08 April 2008

collage cards

These are all collage cards done this year.

5 For You
silk flowers, scrapbooking paper background, sparkly sticker, number and words from a BMI Music bulletin, all mounted on chipboard. This one was made for the March Collage-A-Thon. It is still in my gallery waiting for a new home.

Metal and resin turtle charm, all red papers are from a package of disposable chopsticks, scrapbooking paper and a photo of an asian man. All mounted on chipboard backing. This one is still waiting on a new home also.

Golden Hydra
Seems to me I might have already shown you all this one. Chipboard painted with burgundy acrylic paint, modge podge and then sprinkled with green glitter and pink body glitter. The hydra is made from a gold aluminum serving tray of the disposable variety that I picked up the thrift store for a quarter. It is mounted on the card with heart and star shaped brads. It still needs a new home too.

Jewels of Pink 2
Metallic purple foil paper, pink grossgrain ribbon, gold cloth ribbon, pink rickrack, pink plastic gemstone, star sequins, regular sequins and clear glass seed beads. The mesh is from a woven placemat. All is mounted on chipboard backing. This one was made for the March Collage-A-Thon. It too is still waiting on a new home.

Little Pink Rose
Gold braid, pink lace, pink rickrack, pink seam binding, pink grossgrain ribbon and a little pink silk rose all mounted on a chipboard backing. This one was made for the March Collage-A-Thon. It still needs a new home also.

02 April 2008

Two more Fishes for the Book

"Gold Fish" frontside. The margarita coaster was painted black in acrylics, then painted with modge podge once it had dried and the green fiberous paper laid down on the modge podge. While that was all drying, I folded an origami fish, cut it in half to give me two fishes and I cut out the coral from the aluminium tray I used on the previous fish sculpture for the Book.

"Gold Fish" backside. Not very pretty. Coaster was painted black with acrylics. That was left to dry and then sponged with hunter green. The orange and purple fish are simply large foam stickers that worked well for my information and are kinda funky! Once the danglies go on this one, it will dress it up a bit.

"Money Fish" frontside. This one is made entirely of things I acquired from others. Terah gave me the coasters for all these fishes, Google gave me the fish, Brenton gave me the shredded money the background is made from, the green ribbon came from an ATC trade as did the green fiber/string. Modge Podge played a heavy role in the creation of this card and I hope it is not too thick for Maggie's machine to punch the holes to bind it in a book. I may keep this card and send another version of it that isn't quite so heavy on the shredded money.

Money Fish backside. Coaster was painted hunter green and sponged with a toned down version of the same color. The fish are foam stickers perfect for my information. Sharpie marker records the details that wouldn't fit on the fish. Danglies will dress this one up as well.

ongoing fish 4x4s

A couple more book pages done for the Chunky Fish Swap.

Big Blue frontside. It is paper collage. Each color of paper cut out, arranged on the page and glued on. The background is packing foam for mailing heavy things in boxes. I painted it blue with acrylics and then put the dots, and slashes on the coral after the glue had dried.

Big Blue backside. The whole page is attached to a margarita coaster. The backside was painted the same blue as the front side, sans the packing foam, then painted with modge podge and a sheet of lacy black paper laid on while the modge podge was still quite wet. The lable is actually an ATC colored with sharpie markers and my details written on with smaller sharpie marker and glued to the backside of Big Blue.

The Koi Pond frontside. Sharpie markers on watercolor paper, glued to a margarita coaster. I put a thin layer of gold acrylic ink on top of the sharpie markers. I really like this page!

The Koi Pond backside. The maragrita coaster was painted black with acrylics, then a thin layer of gold acrylic paint was applied. I added my details with a fine point sharpie marker. The little painting is done in sharpie markers on watercolor paper, glued to the coaster and a bead of glass paint put around the edges just to keep it firmly attached.

ATCs requested

Each of the following ATCs was requested or taken on as a challenge presented to me.

Kathryn lives on a boat and collects ATCs of boats. I hope she likes this one! It went out in today's mail, headed for Cyprus.

Katrina is getting this wax crayon flamingo. She already has one of my flamingos. I hope she likes this one. It went out in this morning's mail also. Headed somewhere in Kansas. Shouldn't take it long to get to where it's going!

Dari, I hope will be happy with her 'colorful abstract' rendered in sharpie markers on watercolor paper. It is headed to Washington State.

Chuck dared someone to make him a MacGuyver card. I took him up on that challenge with this collage card. It contains bits and pieces found in the nail box, broken neckchains, tiny light from a Christmas tree ornament, duct tape and various brads holding some of those little doodads to the orange corregated thin cardboard obtained from the packaging for a toy truck. I hope he likes this one. It is headed to Missouri this evening.

This is "Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz". It is headed to Valerie's front door in New Jersey. I hope she likes it.

Hearts of The Unreal-Contest is still open

I won't shut the contest down till I get at least 5 stories to choose from.

This one would be 'Barney's Heart'

This one is "Big Bird's Heart"

and this one is "Kermit's Heart". I made these three a few days ago. RJ named them. I traded "Big Bird's Heart" for a card called "Taurus the Bull". I am giving it to RJ for his birthday later this month. "How appropiate," Maryellen said, "he names the card and I draw his Birthday present unknowingly!"
All are sharpie markers on white chipboard.