26 June 2009

It's Friday! Whoo Hooo

I say "It's Friday! Whoo Hooo" with much sarcasm cause all the days of the week run together for me. Weekends are just as special as any other day!

I got the test results back from the bone density thingy. It all looks good is what they tell me. I don't know who typed that letter up telling me about the good news of the bone density test, but they need to proofread! The letter was only 2 paragaphs long...short note actually. There were four mistakes in it! I thought that very strange! But the test results are good so that is ultimately all that matters.
I still haven't done the 24 hr urine test for calcium. Well, yes, I did do it, but it didn't count and I have to redo it cause the lab neglected to draw any blood when I took the urine sample back to them and apparently they were supposed to do that. Had someone told me a blood draw was needed to complete that test, I'd of stuck around for a blood draw that day. Now I can't do the test right now cause I have some issues going with my bladder....Not really sure it is my bladder. I went to the ER the day before yesterday at the request of my regular doc (she isn't in the office or a couple weeks cause she had surgery) cause I was having some pain and bleeding when I shouldn't be bleeding. The doc on call at the ER is convinced I have a kidney stone. I have very little pain and they said I would be in great pain when that stone passed. I don't think there is a kidney stone, though doc said the lab saw crystals in the urine sample I gave them at the ER. I don't know! I'm bleeding as though it were that time of the month but that time of the month has already come and gone for June. I am waiting for my phone to charge to give the ER doc a call and discuss this with his nurse (or him if he's available). Someone left the phone off the cradle way too long and run the battery down! (That would have been me, btw!) So until this issue is resolved, I can't take the 24 hr urine test for calcium.
If it ain't one thing, it is another!
I feel pretty good actually. Not in any more pain than I am any other day. I'm alittle tender in my lower abdomen but nothing severe. Still sleeping weird hours. I got up at 3 a.m this morning after going to bed around 7:30 p.m. Nice little sleep.
I don't have any art to show you guys today. I have cards that need scanned but that is not happening today. I will wait till I finish my Fortune Cookie Fortune cards. I also have two more marker cards to do and 3 landmark cards to do for swaps I signed up for this morning. Couple of days and I'll have some stuff to show you all.
I got a fantastic assortment of art stuff in the mail this morning in trade for some ATC blanks and 4x4 blanks I sent to a girl in California a couple weeks ago. I got the best end of that trade! She was more than generous! Thanks Kati! I will put all of that stuff to use sooner or later. A lot of it went the box of stuff I'm gathering for a handmade book that I intend to turn into a journal.
I've been organizing things in the deskroom this morning. I need to clean off the light table and the painting table. The light table has been buried for months. I got it cleared off and now its covered again. I'd use the light table more if it wasn't buried beneath a pile of things. There are things on the painting table that need cut into smaller pcs so I can fit in them in the boxes where they go. I organize things by their color, each color has its own box. I also organize things by holidays...ad some of the things can go either in a color box or a holiday box. That's the stuff on the painting table. I should have that done sometime today.
I really need to do some inchies! I haven't done but 1 inchie all month long! That goal needs to be kept up with if I'm to accomplish it by the end of the year. It is damn near July already! Where has the time gone?

Just got off the phone with the doc's nurse over in Pville. Looks as though they are going to do a CATscan sometime today to figure out what the devil is going on. They are still looking for a kidney stone with this CATscan, but I don't think they are going to find one....Just my own opinion there. I'm no doctor by any far stretch of the imagination, I just know my own body!
Doc is right on top of things this morning! Just got a call and that CATscan is scheduled for 10:30.. that's in about 40 minutes so I better go get dressed. Can't be going to the hospital in my jammies!
I shall yak at you all later today and let you know what happens!
Have a great day! Get your hugs! Have a few laughs...laughs are as important as hugs!

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John said...

Hi Donna! That's really great news, that everything's ok. I sure hope that you're right about the kidney stone. That's not fun if it is there. My uncle had terrible pain urinating, because one of the stones got into his urethra and got stuck there. Do keep me updated on the CT scan!

And YES, where did time fly to? Half a year gone already?