27 June 2009

And the Medical Saga Continues...

The CATscan showed no kidney stone. I really didn't think there was one! What it did show is an ovarian cyst but doc says that wouldn't make me bleed like I am doing.
I just came back from Saturday Clinic. I saw the ARPN, Joann, over there and she's quite concerned about this ovarian cyst I have. She says at my age, 48, I shouldn't have one of those. She says young women are more prone to them than old birds like me. So I'm to see the OB/GYN this coming week. Gotta call to make an appt on Monday. They will fit me in sometime during the week. I gave them some blood to do some sort of test that must be sent off to be read. They wanted to get that ball rolling so the results of that blood test are in Dr. Fort's hands when I get in to see Dr. Fort this coming week. (I've no idea if Dr. Fort is a woman or a man. Not that it matters one way or another...)
Today they took another urine sample. I have blood in my urine still as well. They seem perplexed as to WHY there is blood in my urine. I'm to call, again on Monday, the urologist to get that figured out.
I'm still in a bit of pain and still bleeding like a stuck hog. Joann tells me if the pain increases or the bleeding increases, I am to get my hide to the ER as soon as possible. She asked me if I felt as though I should be in th hospital. I didn't think that was necessary as I really don't feel unwell. I just have some unusual pain (unusual for me... I'm always in pain somewhere on this old body) and I feel out of sorts. So.... no news other than this to report on that front. It will all get sorted out eventually.
I shall come yak at you all again either later today or tomorrow. I have art to scan to show you all. Inchies were made yesterday and I have a couple of chunky pages and a couple of ATCs as well to show.
You all behave yourselves. I have no choice other than to behave cause I've been grounded by Joann! She says I'm to take it easy this weekend! So take it easy I will!
Get your hugs!

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