18 February 2009

A Boatload of Inchies and little else...

All the inchies in this post were made either today, yesterday or the week before last. The majority of them are done in markers on watercolor paper or the equivalent of watercolor paper.

I'm up to 75 inchies thus far this year. My goal is 1000. I've a ways to go yet.
If you're wondering what guides my choices of subject matter, it's all up to fate. I only set out with a specific subject if someone gives me one. Otherwise I just go with whatever pops into my head. There were fish, sheep, pigs, trees, lawn chairs, cats, numbers and flowers in my head it looks like.... and I went off in left field a time or two as well.
It has been a really slow day. Tuesday passed without any fanfare at all. I didn't even get dressed again today. Didn't get dressed yesterday either. No, that's not right. I didn't want to get dressed yesterday but I did cause I was supposed to go town to sit with the girls. My van wouldn't start so I couldn't go to town. My van won't start cause someone (wonder who that was?) left the keys in the ignition. The van doesn't like the keys in the ignition unless it is going somewhere! So I stayed home and did artwork.
Now I got to go do the dishes cause Ma is coming over sometime today and I don't want her to find those dishes sitting on the cabinet.
You all have a good Wednesday!

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