats a can of food to share everyday (in addition to a full bowl of dry cat food) and she wasn't even in the kitchen when I pulled the tab on that can to open it. I hadn't even got the lid completely off and there she was wanting her share (and anyone else's she could get away with!). It's like she has radar that can detect the opening of a can of food from anywhere in the house. Last I'd seen her before I opened that can, she was in the deskroom asleep on the chair in front of the painting table. Someone licked that dish clean and I know for certain it was not Fred! He was outside when I gave those cats that food. Billy had to fight his way through Doob to even get to the plate. Miss Blue is the reason I give them a can of food everyday. She's skinny as a rail. She's an old thing (14 yrs this April) and her teeth aren't much good anymore. The dry stuff is hard for her to eat. The canned food is easier on her but Doob thinks its all for her. Miss Blue never eats much but she does get a good dose of the canned stuff so long as I stand there and make sure Doob doesn't take it all for herself. I have to make sure Billy gets a bite or two as well. Miss Pig is now asleep on the chair again cause I wouldn't let her up on the desk to sit between me and the keyboard. She used to like to sit atop the monitor but she refuses to even attempt that anymore.
I laughed so hard at that Billy cat earlier today. He tried to jump on the counter by the kitchen sink. He looked like he had it all together at the start of that jump. He didn't. He got about two inches off the floor and slid back to the floor. Then he tried again and missed again! Not sure what his problem was with that ... the third attempt got him up on the counter. Yes, I know cats don't belong on the kitchen counter but try telling mine that. They really don't care about rules. They eat on a cabinet in the kitchen cause if their food bowl was on the floor the dog would empty that bowl minutes after it was filled. So, they think ALL counters are fair game. I do make them get down when I'm cooking but other than that... I guess the counters are fair game.
Thursday was a very uneventful day. I didn't even bother getting dressed. I did drive the van today though. I moved it from the backyard to the upper driveway. Fred thought we were going for a ride and he hopped in when I opened the door. He cracks me up! He didn't seem to care at all that we only went a short distance. He was pleased as punch to have gotten to go for a ride, short though it was!
I talked to RJ on the telephone a couple of times today. He's doing really well.
I was worried about RW cause he went missing last night and I didn't know where he'd been all day. RJ had his buddy drive him to RWs house in Pburg to see if he was there or not. I don't know what to do about RW. He's a mess! He was at his house. I don't know if he's trying to work things out with Lou or just what is going on with that. I wish he'd come back home and move on with life without her but that isn't my decision. Being a parent is a hard job even when your children have grown into adults cause you still worry yourself sick about them. I cannot make his decisions for him though and I just have to learn to accept that. Hard as it is....
I spent hours culling My Favorites list on this wretched machine today. That list is still terribly long.
There's a collage a thon this weekend over at atcsforall.com. I really need my scanner to participate in one of those. I'll see if T can come over tomorrow and fix it for me. She's good at pc stuff. I'm not. RJ keeps saying I need a new pc but I think this one just needs a good going over and some elimination of stuff I don't need on it. I'd really like to get my word processor back too. Lost it a few months ago.... can't even open any of the documents saved. Fustrating to say the least cause I used my word processor almost every day!
Well, that's about it for now. I've nothing important or entertaining to talk about today. I hope you all are doing well, are happy and healthy in your own lives. I won't complain about mine.
Don't forget to collect some hugs today! :)

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