19 June 2009

Friday .....what will it hold?

Almost a week since I was here to yak at you all.
Not much of importance has happened in those six days I've been away from blogging and I'm not even sure why I am blogging this morning.
I have read two books this week, which have been added to the list. The Shack by W. Paul Young and The Reader by Bernhard Schlink (Translated from the German by Carol Brown Janeway). I am way ahead of that goal of 50 for the year.

The inchie goal, on the otherhand, has not progressed so favorably. I'll get back on it soon though cause I've not given up on that goal. I discovered a new way to do collage inchies and I'm going to give that a shot in the next week or so. I discovered it by talking to others who make inchies. I forget who actually said it...you'll see the results if they turn out alright.
I have been to the state lake with Fred in tow three times in the last six days. It has been hotter than the hubs of hell in Kansas most of the week. We had storms blow through with some rain a couple days ago. Nothing severe, just rain, lightning, a bit of wind and lots of thunder. Though there is a big tree down at the lake from the storm that came through the day before yesterday. It was standing with its feet in the water, not a stable environment at all... and when the winds came through... they were reported to be 60 mph winds, the tree went down. I suspect some day they (whoever they are) will go out there and clean up the mess so you can drive all around the circle drive out there. The tree prevents one from doing that right now. The road to the state lake washed out as well in that storm but they fixed it the some time yesterday. I think it blew a lot harder 4 miles from home than it did at home. Yesterday when we went to the lake, we had to take the long way around to get there because of the road being out.
I took my sample to the lab yesterday and later this morning I go for my bone density screening. We'll see what comes of that. I should hear something in a few days I would hope.
I haven't been feeling well, physically, all week. I just don't have any energy! I'm doing laundry this morning only because it needs to be done if I want clean clothes to wear. The dishes were stacked early this morning as well. I doubt they will get done today though. I'm worn out from putting a load in the washer, taking the sheets out of the dryer, emtying the livingroom and kitchen trash cans and stacking the dishes. I've been awake since 4 pm yesterday as well and that doesn't help any when I cannot sleep. I'll crash later today. And I do mean CRASH.
I have to go to Pville at 9 for the bone screening and then to Pburg later in the day to take Susan to get her car out of the shop. After I come home from Pburg I might get some sleep. I tried to sleep last night but all I did was lay awake in the dark with my mind running a million miles an hour and sleep simply would not come! So I got up and played a game of Cave-In, and then sat on the back steps in the dead of night with the dog and all three cats, watching the stars, listening to the crickets sing and watched the fireflies blink off and on. Only in the country can you sit on the back steps in the glow of the yard light in your nightgown and not worry that someone might see you. Folks driving by on the highway are going 65mph, they don't notice what you're wearing if they even notice you there. And it was dark to boot.
Round about 5 a.m. I went to Susan's with a cup of coffee in hand. I knew she was up cause I could hear her music playing. Not real well, but I knew she was up cause I could hear the bass and I heard her talking to the cat. Heard her well talking to that Maddy cat.
I have done a bit of artwork this week as well but nothing to show you all today cause none of it's been scanned. I have two ATCs done for the fortune cookie swap and two chunky pages done for Evelyn's book. I am very pleased with the two pages for Evelyn's book and one of the ATCs for the swap. The other ATC leaves a bit to be desired if you ask me, but I'm usually wrong on those assumptions so it is going to the swap. I have no choice but to send it in cause I only have six fortune cookie fortunes to work with and I will need all six of them. If another fortune shows up before they are due at the end of July, I'll make another ATC to go instead of the one I am not happy with.
It will probably be a very warm day. It's 6:30 in the morning right now and it's already pretty warm out there. My thermometer says it is 67F outside and 79F in the livingroom. It's even warmer in the deskroom where I am cause the window isn't open, and it won't be opened cause I'd just have to wrestle with closing the danged thing when it rained. I'll be dragging a different fan out of the closet cause the one RJ gave me from Edna is all messed up and it won't work at all. Edna is an 80 yr old woman, she's RJ's grandma...she 'fixed' the fan... put a new cord on the end of it. It has a black cord till you get to the end of it where the plug suddenly turns hot pink. I'm thinking it's time to retire that fan or have RJ or RW refix that cord. Maybe get the cord off that box fan that is out in the junk heap? Not sure why that fan ended up there.....at any rate a fan will be dragged out of the closet today as well.
I just took a look out that closed window... looks like rain clouds to the north. I can't see any other direction out that window so what it looks like to the south, east, west... I haven't a clue. The wheatfield out that window looks wonderful! Thick, lush, golden ... just aswayin' in the stiff breeze out there. I said it was already warm... it isn't warm outside. It is beautiful outside and if I could take this pc outside with me....that is where I would be at the moment... but taking the pc outside is not possible so I must sit here and sweat a little.
My choice! The boys asked me if wanted the a/c put in yesterday and I told them it was not time to do that yet. I may change my mind about that in the very near future. I could care less if they put the a/c in my bedroom, but the one for the deskroom is a necessity. I spend a great deal of my waking life in this room. I could sleep in the hubs of hell, the heat doesn't bother me when I'm asleep when I have a fan blowing on me. I've had that fan going for weeks already.
It is now 7:06 a.m. I just got back from folding the load of towels from the dryer and putting a load of clothes in the dryer. I had to go out to the van to retrieve my green sweater to put it in the washer with my hoodie, cape and another sweater. I'm wore out again.
Sometime today I'm going to have to commandeer someone to help me change the sheets on the bed. The clean ones had been in the dryer for over a week. It's time for a change! Besides that the dark green sheet there right now attacts cat hair like a magnet attracts steel! It's awful! I won't be putting that green sheet back on my bed. It's easier to just not use that sheet again than trying to convince that cat who gets her fur all over my sheet not to sleep on my bed. I'd do it by myself but it would take an hour to accomplish it and I'd pay dearly for all that upward arm motion it takes to change sheets on a bed. I'll pay a fair amount with a helper.
It would be great if I could convince one of the boys to vaccuum the livingroom for me. That vaccuum kills me! I don't touch that machine very often.
I've rambled on long enough this morning! You all have a fantastic Friday! I'll try to be back in a day or two to show you some art. Don't forget to get some hugs today! I have a hugee in mind! :)
Be good to one another. It matters.

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John said...

Hi Donna,

Hope you're feeling better. Do remember to let us know on your test results. Take care and God bless!