13 June 2009

Picture Saturday Rolls Around Again!

It's poker at Susan's house tonight apparently. Least that's what they tell me. I've only about an hour to get this post done.
We are having pictures today!!!!! Oh yeah! Enjoy the commentary!

There's a date on the photo of Brenton asleep on my bed with Doobie. I can't read it as I type though...it's too small. Been awhile back. Doobie doesn't like anyone but herself most days and to find her asleep on the bed with Brenton was a rarity, indeed! You can see the rats' cage at the top left of the picture. The rats are now living at RWs house. Well, one of them is. Annie died a couple months ago. She was an old rat though and rats don't live too awfully long. And check out all those books on my headboad!

Another old picture. Fred (dog) and Brenton in the backyard looking across the wheat field to the tree line. Brenton had his binoculars out. I believe there were deer out in that field this day. Brenton was 5 in this picture.

RW, Me and RJ. I do believe I was going to smack that RJ boy. Look at him laughing! The pair of them are always giving me a hard time! I guess that is what your sons are for? This one was taken at Mother's 70th birthday party. She's fixing to turn 74 this year...next Saturday.

This is a dead carp out at Webster Lake. I liked the designs of the fish scales and the gravel. Just an interesting picture is all. Least I think it is. People, when they catch carp, usually just throw them up on the bank and leave them to die cause they aren't really useful. I don't agree with that cause I've eaten carp and it was mighty tasty. This was a pretty good sized fish when it was thrown up on the bank. It was supper for some critter though by the looks of it.

Sumac in the fall turns this brilliant red color. The ditches along the highways and dirt roads are lined with sumac. It isn't near as pretty in the summer when it is only green. The berry heads come on and it gets a little more character to it...but when it turns red....it is simply gorgeous!

Ornery The Buzzard Chick eating pork chops and peas off a dinner plate.

That's me and Doobie in the summer of 2005, shortly before the house burned. Doob looks none too happy to be in a bear hug to get her picture taken!

Bob Seeger. Pen and Ink drawing I did in 2004 or 2005. Not sure exactly when. I sent this drawing to my friend, Stucky, up in B.C. Canada.

Butterflies on Lilac Flowers. I drew this one sometime in 2004-2005 also. The original was lost in the house fire unfortunately

Sunflower field over by Plainville.

We talked some about the fire with the drawings gone missing. This is what the front hall bookshelf looked like when the fire was put out. All my first editions were located in this bookshelf.

Another casualty of the fire. My antique tube radio. There were mineral specimens that sat atop this radio. Every one of those mineral specimens disappeared. Never laid on eyes on any of them after the fire. Not even during the clean up. They simply vanished!

This is the kitchen of the burned house days afte the fire. The cabinets fell off the walls and made a terrible mess! My nice red and cream colored kitchen turned black, more or less....the only thing still intact in the kitchen is the ceramic tile floor.

This is a picture of the front yard with the burned house in sight. My new house sits right next door. You can see on the side of the house where the little windows are towards the front where the smoke damage is on the outside of the house. That has since been painted white but the house is still unlivable and probably always will be despite the fact RJ thinks it will be livable sometime in the future! Better win the lottery if that's to happen.

Sperm and egg. I really liked this picture when I discovered it in a Google Image Search. I painted an ATC in acrylics based on it.

Questions In My Mind
While inside my mind
I ponder questions
to enlighten my querying thoughts.
Where in this universe
do I find my unique spot?
Is it somewhere I've already been and
I just didn't notice the loveliness within?
Or is it somewhere I've yet to go?
In dreams I have seen
the skies open wide
to reveal the questions
I've held deep inside.
From whence do the gods
conjure up my path?
And where will I go
when the end comes to pass?
Auroras shimmering in the abyss
calling to me of centuries
I've yet to encounter.
Touch with my fingertips,
I've tried unwittingly to accomplish
and dreams only lead me
to more questions.
Is there another universe to explore
deep within my troubled soul?
Does happiness radiate from deep within?
Does sorrow reflect all of our sins?
Moons and stars, like long-lost kin
patiently waiting to let me in.
Someday I'll leave this realm behind
and I'll find all the answers
to these questions in my mind.
A little poetry to go along with the picture! This poem was written for a picture challenge on the poetry site I used to frequent. This poem took second place. Voting being done by the members of the site. March 2006 is when it was written.

Molds of anthills. How cool is that???

Snow Crystals.

Omni. She belonged to a friend of mine. I painted this picture of her for Bryan's birthday one year...2004, if memory serves me correctly. It is by far the BEST painting I have ever done! No clue what became of it or Omni when Bryan was killed in a car wreck later the same year I gave him this painting.

I've smoked the last cigarette in the house. I need to get dressed as I'm late for the poker date. I added two more books read to the list. Finished one of them last night. I have two on the headboard ready for reading. Susan gave them both to me. She's read them and now it's time for me to do so.
I shall come yak at you all again another day. Perhaps there will be artwork to share, perhaps there won't.... I just don't know! You all be good to one another because ultimately... it really does matter!
Get your hugs!

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John said...

Now that's a sweet family photo :) I enjoyed this picture saturday post a lot.