01 June 2009

Poetry, Songbird, Fishes and Talk of a Monday Afternoon

And my heart springs anew,
Bright and confident and true.
And the old love comes to meet me,
In the dawning and the dew.

Robert Louis Stevenson

That was the Quote of the Day for today. I like it!

There was a Chunky Page-a-thon (CPAT) over at AFA this weekend. I made seven chunkys for it. You only see six of them here cause the seventh one isn't quite finished just yet.

Here we have Zentangle Fishes done in sharpies on cardstock and attached to a cork coaster. The backside is another zentangle with some fishes and all my info there. I went light on the danglies for all of these this weekend. My old brain just wasn't grasping the concept of danglies for some reason and nothing seemed to look good! This one was posted in the CPAT thread and traded only minutes later. It is headed to Seattle, WA.

This is Fish School done in markers on a piece of gameboard and then sealed with acrylic glaze. The back is black with more fishes drawn with white acrylic ink and my info. The back was just the back of the game board and I didn't feel like covering it up. I dragged out my glass dip pen and had a good time playing around with the white acrylic ink on this one. I had to paint over with black ink my first attempt at the backside of this one... I put all that info on upside down! I'm pleased with the outcome of it. If I don't trade this one today (the CPAT ends today) I will put it in Evelyn's birthday Chunky book.

This is Bass Fish done in markers on cardstock attached to a cork coaster. The backside has a picture of a big tree beside a lake with mountains in the distance. Very similar to the inchie mountain scapes you've all seen of mine, only this one is 4 inches by 4 inches. The danglies are hemp cord dyed yellow. This one is headed to North Dakota once I get to the post office to send it and the others on their way.

This is the Pieced Angel Fish done in collage on a piece of game board. Game boards are very stout bases for chunky pages but one needs a cropadile to cut the holes needed for binding. Lots of folks own a cropadile though so it wasn't much of a problem. I cut all the coral freehand from various colors of cardstock and embellished it with markers. The fish is cut from a pattern I made and all the pcs glued together to make the fish. The background is a sheet of handmade paper with leaves in it. The danglies include a lampwork bead and a blue glass leaf attached with fishing line and 1/8 inch wide pink ribbon. This one is headed to Alabama.

this is Red Bird done in markers on cardstock. I glued two pcs of cardstock together to make it sturdy enough to be a chunky page. The danglies include a red string with a ladybug bead attached to the end (the bead is upside down in the pic), a string from a jacket hood and a little red clothespin. (A really little red clothespin). I've yet to trade this one. If it doesn't trade then I will put it in Evelyn's book also.

this is purple glitter fish...This one is a collage done on a 4x4 cut from a game board. The background, starting from the game board and building to the fish....security envelope inside paper, ironed plastic easter grass, eyelash yarn, and microbeads. The fish is a piece of burgandy colored handmade paper (very stiff) covered with lavendar irredescent fine glitter, gold thread and a googly eye. The backside is the insides of a security envelope in blue with a line drawing done in black marker along with my information. The danglies are the same eyelash yarn as is behind the fish. This one is headed to Tacoma, WA.
Hope you enjoyed the art show today.
I'll come yak at you all another day...perhaps later today. I'm headed to Hays with Susan. Fred demands I buy him some dog food and there are a few things I could use myself from the grocery store. You all behave yourselves today, enjoy the sunshine if it's shining on you and go give some hugs out!

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John said...

Hi Donna! *HUGS* Great to see you still active and busy :) I missed your "ramblings", really. How's your son's wedding preparation coming along now? Mine's in less than 2 months! Phew... Well, you have a beautiful Tuesday now :)