23 February 2009

I'm Still Alive and Kickin'

I'm still around, guys! I just haven't had a lot to say here of late....
I've been working on art for the last few days. Inchies, ATCs and Chunky pages. Lots of inchies were done yesterday but I've yet to scan the little buggers. I have five fronts done for my whimsical cat Chunkys and one done for the monochromatic chunky swap. I haven't decided if that green cat is going to be a monochromatic or a whimsical cat yet. I've yet to start on the Tree Chunkys.
I take that back about having done ATCs. I haven't done any ATCs this week.
Tomorrow I'll post the newest inchies. I'm not sure how many I did yesterday... used up all my inchie blanks though and this evening I cut some more. I hate/love that 1 inch punch. Hate it cause it hurts my hands to use it. Love it cause I can't cut a straight line to save my soul! My paper cutter is too big to cut accurate 1 inch squares so I use the punch to make inchies out of scraps of chipboard. Some chipboard is way to stiff to use the punch on. It's a contrary critter in that aspect. I think I cut about 5 dozen inchies with the punch this evening. I still have scraps in the box to cut into inchies. I may finish that up tonight if my hands say OK to it.
I dog sat for Pug this weekend. She's a mess of a little dog! Miss Blue is quite relieved to have her gone! The kids came got her this afternoon. She terrorized Miss Blue all weekend long...just wouldn't leave that cat alone! Miss Blue slapped that dog, who isn't much bigger than Miss Blue, at least 20 times a day! And that little dog just came back for more! Pug is a fearless critter, I'll give her that! She terrorized Doob as well but Doob is bigger than she is and she's not quite so fearless with Doob. Billy on the other hand, played with Pug. Let her chase him all over the house and then he chased her. Just like he does with Fred. I'm pretty sure Fred is glad that Pug has gone home too. She antagonized Fred to no end! Pug's in dire need of bath after having been at my house for the weekend. She and Fred played outside more than inside. It was really nice this weekend. She's usually white....she was gray when the kids came to get her. I'm not complaining about having dog sat...just glad it's over. I'll do it again without hesitation when the kids have to go somewhere they can't take her. She's a pretty good little dog other than the shenanigans with the cats.
I've changed my days and nights around again. Just can't seem to sleep during the dark... then I'm alseep all day and up all night... just like now.
I'm off to straighten up the other side of the deskroom. My light table is buried under a pile of stuff that should find a place to reside. I'm tired of looking at it and I also need to clear that light table so I can do some drawing so I can get those cat portraits done one of these days.
You all have yourself a wonderful week ahead. I'll try my best to make it the best it can be!
Don't forget to smile at strangers and your loved ones! Get yourself some hugs in the process as well!

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Mary Bee said...

Thanks for dropping by. I look forward to seeing what you do with a Haiku or two.