28 July 2009

A Rainy Tuesday

It is indeed raining today. A nice gentle rain coming from the gray heavens this afternoon.
I have changed my days and nights around again. Have slept all NIGHT for the last two nights. I know what the sunshine feels like during the day~! Well, I would if it were shining today like it did yesterday!
The storm during the night woke me about 3 this morning. I checked radar on this wretched machine to see how big of deal the weather gurus thought the storm was. It was blowing and going out there! In my birthday suit, I got drenched closing the back door. The laundry room was flooded! The wind blowing, lightning cracking the sky, thunder to shake your bones! It was a right gale blowin' out there!
The weather gurus weren't saying anything about the storm so I went back to bed after I called Susan. Good thing she was awake too! I seen her sign off on my PC so I thought she was awake. She said she hadn't been near her PC for hours! It didn't matter, she was headed back to bed as well.
Not sure just how much rain fell. The kids, RJ and T showed up before I got a chance to walk across the highway to retrieve the mail. They brought it in for me and didn't look at the rain guage while they were there.
The rain falling right now....it's nice!

We're going to be having us a baby girl one day soon! T is dilated to 4 today so it won't be long before that baby decides it's time to greet the world. I think we are all ready for that happen. Especially T!
That ninth month is the hardest month of a pregnancy. Yeah, T's ready to get that baby into the world!

RJ and brother Sam BSed in the burned house while T and I went to Susan's house. We were there for a couple of hours. RJ and Sam had rearranged Sam's junk in his storage room in the burned house. I think Sam now knows more about the junk he owns.

All of my brothers and sisters, including me, have that packrat syndrome. I'm sure we all inherited it in our genes from our mother. She too is packrat! I've passed that snydrome down to my eldest son as well.

RJ has as much junk as I do and I'm a lot older than he is! Fortunately, his brother, RW, did not acquire that gene from his father nor from me. Yes, their father was a packrat too.

I'm rather conservative in my junk collecting. I'm not real sure where all that junk has come from....I know WHERE it comes from, just not where, from inside myself it comes from. I hope that made sense...(it doesn't quite to even me!) Their dad though...that man would buy a bag of dog shit if someone packaged it up just right! (OK, it wasn't THAT bad, but he would buy just about anything!) Most of the junk I own is useful in one way or another...perhaps not useful to me, but to SOMEONE. Gary would bring home things that NO ONE wanted. I really shouldn't say it that way... cause I bring home stuff NO ONE wants either.... perhaps I should just end this story before I dig a hole so deep I can't climb out of it?
I've been thinking about the differences in my sons. How can two boys who come from the same seed be so very different in so many ways? RJ inherited his looks from Gary's side and RW from me. Different as night and day. RW volitile and RJ laid back as can be. Yet both with their hearts in right place.
This baby coming, makes me feel my age. Not in terms of years so much, as in terms of experience. How did I get to be 48 years old? Where has all that time passed to? I look at my sons and the families they have procured and I feel as though I have contributed something good to life. Not only my own life, but to all the lives touched by my having been in this life. I don't know what comes next. Perhaps we get to do it all over again? That's what I'm hoping. I just don't know though.

I didn't get the little books scanned. There are now 21 of them. 22 if we count the very first one that had forgotten about till RJ told me one of my little books was in his van. Then I remembered I had given it to T on Friday. It isn't decorated, the covers are randomly cut pcs of the Ruby Tuesday menus I used to make the covers with. I might get them scanned sometime today.

What's keeping me from scanning them? Nothing really. I just haven't got around to doing it.
I have laundry and dishes to do sometime today. I really wish the maid would show up again! She went on strike....well, no she didn't really go on strike. She found another that she thought needed her help more than I do. That's OK though....that's just Ma spreading her love around. She will remember the house plants in the next day or so....maybe today....and she will come along to at least see what the house looks like.
Housework is hard for me do. It's hard work, lifting, bending, standing at the sink in one spot to do the dishes....that vacuum absolutely kills me! I've not the strength in my arms, shoulders, neck to be doing those things. My back hates doing dishes! When I hurt, I sleep. There is no one who puts the hurting and sleeping together but me. My house is atrocious simply cause I've not the strength to do the work to keep it presentable! You walk in and your nose tells you, without doubt that a dog lives here. That dog would be Fred! He's a big dog and he makes big odors. Not to mention all that dog hair everywhere cause the vacuum hasn't been run cause I can't wrestle with that machine!
Doing artwork consists of sitting in one spot and the heaviest thing I pick up is a pair of scissors. Sitting does not bother my back and releives the stress on my shoulders. I need a full-time maid. I'm going to have to talk to someone about that...

RJ is going to teach me how to run the weed eater tomorrow. I'm not certain I can physically do that but I'm going to try cause those little trees need the grass weed whacked from around them. The grass is taller than the trees! He can't do the weed whacking, RW hasn't been asked to do the weed whacking cause I haven't seen him and that leaves only me to do it. So...I will find out tomorrow if I can indeed do the weed whacking.

I added another book to the list bringing it up to 33. I'm still right on schedule with this goal. When I get around to scanning those little books, I'll scan some inchies to add to that list as well.

I'm hungry! So you all are in luck. My rambling for the time being is done with! I got me a few hugs this morning so I'm good to go for the day....you all need to do the same!
I shall come ramble along another time!

26 July 2009

Just a Quiet Sunday...

yeah, I know I've been away for a bit...Just hasn't been much happening in my world that seemed worth talking about in the last week or so. I've stuck close to home, slept a great deal, did some dishes the night before last, and made 13 little blank books in the last two days/nights. Still sleeping all day and up all night. Don't suppose that is to change anytime soon though.
It's about 10:30 a.m. I've been up since midnight ...there abouts anyway.
Soon as Susan's assesment is done she and I will be heading to Hays apparently. I haven't a dime to my name, but that doesn't seem to bother her any. She's invited me along for the ride and lunch. I need to get out and get the stink blown off me anyway!
I have a load of clothes in the dryer. Soon as they are dry, I'll get out of my pajamas and into clean clothes. I think I'll wear my red flowered dress. The sleeveless one. It's a very comfy dress!
I've decided that I am hungry NOW! I have a minute steak on the stove, gonna make me a steak sandwich. Give my belly something to do and bring my blood sugars up as well. I'm kinda shaky today.
My arms are killing me too...especially that right one. It hurts in the muscles of my forearm mostly. Burning pain...hurts even worse when I stretch that arm out. I'm glad this pain isn't a constant pain. It sticks around for a few days and goes away for a few days. All depends on how much I use that arm as to how much pain I have. I played football with that silly Fred dog yesterday. I kicked that ball more often than I picked it up and threw it though...That dog liked to have wore my ass out! He had that football early this morning wanting someone to play ball with him. He was on his own though. It was way too early to play ball!
Fred doesn't like plums. He'll eat the pears on the trees in the yard. Well, he won't eat them ON the tree...he'll eat them if you give him one! But he won't eat those plums out there on the trees! I ate one yesterday while I was playing ball and tossed him the plum pit. He spit that thing out, sniffed it, looked at me like "Man! That is nasty!" and walked over to his football for more play. I tried a whole plum later. I threw it to him. He'll catch just about anything you throw him. He bit down on the plum and spit it out. Didn't want anything to do with it! I never heard of a dog that liked fruit. Fred is an oddball dog though!
I've turned my steak. Won't be long now and I'll be chowing down!
I will scan the little books I've made this weekend sometime later today probably. Then I'll tell you a little about them when I post them here. I still have a couple of them that are ready to be put together so they will get scanned then as well.
Right now, I'm off to eat some steak! Go get your hugs!

20 July 2009

The Sleep Monster Stopped By For a Visit

I haven't posted all week because I haven't had a lot to say.
The sleep monster came for a visit on Monday. I left the sleep monster here at home when I left on Tuesday. Monday gave me 14 hours of sleep. Much more than I actually needed! The sleep monster waylayed me on Thursday when I got home. 17 hours of sleep. Friday, sleep monster still present. 16 hours of sleep. Saturday....Saturday was a doosey! 26 hours straight....early Saturday evening all the way into Sunday evening. Sunday gave me another 14 hours of sleep. Some of that sleep time was drug induced with flexaril and cyclobenzaprine. The sleep monster arrived right about the same time the pain monster arrived. My head is killing me at the moment actually. Pain in my neck, shoulders, arms, right down to my hands and fingertips. Laying in bed makes my legs hurt as well. There is no winning the race against the degradation of this old body! I always hurt to one degree or another. Docs say don't worry about all that sleeping, your body needs it apparently. I just go with the flow...

On Thursday I made around 50 inchies. I didn't actually finish them all yet. I drew line pictures on 50 inchie blanks, let's put it that way. I have only colored four or five of them in thus far.
I also have an ATC that needs scanned done.

It is rather warm this morning. My clock says it is 3:59am. I've been up since 3:04am. Made a pot of coffee, read a few blogs I have neglected for the week and fed the dog and cats. A skunk smell woke me. I was so pleased NOT to find that critter in the house! I have the back door standing wide open and one could come in if it figured that out. Fred was on guard duty, sleeping on the lawn by the back door.

My sister Marilyn was here on Saturday for a couple of hours. She interupted my nap--that's OK though. She and my nephew John and his girlfriend had come to Stockton to pick up a puppy John and Megan had bought. A pretty little brown and white husky with the bluest eyes. They named her Clover. She followed Fred everywhere he went! Fred didn't care. He's an easy fellow to get along with!
I gave her some of the Brooke stuff we bought at the auction a few months ago. Koozies, keychains, letter openers, clips, etc. It was good to see her.
I knew she was coming, I'd just forgot about it till she called and said 'we're almost to your house'. I didn't even have time to straighten the livingroom! She said she didn't come to see the house, she came to see me, so that made my messy livingroom easier to bear (for me that is).

And the livingroom is still a mess! Along with the kitchen, the hallway, the bedroom and the bathroom. We won't talk about the deskroom...it's always in shambles.

I am going to finish my coffee, read a few more blogs and go back to bed. My head feels like it weighs about 800 pounds and I'm having trouble holding it upright!
You all go get and give some hugs today! I'm lacking in that department for the last few days....

13 July 2009

Monday's Fruit From the Weekend

Hey Readers!
I have artwork and a cool link to send you all to today. I truly wish I knew how to embed videos into a post cause the video you'll find here is just too cool!


Lady Bugs have turned a mountain top red from their sheer numbers! Watch it! You won't believe your eyes! Lady Bugs are considered good luck. These folks are going to have the motherload of luck if that superstition has any bearing! I do understand their reluctance to disclose the lady bug's location too. I'd much rather have a million lady bugs visiting than a million people!

Hope the world is being good to you all. I can't complain too loudly so I'll not complain at all. What's the use of complaining if you can't shout it out loud? Everything is fine in my world, more or less.
I didn't get up till just after 4 this afternoon. It's almost 9:30 p.m. as I sit here typing out this post. I took a badly needed shower and washed my hair shortly after I woke up for the day then I headed to Susan's house with the inchie blanks and that huge box of markers. Jerry was there and requested some inchie blanks a few weeks ago. He also wanted to know which markers he should buy to make his own inchies. So the three of us colored with the markers on inchies. I also did an ATC while over there. The artwork that follows will fill you in on the activities had across the back lawn.
I don't have any new books to add. I am in the process of reading a couple right now. One is the 1961 Yearbook Annual (or something to that affect. I really don't remember the exact title of it at the moment.) And the other one is called We Are Still Married by Garrison Keillor. It's a book of essays and short stories. Seems to me I still haven't finished that relationship book either...I'd have to check the list to know for certain. But it's still laying on the headboard so I'm thinking it still needs to be finished. I haven't been doing a great deal of reading in the past couple of days.

Artwork from today. I didn't even look to see if there were other inchies in the inchie blank box that were complete and waiting to be scanned. If there are any, they will just have to wait till next time.

These 17 inchies were all done today over at Susan's house. Not all of them are mine, but they still get counted cause I was there and helped with the majority of them. And if truth be told (and it really should be) two of these inchies are represented twice cause Jerry and/or Susan added to them after I took them back to Susan's house so Jerry could take them home and stick them to his fridge.
He has the coolest idea to do with inchies! He says he is going to the cover the front of his fridge with inchies from top to bottom. That's gonna take a boatload of inchies, Dude!
Row 1 Donna, Donna, Susan
Row 2 collab of DSJ, Donna, Donna
Row3 collab of DSJ, Donna, Donna
Row 4 Donna, Donna, collab of J & S, collab of D &S
Row 5 collab of DSJ, Donna, Donna, Donna
Row 4, first two are the ones represented twice...again at Row2 and Row3. They are all done in marker, sharpie or bic...except for the bird and the one on Row2 that was added to when I got back from my first scanning session. Those are done in metallic color markers. I am not fond of the metallic color markers but the bird turned out alright.

Storm ATC done in markers on RW's birthday, 11 July 09.

Prayer On A Door In Mexico ATC. Done in markers on linen texture cardstock. I redid this one from a previous ATC that looks almost like this one that I showed you all awhile back. I traded the original and decided to make another one (this one) for the marker swap that is due on the first of August. I still have one more card to make for that swap if I don't use the green ATC below for that swap. I haven't made up my mind about that just yet.

Green Day ATC 13 July 09 markers on linen textured cardstock. This is the ATC I did while at Susan's this afternoon.

This one doesn't look 'done' to me. I'm thinking it needs color to it! We shall see what happens with this one. I may add color to it before I put it up for trade. It is called EYES and is done in black sharpie on linen textured cardstock. 12 July 09

This one doesn't have a name. It's markers on brown paper. 6 inches by 6 inches. Susan started the design. Just squiggly lines all over the place and we all (DSJ) took turns at filling it in. I think this one will end up being a 4x4 for Evelyn's book. Which I am slowly getting finished. We won't talk about that elephant she wants to go along with the 'book with fringe' for her birthday cause I haven't even started on the elephant!

Squirel Goes To The Beach--6"x6" markers on brown craft paper. We all took turns on this one. Everyone contributed to the final picture. Jerry and Susan added to this one after I had already scanned it too but I deleted that first scan and took another one. This is the finished the artwork. I kinda like it! Susan will get the original and hold on to it for awhile till she passes it on Jerry. I only got the original long enough to make a scan of it!

Owl 4x4 drawn October 08 on recycled chipboard. This one is going in Evelyn's book for her birthday. The back is not yet completed.

Sandshark 4x4-----beer coaster, sandpaper, jumprings filled with dimensional glue, eyelash yarn, chipboard fish dusted with sand, googly eye. This one will end up in Evelyn's book as well.

Flowers Four 4x4 ---recycled chipboard, watercolor paper painted blue, fabric flower petals, four large brads covered in glitter, shredded tissue paper, lavendar colored cork chips, mica flakes. This one is going to end up in Evelyn's book as well.

Emma Irredescent Fish 4x4--- the scan is a bit wonky. I cut off a bit of the edge when it scanned. Recycled chipboard, eyelash yarn, hemp cord, jumprings filled with dimensional glue, irredescent glitter, lavendar colored netting, tissue paper, chipboard fish dusted with glitter, googly eye. Another for Evelyn's book.

Caterpillar 4x4---this is the backside of Flowers Four. Watercolor paper painted blue, plastic greenery, plastic/rubber centipede, fabric flower petals, a brad (in center flower, you can't see), two fabric leaves and ton of glue to hold all that plastic on! This one will go in Evelyn's book too.
Here is something totally new! I had a lot of fun making these bookmarks. There is another one out there with my mark on it but I neglected to scan it before handing it over to Helena for her birthday. It is similar to the red one.

One side....all are made from the corners of UPS chipboard envelopes, collaged with various elements. Some have a tassle at the top, some don't and won't. The components include, security envelope insides, red nylon head scarf material, gold foil paper, sequined ribbon, collaged inchie (on the red one), asian text, asian themed emphemra, skeleton leaves, a MOO card, silk tassle and eyelets to pretty up the holes.

This is side 2 of the bookmarks. They work quite well! Just stick them on the corner of your page with a few pages previous and you're marked for your next reading session. I was quite pleased with how these came about! I do need to work on getting them to be true triangles though. A couple of them look cattywhompus to me.
At any rate... there's your artfix for the time being! I just remembered that I do have about 40 inchies that have not been scanned. I'll scan them, but they don't get counted....they all pretty much look alike! I'll show them to you all next time.
I'm off to check up on the sites I visit most everyday and then some food will be in order. Not sure what I'll fix, but something cause my belly says, "feed me".
You all have a fantastic Tuesday! Get your hugs! To get hugs, you have to give hugs! (I need to remember that!!!) :)

09 July 2009

It's a HOT HOT HOT Thursday in The Land of Kansas!

Not sure what the thermometer in the livingroom is reading for the outside temp but the bank clock in town said it was 102 at 5:30 this evening. It feels every bit that warm and then some!
I've been holed up in the deskroom or the bedroom most of the day. Those are the only two air conditioned rooms in the house. RJ keeps saying I need to get that central air hooked up but I keep telling him, "No!" I can't afford the central air and I don't want to be butler to the dog every time he wants in or out. With central air, I wouldn't be able to leave the front door open and let that dog come and go as he pleases.
Speaking of that dog... he's asleep right beside my chair here now. I took him to the state fishing lake earlier this afternoon. A four mile drive outside of town. It was hotter than the hubs of hell out there too and we did not stay for very long. The dog barely got wet. He did go swimming in the lake though for a very short time. He wanted to go exploring instead of swimming and I didn't take his hide out there to go exploring! I took him there for a swim. He got about five minutes of swimming in and I was ready to head back home. It is a couple of hours later now as I type out this entry and that dog is still wet from his swim. Damp anyway.
The cats are fine. Doob is in the bedroom asleep on the bed under the cool air from the a/c in there. Last I saw Bill he was asleep on the lamp table in the livingroom. I think he's probably gone back outside to find a cool shady spot to snooze by now.
I was invitied to supper next door but I do believe I missed supper when I went to town to give Helena her birthday present. Her birthday was yesterday but she knew her gift was going to be a day late. I gave her three books, two packs of gum and a brand new bookmark I made for her. The three books all came out of my book shelves in the bedroom. I'd read all three of those books too. She was quite happy with her present. She gave me hell about the wrapping though! lol... Hey, I was going for quick and easy on the wrapping... it's what is inside that counts! And what did I wrap it in? A big white tyvek envelope. Easy-peasy wrappin!
That's what Brenton's birthday present was wrapped in yesterday as well. Worked great! I'll probably do the same thing for RW's birthday present on Saturday. Not sure just what I am giving RW for his 25th birthday. (Man! 25 years old! That makes me feel really old!.... My baby is turning 25!)
Grandson Brenton turned 7 on the 2nd of July. He was at his dad's house then so we didn't get to see him on his birthday. His party was yesterday. I gave him a box of 72 colored pencils and a stack of coloring pages in a blue folder. He was quite pleased with his gift. That boy LOVES colored pencils!
I still haven't scanned any art, so no art to show you all today. Maybe I'll get to that tomorrow. Maybe not.
There's a Zentangle-a-thon this weekend but I'm undecided as to whether I'll participate or not. I really don't have funds for mailing this month. I have six envelopes sitting beside this desk that need to be mailed and I don't think I can afford any more than that this month unless I get a loan from someone.. but to get a loan only puts me that much farther behind next month so I probably won't participate in the ZAT. We'll see though. I may get a windfall before the weekend.... wouldn't that be nice? I won't hold my breath for it though~!
I'm kinda hungry. Think I'll head next door, see if they still have any chicken and the fixin's left. Or maybe I'll just go heat up some bbq pork I cooked yesterday and have me a quick sandwich. I just don't know.
I'm tired, sleepy. I took a tramadol earlier today cause I am hurting like a big dog today. Well, I'm not now that I took some tramadol, but was hurting pretty bad! It makes me sleepy though.
I started sanding on my wooden cane yesterday. I am going to paint a dragon on it when I get it prepped for doing so. My hands gave out before I got all the brown stain off the thing yesterday. I had forgotten that cane went through the house fire five years ago and when I started sanding on it... boy! did that burnt smell come out!
I use that cane on occasion when the old body refuses to walk like it should. Don't use it often but it does come in handy when it's needed. I have two wooden canes actually. The one I am altering was my husband's cane and is a little too tall for me but it's a whole lot stouter than the other cane. The other cane is prettier is all. Has a nice cherry wood stain on it. RW and Lou found it on the side of the road out by the state lake a few months ago. Strange place to find a nice cane like that... no one has claimed it even though we put out the word it had been found.
Not much happening in Donna's world today other than what I've talked about already so I'm going to close this one out and I shall come yak at you all another day!
Be good to one another! It matters! Give some hugs, get some in turn! Smile! It makes folks wonder what is wrong with themselves! And if you smile...you'll make other smile as well!

06 July 2009

Best Weekend of the Year!

This one will be hard to beat!

I am recovering from the wonderful weekend.
Boating on Saturday afternoon was so very much fun! The girls and boys tubed behind the boat out there on the lake beneath a clear blue sky dotted with little white clouds. The breeze blowing, spray from the lake misting us, laughter ringing... it was a fabulous three hours! I really wanted to get in one of those tubes and ride the waves like everyone else did but I knew I couldn't hold onto the handles of said tubes to stay on the tube! So I enjoyed the others' doing it! I was just getting to the lake when the boat was fixing to make its departure. Got there in the nick of time to secure a seat. So glad I did! Got to see Rick and Janie too. It was their boat!
I got a nice suntan while out at lake for three days running. My shoulders are a little red, but nothing bad. I really needed some sun on my ghost white legs... now they aren't quite so white! :)
Calico Beans are the best beans out there! YUMMY! I will have to get Helena's recipe for them. I had way too many beans this weekend! LOL They were so good though!
Susan let me take the kids for a ride in her convertible with the top down. I had never driven the convertible till then. This happened on Friday. We had the radio blasting and the a/c kicked up on high. That's how it was when I got in the driver's seat. Only thing I adjusted was the rearview mirror. Koby in the front seat, Allison and Casey in the back. We all buckled up tight and off we went around the lake. I enjoyed the drive as much as the kids did! There were vultures floating on the thermals above the dam when we drove over. Koby is seven, lives in the big city... he'd never seen a vulture that close before. He thought that was pretty darn cool! The vultures soar on the thermals about 20 feet above the dam and you can really get a good look at them. They're beautiful up there on their four or five foot wingspans. Turkey Vultures are very large birds! It was an absolutely beautiful day for a drive in the convertible with the top down! Thanks for letting me drive it, Susan!
We made s'mores one night. I don't do sweets very often. I only had two charred marshmallows and forewent the chocolate bar and graham cracker. When I say I had two charred marshmallows, I mean exactly that. They were blackened beyond recognition. That's the only way to eat a roasted marshmallow. It may be another year before I have another charred marshmallow.
It was fun sitting out there by the fire with everyone gathered round. I didn't drink on Friday night. I'd had enough on Thursday. I came home around 1:30 on Saturday morning and was back out to the lake around 4:30, just in time to make the boat.
I had lunch at home with the family. Well at Susan's house ... home.. one in the same really.... Elaine and Monty were here, Linda, Sam, Evelyn, Ma, Aunt Sherry, RJ, Terah, RW, Me, Justin and Courtney... think I got everyone in there.... We had sandwiches, baked beans, cake, chips... Everyone went their own ways shortly after lunch. Was good to see everyone together though.
I got a bit tipsy on Saturday night while sitting around the campfire with Bob, Helena, Susan and Jerry...Lots of laughter, ghost stories, boys being boys, rum consumed...yeah, we had a great time. All the kids had gone to bed by 11:30 or so. I got home right at 2:00a.m. I found my bed and got in it and didn't get out of it till around noon on Sunday.
Yesterday was a day of recovery for sure. I did absolutely nothing yesterday but read in The Quincunx. (You all noticed the two new books added, yes?) I finished The Quincunx and picked up Prairie Song with not much more than five minutes between. Prairie Song was an excellent book! I finished it this morning. I was very disappointed with The Quincunx. It held my attention throughout its almost 800 pages but I hated how it ended. The story wasn't finished at all. I haven't chosen the next book yet. I have one I started about two weeks ago sitting on the headboard I need to get back into. Can't even remember what it is called right now.
I still haven't scanned that artwork I told you all was done. I expect I'll get to it in the next few days. Susan wants me go to Hays with her tomorrow but I've not decided if I will or not. I was supposed to go to Abilene with her this morning... real early this morning. But she said I never answered the phone when she called around 10 after 5 this morning. She's right. I didn't answer it... I never heard it ring. I was asleep. So snooze, you lose! No roadtrip for me this morning. I probably will go to Hays with her.
I could sit here till the cows come home and yap at you people but I have things that need be done that I cannot do sitting in this chair so I guess I'm done with the commentary for the day.
Hope everything is well your world! Get your hugs! They make your world even better!

03 July 2009

Lake Time~!

Hello Readers!

I know for sure I have at least one occasional reader! Thanks for hanging on John!
I don't have any art to show you all today. I've done some art in the last 24 hours but it hasn't been scanned so you don't get to see it till it does get scanned. I made two chunky pages and three corner bookmarks on Thursday. Bookmarks are a new endeavor for me. I am pleased with how they turned out!

I really should be climbing in my bed about now as I have to be awake before noon. It is already 3:30 A.M. I have potatoe salad to make when I get up in the morning... even though it is already morning... I need to be up before noon and headed out to the lake not much after noon... I do believe that lunch will be served somewhere around noon and I am bringing a few things that are needed at the lake.

I just wanted to say hey to you all who are reading!
I took Fred out to the lake with me earlier... around 8p.m. on Thursday. I had to bring that fool dog home though as he refused to listen to me and wanted only to do what he wanted to do and we couldn't have that fool dog running loose at the campground out at the lake. He was none too happy about that arrangement, but he quickly got over it!
I was there from a little after nine to one a.m. Had a bit too much to drink and really shouldn't have been behind the wheel of my van to come home, but it all worked out alright as here I am at my house typing this blog. I don't drink often and even less often drive while doing so~! There was little traffic on my 15 mile drive home. I won't be drinking tomorrow. Once a week is more than enough for me! And I have already drank three days this week. Granted Thursday was a bigger drinking day than either of the previous but I didn't go driving on the previous two days.
Right now.... I'm fixing to head to bed cause the old eye balls are failing me... I'm really surprised there are not more typos here... course once I read this again tomorrow... I may find a boat load of typos! LOL whatever!
I hear my bed calling me!

You all have a fantastic Friday wherever you may be on this big planet!
Get your hugs!

01 July 2009

Let's have Art Wednesday.....

Sorry it's been a couple of days since the last post when I promised you artwork. Here's the artwork....I've been away for two days and am just now getting to this. Maybe I'll tell you about my excellent adventure and maybe I'll forget to...at any rate, as promised......artwork!

Looks like we are starting with ATCs. The two kitties below are going out in a swap all about markers! These two are done in markers (cause that's what the swap is all about.) I still have two more marker drawings to do for this swap. Not sure if they will end up being kitties though.

This Is Frank- June 2009

The Big Apple-- June 2009

The next six ATCs were done for the Fortune Cookie Fortune Swap. I really wanted to do 7 of these but I only had 6 fortunes to work with. :(

Wealth- green glitter, white crewel embroidery yarn, white plastic netting, irredescent glitter, embroideried mirror, chipboard circle, paper flower, chipboard blue rectangle with the fortune glued to it. Fortune as colored green with a marker and the black dots are dimensional paint. Base is from that game I can't remember the name of. Stiff chipboard. This holds true for all six of these ATCs. The fortune reads: Wealth is not in making money, but in making the man while he is making money.

Old Tasks- June 2009 .... text page, purple glitter, irredescent glitter, purple crewel embroidery yarn, magazine cutouts, gold foil medallions, yellow chipboard regtangle with the fortune glued to it. The fortune was colored with purple marker. Fortune reads: A good time to finish up old tasks.

Now Is The Time!~ June 2009 text page, blue glitter, blue crewel embroidery yarn, irredescent glitter, plastic flowers. The fortune reads: Investigate new possibilities with friends. Now is the time!

Musical Future--June 2009 ... The color is all off on this one! There is not a lick of orange anywhere on this ATC! Text page, red glitter, irredscent pink glitter, red crewel embroidery yarn, paper flowers, sheet music bits, genuine red garnet in the middle of the flower. Fortune reads: An interesting musical opportunity is in your near future.

Fresh Air and Grace--June 2009 ... text page, pink glitter, pink irredescent glitter, purple crewel embroidery thread, magazine cutout, rope from some junkmail, pink chipboard rectangle with fortune glued to it. Fortune was colored with a pink marker. Fortune reads: Fresh Air and sunshine and plenty of grace slam the door in the doctor's face.
The color on this one is off as well. The background is much pinker than this shows it to be.

Extraordinary Vitality--June 2009 text page, raspberry colored glitter, irredescent glitter, purple crewel embroidery yarn, paper flowers, embroideried mirror, the purple dots are dimensional paint that failed dimensionialism. Fortune was colored with a marker. Fortune reads: You are imbued with extraordinary vitality.
And LOOKIE HERE!!!! We have made some inchies. Finally. I'm still behind on the inchie goal...though still well in the running to accomplish it! Susan, Linda and Jerry all helped with a few of these. I'll point them out to you in the commentary.
We are officially up to 489 of them! Almost halfway there!

top row, 3rd from left is Linda's.
middle row, 1st in line from left is Linda's
middle row, far right is Linda's
bottom row, 1st from left is Susan's
bottom row, 2nd from left is Jerry's
bottom row, 3rd is Susan's
bottom row, far right is Susan's
the rest are mine

Yes, I know, technically I shouldn't be counting L, S and J's inchies but I'm going to anyway.

middle row, 3rd from left is Susan's
bottom row, 1st is Jerry's
bottom row, far right is Linda's
The rest are mine.

These are all mine. And yes, that is a dead squirell on the first inchie of this batch. Don't ask why. We were talking about roadkill and that is what happens when I've a pen in hand and inchie blanks before me!
There are five more inchies done and ready to scan but they will wait till I have enough to scan an even dozen. It's easier to keep track of the total that way.

And then we head on to Chunky Pages. I have been busy for the last week or more with these masterpieces I'm showing you all today. (Masterpieces....:) Yeah, right!)
I don't know yet if these fish will end up in Evelyn's book for her birthday later this month or not. Probably will as I need a few more pages for that book. I may go through the pages already done that I have up for trade and perhaps use a few of those instead of these fish. I just haven't decided yet is all.

Purple Fish Enid...security envelope insides, red nylon head scarf material, lavendar netting, hemp cord, eyelash yarn, micro beads, handmade paper cut into fish shape, dusted with purple glitter and a googly eye added in the appropiate spot. The base is part of a boardgame box.

Red Fish Wanda......security envelope insides, red nylon head scarf material, irredescent glitter, ironed easter grass, eyelash yarn, microbeads, handmade paper cut in the fish shape, dusted with glitter and an eye added. Base is part of a boardgame box.

There is a lot of wheat harvesting going on right now! I noticed the field behind the house is yet to be cut though. That should happen pretty soon! It sure looks ready to me...though I'm no farmer by any stretch of the imagination! The fields are much prettier before they are cut than afterwards!
How I wish the camera would talk to the pc!
So many missed photo opportunities...
Get yourselves some hugs. I have done that already today...perhaps more are still in store... you can never have too many!
Be good to one another and come back to see what's on my mind tomorrow....or maybe not tomorrow, but the next day... with me you just never know when I may drop in!