23 June 2009

Miss Blue's Eulogy

Miss Blue came to live with me when she was about six weeks old back in June 1994. Her sister, Pippen, came with her as well. Pippen met her demise on the highway out front of the house when I was living in Nickerson and Mother was taking care of my cats for me.

Miss Blue died this afternoon. She had been losing weight yet still eating, drinking and using the litter pan up till yesterday. She died sleeping on Fred's pallet on my bedroom floor.

She was a wonderful companion for the years she graced my life. She gave me love, laughter and a hard time every now and then. She loved Fred. She loved almost everyone she ever met. If Miss Blue didn't like someone, and there were only a couple, I knew those people couldn't be trusted. Visitors, whether they wanted or not, were greeted by Miss Blue the moment they sat down. Up into their laps she went.

She was a pure white ball of fluff when I brought her home to the house on Pine Street. Those blue eyes are the reason for her name. Her mama was grey calico farm cat whose name I don't remember and her daddy was large siamese that answered to the name of Luther (when he wanted to. ;) ). The older she got, the more the siamese in her came out.

Miss Blue was actually fine, except for having lost a lot of weight over the last couple months up till yesterday when she just gave up... least it appeared that way to me.

Here are a few pictures of my long-lived 'old woman' of the bunch. She will be missed.

Miss Blue asleep in a toy truck box on Christmas Day of 2007. She dearly loved boxes of any shape. They were especially nice if the fit was rather tight.

2005 Sleeping on the sofa.

Pondering life's mysteries.... We had just moved into the new house and she was getting used to the new surroundings.

"I guess this will have to do." she seems to be saying of her new accomadations. She is in the bathroom in this picture. She loved to sleep in the bathroom for some unknown reason.

June 2005 in the house on Elm Street. This was our temporary residence after the house out east burned. She's wondering why that food bowl is empty!
This house on Elm Street was familiar territory to the cats as we had lived in this house for five years before moving out east of town.

Outside on Elm Street, enjoying the sunshine.
She is buried in the pet cemetary out under the clothesline in the backyard. She joins numerous cats, dogs and a rat or two in her final resting place. She is good company with many other beloved pets from years past.
Seems so very quiet here in the house tonight... no Blue's meow to cut the silence. Fred, Doob and Billy all seem to understand that Miss Blue is gone and she won't be coming back.
I shall miss her terribly.
Rest in Peace comrade.

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John said...

My condolences to you, Donna. Hope you're alright.