18 February 2009


Right now I'm feeling blah...Like big deal, it's Wednesday. But you know what? It WAS a big deal. I got a call out of the blue from a friend I've not heard from since 1994. How many years is that? I'd have to get out my pen and paper to figure it out quickly...It was good to hear from him. I don't know if this is a good thing. I'm not saying it is a bad thing. I was just thinking about him the other day is what makes it so odd. You go to thinking about folks you ain't heard from in years and the next thing you know you're talking to them on the phone. I knew his voice as soon as he said, "Is this Donna?" I couldn't for the life of me remember his last name...but that's irrelevant. It would have come to me eventually if he hadn't inadvertently told me himself. I used to work with this fella at Artex in Abilene when I was still married. It's good to know he is still among the living and wanting to talk to me. We had a nice half hour chat. I do believe we will be talking again.
I haven't done any art today. I need to be working on whimsical cats. I haven't been home much this evening. RJ and brenton came over and got my van running again. (Note to Self: Stop leaving those keys in the ignition!) Brenton rode to Pburg with me. I was headed there for supper. He wouldn't ride with RJ once I said he could ride over with me so RJ had to fly solo back to his house. Brenton and I had quite the talk about music on the half hour drive. He's a funny little boy. His Grandpa, (mama's dad) is a die hard fan of AC/DC and Black Sabbath. Brenton named off most of the songs those two bands preform. I'm not too worried about a six year being enamoured of heavy metal music. It isn't so much the music that enamours him, it's his Grandpa that enamours him. He do love his Grandpa!
T made swedish meatballs. We had some corn and orange juice to go along with the noodles and meatballs. It was tasty! That girl can cook! She warned me when I talked to her on the phone before RJ and Br came over that I was going to be her guinea pig for the apple caramel cheesecake she made. I was pleased to be the guinea pig! Like I said, That girl can cook! I brought two pcs of cheescake home with me. Susan and I will share tomorrow when she comes over.
Right now, I gotta go to bed. It's cold at my house again and it all the fault of the COOP. They were supposed to have delivered 100 gallons of propane last week and I ran out last night. I'm headed to bed to snuggle under the electric blanket and read on a new book. Or I might just turn out the light and go to sleep. Doesn't matter that I've only been up for 8 hours. I could easily go to sleep.
At any rate, I won't be here yakking at you all.
Have yourselves a Terrific Thursday and I'll come yak at you all another time!
Get some hugs too, they feel wonderful!

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John said...

Hi Donna! It has been really a long while since I came here! And it's good to be back reading your posts again :) Since my last comment, you had:

- 7 (blog) posts

- 12 books completed

- A boatload of inchies and artwork

Wow! I'm glad to see things going great for you and your family while I was away. I will be back again soon, when I get a grip on my work and studying (and sleep too!).