23 June 2009

Tuesday Morning, Early

I won't be able to read this in yellow on a white background in the posting window here, but I'll try not to make too many typos and make it easier on the reader to understand these ramblings of mine!

I feel like yellow this morning for some reason. Yellow is a happy color...makes you think of warm summer days, green grass, flowers and happiness. Least that's what it makes me think of usually.

Not much of anything has happened since the last post. I do have some art scanned that I will post after this post... some ATCs and a few Chunky Pages. I participated in the all types of art-a-thon this weekend over at AFA (the link's uptop on the left). I mae two chunky pages, seven ATCs and one inchie. I have two unfinished chunky pages laying on the other side of this room on my painting table. I only call it the painting table...I do all kinds of art on that table.
I traded 1 ATC all weekend. It wasn't a very successful a-thon for me.

I would show you the ATC I drew for Ma for her birthday, but I forgot to scan it before I gave it to her. It's a cute little gray and white cat sitting in a round room. I had made it for a-thon, not necessarily for Ma. If truth be known, I had forgotten it was her birthday on Saturday and I needed to give her something quickly. There was no time to go buy something and I didn't have any extra funds to go buy her something anyway. She loved the cat and that is all that matters, I suppose. Ma is now 74 years young.
We had fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, brocoli in cheese sauce and ice cream sandwich cake for dinner over at Susan's house. I didn't know about this little wind-ding until I was waked by my sisters to attend the wing-ding. No one bothered to call RJ or RW and invite their families to the wing-ding. I took offense to that ommision.
It all worked out alright and I have gotten over that offense.. it wasn't intentional on the omissioners' parts, I'm sure. I didn't say anything about it at the wing-ding, just asked why RW and RJ weren't there. They hadn't been informed of it. Simple as that. Sometimes it is just best to let things slide.
RW and Lou spent most of Saturday evening with me anyway. I saw RJ late in the evening while RW and Lou where still here.They helped me do some badly needed housework, Lou helped me change the sheets on my bed (finally got rid of hat cat hair covered green sheet! and finally found someone willing to help me do it!). She did the dishes and RW cooked supper of spaghetti. We had a great time together. RJ dropped in for just a moment and he was gone again.

On Friday I went to a ball game in town. Girls softball. A's team was playing the Hill City girls. Our team won! Yeah! I got to see my favorite people on Friday... sat with B on the tail gate of their van while H was in the stands. I was an hour and half late for that game. Missed the first game completely actually. Doesn't matter though, I still had a fabulous time out in the sunshine with good friends. And our team won both games! So all is good.

The lab called me about my urine sample this afternoon. They screwed up and I have to repeat the test. They were supposed to draw blood the same day I took the sample to the lab. They didn't do that so, oh lucky me, gets to pee in a jug for 24 hours again. No biggie. Just delays finding out the results of that test longer. Haven't heard a thing about the bone density test at all.
I still don't feel all that great either. No energy. Sleep all the damn time. 15 hours straight yesterday.
I'll let you all know what I know when I know it on this front.

Guess I'll close this post out for now and go download some pictures of artwork for you all!
Remember to be good to one another... it is so very impotant! Even when you don't feel like being nice... do it anyway. Two will benefit!

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