12 June 2009

Five Days Away!

And what have I done in those 5 days? slept a lot....
I went to Topeka on Wednesday to talk to the endocrinologists. That would be Dr. Win (that's not how you spell you his name...only how it's pronounced.) and his assistant, I believe she's his ARPN (?), Kelly. They've come to the conclusion I need to pee in a jug for 24 hours and let them send it to the lab guys to see how much calcium I may be eliminating. They also want me to get a bone density test. OK, no problem! Well, yeah, there IS a problem, sorta. I didn't get either of those tests set up since I got up on Thursday.
My parathyroid (PT) is once again on the rampage...so it seems...and the tests will determine if it is indeed on the rampage. I feel no different, physically, than I have for a long time. If the parathyroid is on the rampage, shouldn't I have other symptoms? I don't know! Maybe I do have symptoms and they mimic the aches and pains I already have. Anyway, I'll not get any more news about the PT until I have a 24 hour urine sample tested for calcium and a bone density test preformed. I'm sure you all will hear about it!
I had a great time on the way to Topeka and home again...it was a fun trip all around! Aunt Sherry and Ma took me. We got there way ahead of schedule and played in the park for a bit. We drove around the big city... around a very small part of the big city....We went shopping. We laughed a lot. We stopped to see my sister, Kathy in Abilene. K showed us her shop at the plant nursery. She doesn't sell plants. She sells second hand goods. I brought home a whole bag full of stuff. She wouldn't take my money cause the bag she put my stuff in, came out of a case of 500 of them that I had just given her. She has a pretty good set up. She works at the nursery as well so it's double pretty good!
I slept most of the way home. It rained most of the way home.
I slept all day yesterday and played Cave-In all night. Read some blogs I follow and didn't feel like talking to anyone.
I went to a softball game on Tuesday night. H drove to Ellis and I tagged along at her request. A's team was playing. Girl's softball. Our team lost both games but they tried their best. They almost had it at game one: 8-9. Four innings. Second game ended at 11-7. Four innings is all they ever play.
I've another softball game to attend this evening. It is here. At the city park in town. I think Susan may come along for that one.
I've read another book since the last post as well. I will add it to the list later as I don't have it in front of me and I've no clue who wrote it, and I'm not certain of its title either...but I did read it~! I read it on the way from Topeka to Junction City. Obviously, it's not a very thick book.
My phone is broke. I've no dial tone, those calling in get a busy signal. I've arranged for the phone dudes to show up sometime on Monday to fix that problem.
I'm glad it wasn't broke on Wednesday! I found a lovely message on my machine. Two messages actually! LOL Lovely might not be the right word for that first message...though I did feel all warm inside! And the second message, from the same voice... it made me laugh hysterically. Not at the content of the message...but at the messenger. Wish I'd of been home to further the discussion at the time the messages arrived.... nothing came of having called the messenger back two hours after the messages were left.
I've no art to show you. None has been made since the last batch you saw. This deskroom looks like a tornado went through it! I really need to find the energy to clean this mess up! Someone needs to do those dishes again too. I just can't do all that physical labor...it wears me out! I never catch up with it.
I have an hour before I'll go to the town to the ballgame so I'm out of here for now. I need some food in my belly and I really should stack the dishes while I'm at it!
You all have a stellar Friday! Get your hugs!

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