07 June 2009

Weekend Art

Those raindrops falling outside my window sound like they are pretty big! I haven't seen any lightning though. Those raindrops sound like HAIL! I better go take a look out the front door. I might have to post this and shut down and come back later to edit it.

Okey Dokey! Rain's gone and I'm back. Nothing exciting with the rain. A bit of rain, a little wind and some rather loud thunder. Nothing Little Ol' Me couldn't handle.
It got a bit chilly pretty fast and I closed all the doors. The weather gurus were on top of it. I went to the local station's website and got up to the minute reports on the storm in my neck of the woods. I didn't know I could do that until tonight. It was a good discovery!

I warned you all there would be more art. My muse ran out on me shortly after I got up this afternoon. I did the first two you see here this afternoon. It took forever for the glue to dry! Kitty still has gooey glue on that one whisker set. The others were done before I went to sleep last night.

CAT Black Cat -- foreign newpaper print, plastic sheet from a package of fake rhinestones, plastic letter stickers, distress rub on, googly eyes, black dimensional paint and some aluminum wire. It's all attached to that game I can't remember the name of. I got a lot of ATC blanks out of those game cards! Nobody wants this one yet.
I have made lots of these kitties, but never a black one before. I like how he turned out! I need to find the next size down in googly eyes though. I have tiny, medium, large and extra large....but no small. Small would work better on most of my kitties like this.

CAT Blue Fish Ted--I've decided to start giving my fishes names of distinction. As opposed to the fish you all saw yesterday which is simply called Pink Fish. Here we have black nylon head scarf material, lavendar colored netting, irredescent pink glitter, eyelash yarn, the fish is made out of handmade paper dusted with blue glitter and then dusted with pink irredescent glitter. I got some new specialty yarns in the GAT (Goodie-a-thon) trade last month that will begin appearing in future fish. No one wants this one either. Not yet anyway.
The handmade paper that fish is made out of came in the GAT as well.

CAT 29 Cents-- 22k gold replica of a US Postage Stamp in a little clear plastic case attached to that base from the game I don't know the name of with cardstock strips. There is some gold lame ribbon, a gold paper seal, blue sequin, gold sequin and a gold half sphere atop the seal. Gold star sequins, big gold sequins and little brass dohickeys that I've no clue what to call other than dohickeys. Oh, and there's some security envelope insides behind it all. I'm really surprised no one has jumped on this one!

CAT "What About You?" -- magazine cutout, white mulberry paper, blue mulberry paper, 2 squares of cardstock, drywall screen tape, clear plastic corner stickers, a wooden dragonfly (it was already stamped with the design) and text from a novel I'm altering. This one is going to Finland.

CAT Planes- security envelope insides, copy paper, an airplane cut from a brochure and a plastic dohickey with the word "PLANES". Not very exciting. It hasn't got a new home either. I don't think it will be going anywhere anytime soon.

CAT Orange Zebra 2-- same as the zebras of yesterday... I'm lazy tonight. Don't feel like typing it out again. This one is going to the United Kingdom. His crown kinda disappears into the background. I should have used pink irredescent glitter for his crown instead of the same color as the background. UK Girl said he looked fine to her though. He is my least favorite of the zebras.

Pitter patter on the roof,
splashes against the windowpane.
Thunder rolls in the distance and
the dog snores on the floor.
Verses escaped when the rain started getting pretty heavy...which was just after I opened this page to make this post. You know if you put pictures in a post all your typing goes to the bottom of the post, right? Well, that's why this is in the middle of the post. I found it here.
Wait a second! This is the end of the post.....anyway....there it is.
I haven't written much poetry here of late.
I added another book read to the list the other day. Swell: A Girl's Guide to the Good Life. And now that I've written that, I remember telling you all about that already. I'm still reading Quincunx and will be for sometime to come, I'm afraid. It's a very fat book! I only have a few pages left in another book though and I'll be adding that one real soon.
I seem to be on top of things with this goal. I'm halfway there and the year is half over with.
Can you believe that the year is half over with??? Where did the time go??? I think the older I get the faster time seems to go. ...and no way to retrieve it. That's why you have to get those hugs on a daily basis!
There is Star Trek offers plastered all over my Cheez-Its box! I find that strange. I know they do it to make money and promote the new movie, but I just find it strange to put things of that nature on food boxes.
Now you know I've been eating Cheez-Its! I'm drinking coffee as well. It's one o'clock in the morning. I've been up since noon yesterday. I'll be going to bed soon. I think I'm running out of things to talk about...
But then, maybe not. I've told this story three times already and even though it is hilarious, it gets a little more boring evertime I tell it. I laughed my ass off when it happened though! I was laughing so hard, I found it difficult to drive straight! I had taken the dogs to town with me. Fred in his usual spot in the back seat and Pug hanging her head out the passenger's window. She stepped on the button and rolled her head up in the window. When she got trapped she jumped, lost her footing and was hanging there for a split second by her head. She was making an awful racket too! I quick like rolled the window down and released the fool critter! She looked at me like I had done it to her. I petted her and talked to her, laughing like a mad woman the whole time, and got her settled down a bit. She kept peering over at the window as I continued down Main Street. Didn't stop her from sticking her out on the window on the way home though. She rolled the window up, without her head in it, when I was in JMart getting me a soda. Silly dog!
The Kids will be home tomorrow and she can go home with them. Fred needs a break from the little terror and the cats will be glad to see her gone! She's such a cute little thing though, you can't help but love her! We will dog sit again when the kids need us to. I say we, cause Fred is in on the dog sitting business to. He sits on that dog's head when she bites him on the back of his back legs.
Go get your hugs today! You know you want them. You know they're good for you and good for the recipient. Make someone smile today! Be good to one another. It does matter!
I'll come yap at you all another day!

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