13 February 2009

Friday The Thirteenth

Superstition says today is supposed to be an unlucky day. It was quite uneventful til the last couple hours of it to be honest. But unlucky? Not in the least!
The things that made me happy today:

I went on a roadtrip, short though it was.

I got a box of chocolates today just cause I asked for them.

I was offered a bowl of artichoke spinach dip. I love artichoke spinach dip and T makes the best around! I declined that offer cause I got so much food in this house to eat right now, that another bowl in the fridge would have only gone to waste probably. I did have me a few corn chips loaded with it though while I was there!

I got to see BOTH of my sons this evening. In the same place, at the same time!

I got four hugs from four different people.

I talked to my friend Helena on the telephone. She called me.

I got a new candle.

RW gave me a little gift.

And I hung out with Susan!

It has been a stellar day all around! Art got made. Not completely done, but some got started. I'm a quarter of the way through with my whimsical cats!
I'm a happy camper tonight!
A few posts back I told you all I was going to take some pictures while in Kansas City. It just occured to me that I didn't take any pictures while in Kansas City. Not a one. So unfortunately there will not be a picture post from that time frame.
I do hope you all had as stellar a day as I did on Friday on the 13th!


Anonymous said...

"I got a box of chocolates today just cause I asked for them. "

I did the same thing! We're both lucky! Say, the your header image looks so interesting, what place is that?

Donna said...

Hi Clay,
Thanks for stopping by. The picture was taken in the autumn of 2005 at Webster Lake in Rooks County, KS. That's my dog Fred in the picture.
He's walking along a service road right next to the lake.

We are indeed both lucky! My chocolates are a tad dated... my dil gave them to me. She got them for Christmas. I got some then as well. Mine were gone with in a few days! lol These won't last long either! Good thing about chocolate; it takes a long time for it to go bad!
Have yourself a great day, Clay!

Anonymous said...

Your comment over at my place is real righteous!