29 September 2009

If Pigs Could Fly...

we would all never go outside again! Think of what they could release to fall upon your head!!!!

It is very early on Tuesday morning. 2:45 a.m. to be exact.
I've been sitting in front of this pc for hours, reading blogs about art, life, oil engineers, travelers and other subjects as well that I just can't recall at the moment. It has been a learning experience, all this blog reading. I did not, however, add any new blogs to the 'everyday' list in my reading this morning. That's unusual for me.
There are certain blogs I read every single day I have access to them. (Sometimes, as you all know, my machine takes on a mind of its own and my own mind can't keep up with it so I abandon it for a few days and somehow it all works out that the issues dictating the machine's mind have been overpowered by the issues that dictate my own mind.)
None of the blogs I read frequently are updated on a daily basis, with the exception of one. I learn all kinds of things from these people! Things I wouldn't have a clue about if I didn't have the opportunity to read what they have to say.
I read six blogs on a regular basis. Each of those people enrich my life by sharing their own lives...their opinions, their endeavors, their means of making a living, their dreams and creativity, their loves, their losses. They share themselves. I'm thankful for their openness, for their humanity.

I didn't get any inchies made and I didn't get all my ATC envies folded nor glued. I did get about half of the ones that needed glued glued and put away. That stack of cut ones that needs to be folded is a daunting stack about two inches thick. I'm not sure just how many envelopes sit in that stack. 150 or more?
I certainly will have enough to last me a long time! I have plans for those envies so I'm not really hoping to hang onto them for too awfully long. What I'm hoping is that more will be needed to be made eventually!
And that is why the inchies didn't get made and the envies didn't get finished as originally planned. I sat in the livingroom going through magazines, pulling out pages with perfect pictures to make those ATC envies out of!
I have so many magazines I really don't know what to do with them all. And more keep coming....some of them are really good for ATC envies... the paper is the most important factor. Some magazines have very flimsy paper! I use it, but I prefer the magazines with stiffer paper...unusual pictures...unusal fonts....colors. The paper though, is the most important element in design of an ATC envie. A flimsy page has to have an exceptional design on it or it is not going to be made into an envelope.
In the process of hunting for envie pages in the magazines, I also run across images that may come in handy some day for a piece of art. Like magazines, I have more images already found, cut and put in a container than one person could possibly use in a lifetime. I have plans for those images just like I have plans for the ATC envies.
Those plans are in the 'thinking' stage at the moment...the 'getting ready to launch' stage is happening as well just in case the 'thinking' stage pans out like it should.
I cut one presentation folder today. 27 ATC blanks made. Plans for those as well.
I did figure out how to cut inchies on the paper cutter I have. That is a good thing! It wastes some cardstock, but it is much easier on my hands than trying to punch those little devils with the hand punch. There is plenty of cardstock on hand that the little waste isn't actually waste.
Twinchies are quite easy to accomplish on the paper cutter, as are 4x4s. I have lots of chipboard packaging stashed that I need to cut some 4x4s soon.
I've been thinking about making some paper from the scraps of things cut on the paper cutter. The scraps are small pcs...not much useful for much of anything BUT making paper from it. Paper making can't be done in the winter. Need lots of space and somewhere to get really messy in. A nice sunny summer day would be ideal to make paper in the yard! Guess paper making will wait a few months. But I can start collecting paper scrap from when I cut blanks and other paper.
RW took out two bags of trash this afternoon that were 95% paper. I'd like to have a go at paper making. I've never done it before. I know how it's done...I've read the tutorials and all. I have the paper scraps...and then some... to make handmade paper and save a bunch of it from ending up in the landfill.
Oh, the plans brewing in my mind! I can't tell you about them yet though...cause in reality... it really is only a bunch of thinking and very little action leading me anywhere just yet. Patience is a virtue! I have tons of patience.
There are those who would say I have an over abundance of it and it occasionaly becomes an obsession... this patience of mine. I will wait 'forever' for things to happen. That's a lack of agressiveness I wish I possessed at times. Patience doesn't always pay off. Yet, :) I persist at it cause sometimes... it does pay off.

There is a little, furry, purring unit upon my desk trying to rearrange the elements. She has thoroughly messed up my pile of pens here on the desktop. Kitten has no name as of yet. She just woke from an hour's nap in the skirt of my dress. I wrap my feet around the legs of my chair and when I wear a dress, a little hammock is formed... just the right size for a kitten who can literally sit in the palm of my hand. She snoozed quit nicely! And now she's awake and ready to wreck havoc.

The weather is getting cooler and cooler as the days progress into Autumn. My hands and feet are cold these days. Need to shut up the house... close all the windows, put the A/Cs away... check the furnace...get some propane. I need to get the boys over here next weekend. I need to wash my electric blanket. I already have two blankets on my bed along with the flannel sheets. I'm a cold-blooded old girl. I won't warm back up till spring.

There are no pictures in these posts cause I haven't scanned anything new to put in these posts. I keep telling Susan to send me the pictures we took the afternoon we went out to Jerry's oil well. She says she doesn't know how to do that. She is never on her computer when I go to her house. We do very little communicating on this machine. I'm not sure I'll ever see any of those pictures unless I go over there and send them to myself in an email. I want to show you all the hills around here... show you the places I talk about. The State Lake where I take Fred swimming, the countryside...its a beautiful place where I live! Susan has those pictures. I wish my own camera would talk to this pc. But it refuses...damned machine. So, no pictures unless I scan something.

I think I have rambled on enough this morning and I am going to haul my butt to bed. Yes, that kitten and Doob will be following. I'm pretty sure Fred is warming the bed as I say my farewells.
Here's hoping Tuesday turns out to be a glorious day! There were no hugs forthcoming since the last post but I'm certain there are more forthcoming the hours ahead. Go get yours!

28 September 2009

Monday has rolled around .....again!

I did a post all about kittens not too long ago. I also stated in a post previous to the kitten post that I did not want another cat when Miss Blue passed on. Well, disregard that statement cause as I sit here making this long overdue post, there is a kitten sitting atop my right shoulder surveying her surroundings and sticking her cold wet nose in my right ear!
How, you ask, did I end up with a kitten when I vehemently did not want another cat? I'm still trying to figure that one out myself.
She doesn't even really have a name yet... Susan calls her Lola and Sam calls her Pete. RW's cat, Mama Kitty, is this kitten's mama. Sam has her sister and had her as well for a little while.
Sam said he couldn't keep her cause she refused to use the litter box all the time. She had peed on his dirty laundry apparently and he just couldn't have that. So Susan rescued the kitten and decided I needed a kitten even knowing that she has little chance of making it to adulthood out here in the country.
Doob is not a happy cat cause of the kitten. Doob tried to attack the little thing while it was sitting on top of my desk last night. Doob came from behind to swat the kitten, got me instead and didn't phase that kitten in the least! I have WOUNDS from Doob's claws! Wounds that bled profusely! That one on my elbow still hurts this morning!
Guess the kitten is here to stay though so I better come up with a name for her. I've been calling her Kid, but I call all of my critters, kid so that is not going to work. Susan will always call her Lola cause that is the name she and Linda gave the kitten when Sam brought her home from RW's house a couple weeks ago.
The kitten is quite afraid of the dog. She hisses, fluffs up her fur and side-steps that dog every time he comes near her. He acts like he doesn't even notice that little fluff of fur getting all bent out of shape. They will eventually come to terms with one another. Fred really likes kitties and this little one will come to realize that that big old dog is not going to hurt her.
Like I said, Doob is not a happy camper! Doob and Kitten both slept in my bed last night though and did so without any complaints from Doob. They even ate out of the same dish last night though Doob wasn't quite sure she liked that idea.
Billy is indifferent to the kitten. He hisses and goes on his way. The kitten gives him a wide berth and stays out of his way. She should be paying heed to Doob in that manner but she seems to delight in antagonizing Doob instead.
So, looks like I have a new addition to the family.

RW brought me another 'pet' the day before yesterday. Like I needed another one! I haven't decided just what to do with this other pet. I'm not even sure it can be properly called a pet.
This critter is living on borrowed time as it is. Winter rolls in and this critter will die regardless. That's just the way the Good Lord made her! Winter comes along and life is over!
The critter RW brought me a 4 inch long praying mantis he found somewhere in the yard. I collect insects. Dead ones. The mantis is still alive in a to-go cup that the boy brought her to me in. I know it's a female cause of her size. Males are always much smaller! It is mating season for mantids and I'm uncertain if this one has had the chance to lay her eggs yet. I'd like to have her in my collection once she dies, but do I want to put her in the freezer and make the end swift or do I want to just let her languish in that cup till the end comes? I honestly don't feel right about either of those ideas simply cause I don't know if she has laid her eggs yet or if she even had the chance to mate. Oh dilemmas!
She's a beautiful creature! Just over 4 inches in length, brownish gray on her wing covers, bright green on the rest of her. I just haven't decided yet what will be her fate. I do want her for my collection for the simple fact she is a magnificent specimen and she will die when the cold weather comes along. I'm thinking I could also keep her as a pet until she does die of natural causes. Put her in a large gallon glass jar and feed her bugs of various sorts till that time comes along. I just don't know what to do with her! Guess I'll figure that out along the way.
Everyone calls me a bug murderer cause I do have other bugs in my freezer at this very moment that met their fate at my hands. I don't know why this one is giving me such trouble deciding what to do with her. Any other bug I would have just stuck in the freezer and not worried about it! I do have to do something with her soon. She can't stay in that large cup for the rest of her life, (unless I just put her in the freezer and stop worrying about it!).

It is now about three hours after I typed the last sentence. RW and Lou showed up to spend the afternoon with me.
I had put the mantid in the freezer not more than 10 minutes before they showed up. RW asked if I had found it on my desk and I thanked him for the gift as I was taking it out of the freezer to show him I had indeed found it. It was already dead as a doorknob. It doesn't take much of a cold snap to kill a praying mantis! For that I was indeed thankful! I now have a beautiful specimen for my collection. I do hope though that she did get a chance to lay an egg sac so more mantids will be in the yard next year. I'll never know for sure....
It was good to see RW and Lou. They helped me with some chores...taking out the trash, sweeping the kitchen, ect. We sat in the livingroom for a couple hours shooting the breeze while they looked at all my inchies I've done this year.
Inchies are on my agenda for this evening. I am up to almost 700 and I'd like to get a few dozen done sometime today. I have a few dozen that need to be scanned also.
I will have to clean up the mess I've made with the envelopes before I can get to the sharpies to do inchies. Only about two dozen envies to cut, 100 or so to fold and about 200 to glue. I'll be done with making ATC envies for awhile.
I've been cutting the presentation folders up into ATC and twinchie blanks also. I'd really like to be able to empty that box of folders and start on another soon. I only 50 or so cases of them to go through. At the rate I'm going, I'll be 90 by the time I get them all cut. Gotta get busy on that!

I've not made any art in the last week or so....with exception to the stuff that needs scanned...I've been busy working on those ATC envies.
I want to do a few pages in my altered book sometime this week also.

I'm just rambling now....need to go do something productive. You all get your hugs today! I got a few already today, perhaps more are forthcoming..... don't miss out on yours!
Peace 831

19 September 2009

Early Saturday Morning!

Dang! Had to come back and add the post! All that I got posted the first time was the title to this post. Don't type in your title and hit the enter button! You will have to do some editing to get your post where you want it!
That's pretty good! It's 6 in the morning and I've already learned something today. It is a good omen, I think!

Yesteday I didn't feel well enough to add commentary to my post so I did it earlier today.
Today, I still don't feel exceptionally good, but I'm doing laundry, sitting in front of my pc getting some things done I have been meaning to do and drinking lukewarm coffee.
Coffee is lukewarm cause it's been sitting on this desk for awhile. Need to go fill it back up. Though there's a mess on the counter under the coffee maker cause 'someone' (that would have been me if truth be known) didn't set the coffee pot under the dripper right. It dripped all right! All over the counter! Should have known I couldn't do that in the dark! Had to make a whole new pot! Good thing that tiny little coffee maker only makes two cups at a time!
I do not know what is on the agenda for today. I've made no plans. I haven't made any plans for anything in a long time actually.
I went to Pburg with Sam the day before yesterday. He took me to lunch and to go shopping at Alco. I had no money on me. I left my purse at home. So I didn't buy anything. Which is OK, cause I really didn't need anything.
I went to breakfast at Frank's with Susan the day before yesterday also. I had to drive cause she is still gimp in her shoulder. We took her convertible. Top up. It was quite chilly that morning.
Saw the kids the day before yesterday as well. They came to town instead of me going to them.
Saw RW and RJ (again) the day before yesterday. Sam fixed RW's front door for him. Now if he'd just quit kicking the danged thing in when he gets mad, he might have a good door for awhile! RW and his brood were headed to Nebraska today to see Lou's mom. That should be a good trip for them all. Got to see all four grandboys while there.
I don't have any other pictures to show you all today. I have 9 ATCs that need to be scanned. I did five of those yesterday and found 4 of them in my bowl where I keep my trade index cards. They have been there since MAY!
I'm not trading much art these days cause I don't have the money to be spending on postage but I am still producing art.
One of these days I'll scan some of the pages in my altered book so you all can take a peek. That ain't happening today though.
I'm praying this old body of mine will hurry up and act right. Well, as right as it can act! I hurt from the top of my head to the tips of my toes in one degree or another. I have absolutely no energy!
My cell phone has died from lack of adding minutes to it. I won't be able to rememdy that problem till after the first of October. Not that I use the cell phone much, but it's still a good thing to have around!
Bills are on my agenda for today! Those must get in the mail! Soon!
I guess laundry is on the agenda as well beings I've been working on it since about 3 this morning. I let laundry get out of hand and now have about seven loads to do! What the hell was I thinking?
Fred needs a good dose of oil on his belly. He needs to take two benedryls as well sometime today. He didn't do well with the benedryls yesterday. I usually wrap them up in a slice of bread. He bit right through one of those capsules and refused to eat anymore bread yesterday. I had to put peanut butter on the bread and stick another capsule in it to get him to take the darn thing. They help with all his itching. His belly is bald! He's lost all his fur there and the skin is very dry. Looks like he has psoriasis. I'm really not sure just what he does have! I'm thinking mange...but where he'd get it from is beyond me. I'd love to take him to the vet, but the funds just do not allow that expenditure and we are taking the home remedy route, hoping to do him some good. A consult with the vet on the phone was helpful. That's where I learned about the oiling his bare spots and the benedryl. He's perfectly happy, just terribly itchy at times. Still eats, sleeps, gives that Billy cat hell and stays out Doob's way. I think a trip to the lake for a bath is on Fred's agenda today. It has been awhile since we took a lake trip for a bath. Sure wouldn't hurt the dog! Guess that means I'll be going to the lake as well cause we all dogs cannot drive! And he ain't getting out there without someone driving his hide out there.

I have been trying for weeks to add to my top ten scores on Splashspot.com's Cave In game. I'm lucky to hit 200,000 points. My top score is 427,000 some right now. I'll keep plugging along with that!

You all have a superb Saturday! I'll give it my best shot!

18 September 2009

pictures as promised

Annabel is now a little over a month old. Isn't she just precious?
Onward to art!
Blue Starfish - ATC

Teasing the Eel - ATC

Salon - ATC

Pepper - ATC

Calico in Pink - ATC

Peace Monster - ATC

Martini Moments - ATC

Lava Flow #27 - ATC

It Points to the Stars - ATC

Goldfish - ATC

From Out of the Past - ATC

Dawn - ATC

Caterpillar - ATC

Bluebird - ATC

An Audience of Toes - ATC

I have lost track of the numbers on the inchies. Sorta. According to the numbers, I am up to somewhere around 600 +.
Just enjoy the inchies this go round and I'll try to figure out just how many of them have been done thus far! Check on the ticker up at the left hand corner to know the true number of inchies thus far created this year.

All of these inchies are mine.

Go get your hugs! You know you need them! :)

16 September 2009

Wednesday Chatter

Granted, it is very early in the day on Wednesday! Only 1 a.m. here in the land of Kansas.
My sleep pattern dictates I sleep all day, up all night...and accomplish nothing of importance!
I've been working on my altered book again today. (That would actually be on Tuesday...I got up around 7 p.m.) I made a 4x4 page this evening as well. Nothing special. My muse has taken a hike to other regions unknown for the time being. It really does not take much talent to slap gesso on pages in a book and wait for the gesso to dry to do something on the page. Its the doing something on the page that takes the talent. That would be why I have several blank gessoed pages with no artwork on them in my altered book!
It's going. If slowly.

I have drank way too much coffee already today.

I bought some new markers the day before yesterday when Sam and I made a 9:30 p.m. run to Wally World. I opened all the markers today, put them in the marker box with the rest of my marker collection and have yet to use one of them on paper.

I cut some twinchie blanks earlier. I'm thinking on branching out to include twinchies (2x2 inch squares) in my art repetoire. I need a bigger box for my marker collection as the little tins that hold my blanks, ATC, inchie and twinchie do not fit comfortably in that box now with the additional markers added.

I found more ATCs that need scanned. They were in the ATC blank tin. I did them the night Annabel was born. I sat in the birthing suite waiting for Terah and Annabel to come out of recovery. Several hours sitting, waiting, drawing. All of those still need color added to them before I can scan them though. Perhaps I will accomplish something productive and get color on them sometime before the sun comes up? We shall see.

I also found half a dozen inchies laying atop the printer this evening. Not sure how long they have been sitting there! I didn't look at all of them, but at least one of them is not even mine! Still haven't retrieved those three inchies out of the pocket of my dress that needs washed either.

Laundry and dishes should be on the agenda, but we shall have to see if that pans out or not. I've no gumption to tackle the laundry and even less gumption to tackle that mess in the kitchen! I wish my help would come back!

I promise pictures the next time I post! ATCs, 4x4s, inchies, ect. I have yet to scan any of the pages of my altered book. Perhaps I'll scan a few of those and show you about it as well. All I've done is talk about the altered book thus far. If the scanner is still on good terms with the pc we will have pictures.

Life is kind of boring at the moment really. Nothing on the horizon to be too awfully excited about....well, except for my grandbabies. They have their whole futures ahead of them.... what I'm referring to is my own life. It seems to be going nowhere fast. I need to change that!

Thursday evening I've been invited to wach a Jr. High Volleyball game. That will be a nice diversion. I better get some laundry done before then though or I won't have anything clean to wear! I do have clear clothes, but all the usual garments are in the laundry. I'm wearing a T-shirt right now I hardly ever wear!

I'm being bombarded by a very large, psychotic moth! Sucker hit me in the middle of the forehead without warning just a second ago! He's disappeared but I'm sure he'll be back just as unexpectedly as he was here before. Stay away from my head, moth!

I haven't read any books since the last one posted to the list. Can't even remember what book that was....

Go get your hugs! I missed out on any hugs Tuesday cause I slept all day! I'm behind in hugs!

13 September 2009

It Is Sunday

No pictures today. I really have to get those ATCs and such scanned. That pile just keeps getting bigger!
I also should probably retrieve those three inchies out of the pocket of the dress I had on the other day... just remembered they were still there~! Don't want to wash them!

Not much happening in my world that I can think of at this exact moment but it has been a few days since I was here and I'm sure I can come up with something to talk about.

I cleaned off the desk in the livingroom this evening. Shortly after climbing my hide out of bed at 6:30 pm. ... I found an unopened envelope with an ATC in it. That was a nice surprise! I made that trade in JULY! I kept wondering why it had never arrived! It got lost in the pile of snail mail covering the top of that desk sometime in the last month. I am terrible about going through mail on a daily basis. I've no clue why that is, but it IS.
The cutting room is in need of straightening. I collected a lot of paper that needs cut when I cleaned off that desk.
There are still little books on the shelf across the room from me that need put together. I must find something to do with them! I will have over 40 of them when they are all put together. The covers are already made. They just need holes cut and the paper tied betwit them. Paper needs holes... I've cut enough for the covers already made. I need to scan some of those little books as well.

All this stuff that needs done.... and I've not the energy to get up and do it.

I went to supper at RJs last night. Terah made chicken enchiladas. Brenton doesn't much like chicken enchiladas. They were OK. I only had one along with a bottle of green tea.
Annabel was fussy. I held her for quite sometime.
RW showed up when we called him to see if he would be home. I was planning on making a trip across town to see him and the kids and Lou. But he came to RJs alone instead. He was on his way to Robert's house. It was good to see him. I would have liked to have seen the others as well but I'll see them next time perhaps.

I kicked Sam's butt at Dr. Mario after I cooked steak for him at his house. He called wanting someone to cook supper for him. He knows how to cook. He just wanted some company.
We played some racing game on the game cube day before yesterday. He is a much better race car driver than I am.
Sammy and I had a good talk. He told me things I didn't know from years past. Life has been a trial for all of us. Yet here we are, none the worse for that wear. I like spending time with my brother.

I have a ham in the refrigerator that needs to have something done with it. Whatever possessed me to buy that giant ham is beyond me! It's cooked though and it needs have something done with it.
I cleaned out the fridge the night before last. All my science experiments are gone now.
I'm thinking to make scalloped potatoes and ham with cheddar cheese out of some of that ham. Do you think I can find a mandolin slicer anywhere though? I don't relish the idea of slicing all those potatoes by hand. My hands couldn't slice that many in one sitting. If I can't find a mandolin slicer, I'm gonna have to find a helper!
Ham and beans and cornbread are on the menu as well.
I really gotta get that ham cut up and in the freezer at the least sometime before I head back to bed.
Someone should probably throw in a load of laundry as well.

I soaked the shower head in vinegar the other night... bout 24 hours in the vinegar and that sucker is like brand new again! I love my shower! It's big! The showerhead though was not working properly from all the calcium buildup from the well water. It was so nice taking a shower last night!

I've been to Hays with RJ, T & kids since the last post. We all went grocery shoppin' at Wally World! Oh Yeah! (I say that so sarcastically!) What I really wish is that I could just go to Websters and get all the stuff I got at WW for the same price. That ain't happening though cause Websters is a small store. Driving two miles sure beats the hell out of driving 80. But we went to WW to get groceries!
My cupboards are now full.
If only the kitchen sink and the counters were empty of the mess that awaits me there!

But again....I've not the energy to get up and do any of it.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll have some energy.....
I got my hugs yesterday. Haven't seen a soul yet today.
Go get your hugs! I'm going to go do something productive....I just don't know what that might be yet.

09 September 2009

Kitten Marathon

Looks like we will be talking kittens today.

My brother Sam brought two kittens home from RW's house a few days ago. RW's cat is a stray who showed up to have four kittens. She's been with RW, Lou and the boys for a few months now. She picked the right house for sure! RW has a been a sucker for a stray critters his whole life! This Billy cat sleeping on the chair beside me is one of RW's vagabonds. Fred is one of RW's vagabonds--kinda. RW did bring him home though. And Doob is here cause RW just couldn't let me give her away with the rest of that litter.

And beings everyone likes kittens, I thought we'd have us a kitten marathon! (If you are one of those who do not like kittens, though I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't like kittens....you probably should be warned there are 10 pictures of adorable little kittens in this post! And I am going to ramble on about them.)

I like blue-eyed white cats. Miss Blue was as white as this kitten pictured here when I brought her home. She was about the same size as that kitten then as well. The older she got, the darker her fur became. Her daddy was a full blooded siamese named Luther and her mama was a grey and white barn cat. Luther lived in the house. He went carousing one night with the girls in the barn. Miss Blue grew into the siamese in her. She had beautiful blue eyes! And she was vocal like siamese are.
I even wrote a poem about kittens for this post!

Kittens running amuck
make giant issues
when you are stuck.
Eyes closed in slumber
kittens appear to be docile.
Given darkness as cover
kittens are stalkers
with your eyelids on their minds.
Perhaps a toe has
snuck from beneath the blankets.
A twitch in the dead of night.
Watch out for kitten claws,
they sometimes hold on tight.
Tagteam in practice
climbing the livingroom curtains.
There's a fly in the sky
ready to alight.
Kittens pounce
with much delight.
9 sept 09

The only cat I know out of this batch is Hank. (I do believe he was one of RW's vagabonds as well.) He's the little black kitten a few pictures up that is looking out a window. The rest of these cats have been snagged from the internet. Most of them from kittenwars.com. If you like kittens or just cats in general and you've never heard of kittenwars, you need to go visit and vote for your favorite kitten! You can spend hours there!!!!

This little orange fella shows one of the things I love about kittens. He's done tuckered himself out playing with that shoestring! Kittens can be totally engaged in play one second and sound asleep the next. Orange kitties are my favorites.

Kittens can get themselves into some mighty stange places. And when you're reading a book....cats always think you can do that best while they're sitting on the page you were trying to read. Books are cat magnets!

I would dearly love to have another kitten but I know that if I bring a kitten home, there is every possiblity it would meet its demise on the highway or as a coyote's supper. I'm not ready to risk that for a kitten.

This one made me laugh! He looks so......zen. He's in the moment!

If reincarnation really happens.... I want to be a housecat in my next life.
Go out and get your hugs.

08 September 2009

I Hate Machines. This One In Particular.

This stupid machine of mine has been messing with my mind! It wouldn't open IE for over a week. I could get online and that was as far as I could go. I gave up before the issue was resolved. It shut itself off in the middle of a game of Collapse over a week ago. That was the last I saw of IE till yesterday when I turned it back on so I could attempt to resolve that issue. I'd had no luck with IE opening everytime I'd tried something before. I thought, ah what the hell? Lets see if IE will open today. And low and behold! It did. I've studied my Control Panel quite extensively since this issue appeared. It's still all Greek to me! I don't know if the issue has been resolved and I'm running on luck here or if the issue is gone and I'm good to go. I'm just going to wing it!
I sometimes think this wretched machine is smarter than I am. At any rate, I am back in the blogging world! (For now.)
I have no pictures to show you.
No artwork to share.
I've worked in my altered book a bit. Two pages started, but not completed. That book has a long way to go before it will be completed. I did two drawings in my 3x3 inch sketchbook the other day. Pen and ink.
I did four inchies at Susan's house just a little while ago. I took her some markers. She and Jerry were coloring away! :) I joined them for a bit. That's about the extent of the art that's been accomplished since the last time I showed you all any art.
I've read five books since the last post. They will be added to the list as soon as I post this.
Where The Heart Is was a great book! I hear tell it's been made into a movie. It would be appropriate for a movie but I bet the book is much better!
Jake and Mimi was an odd book in that it isn't the type of book I would generally read. It was disturbing in some ways and enlightening in others. I do not consider it a waste of time to have read. It was a good book.
The Camel Club was an exciting read! Espionage! Page turner for sure! Excellent read!
Montana Sky was a typical love story set in the outbacks of Montana. Murder and mayhem ensued and I enjoyed the read greatly!
The Broker by John Grisham was another excellent read! I have yet to read a book by Mr. Grisham that I did not enjoy! He is a superb story teller!
The Golden Orange is a murder/thriller/detective story. I think I may have read this one quite some time ago. The story seemed familar to me. I can't believe he burned the boat! Good read!
Forgive The Moon is an unmemorable read. I can't at this moment, remember just what it was about!
A Day Late and A Dollar Short was the best of the books added to the list this time. A story of a family in crisis. I laughed out loud numerous times while reading this fantastic story! I also felt their pain.

Terah had her gall bladder taken out last Tuesday. I spent Wednesday night at the hospital with her and Annabel. RJ had to be in Pburg early on Thursday morning so I was elected to sit in case the baby needed anything. She's such a good baby though! I sat in the uncomfortable recliner and held the little darlin' most of the night. Terah is fine now...well on the mend!

Pug met her demise on the highway Wednesday evening. I had already headed to the hospital by this time. Evelyn witnessed it. A minivan hit the dog. Evelyn said they didn't stop. Pug didn't know what hit her. She died instantly from the looks of her. Ma picked her up from the highway and put her in the wheel barrow. Thursday morning Sam buried her under the clothesline where all the other critters are buried. She was a good little dog. She provided many a smile in her time with us. I knew that highway was going to get her though.

I've been to the lake several times to take the dogs swimming. Pug finally got up enough courage to swim with the big dog--kinda. She could swim though. (I had my doubts about that.) Fred just loves to go swimming. There's a walking bridge out at the state lake that is above a cove in the lake. Fred was swimming under the bridge and Pug was on the bridge with Sam and me. She followed us across the bridge and then couldn't remember how she got to the other end. It was like she didn't even realize we were on the bridge. She climbed down the steep hill to the water's edge and walked right in. She seldom got more than her feet wet before. Now she's in water over her head, paddling through the fallen trees in the water. She did real good at it. I was amazed to see her swimming! I will miss that little dog.
Doob won't miss her though! Oh no! That cat hated that dog! Doob beat Pug up every single day she was here. Almost two months of daily whoopings...you'd have thought the dog would have learned to stay away from that cat. So many times she was swiped across her muzzle with a sharp claw or two! She just couldn't resist giving that cat hell though! She delighted in it! No. Doob will not miss her at all, I'm afraid.
Fred moped around for a few days as though looking for her but he's moved on now. He actually sat in the passenger's seat when I took him to town earlier today. He hadn't done that since Pug took up residence in the passenger's seat.
I about threw Fred through the windshield on the way to town. That stupid woman! I was headed down 20 road, taking the long way to town and a dark green SUV about ran into me! She turned off the vet's road onto 20 right in front of me. I don't think she even saw me till I about ran into her. Poor Fred wasn't ready for it! I hit the brakes so I wouldn't hit her and Fred went flying! He's none the worse for the wear but he don't like being thrown into the windshield! Don't like it at all. Can't say as I blame him either! (This isn't the first time!) My heart was pumping on overtime! I can only imagine what Fred's was doing with that windshield getting closer and closer!
That was my harrowing experience of the day.

I need to make a grocery list.
Sam mowed the grass today. Again. He likes to ride that mower. We got plenty of ground to ride it on! Mow all you want!

I've written a bit of poetry since the art muse went on vacation. Nothing spectacular by any means...I just haven't written anything for a long time. I'm a bit rusty at it. I was reading in my notebook last night and I went back to the very beginning of it. the first entry in that notebook is dated Feb 07. There are only about 80 pages in this notebook. I have never taken this long to fill up a notebook with writing! There's artwork in that notebook as well cause sometimes I don't feel like writing on a particular day. Usually though when there's artwork on one day, there's writing on that day as well. But not always! Artwork in my poetry notebook is always pen and ink drawings. Zentangles more often than not.

I'm out of here for now! You all have yourselves a fantastic Wednesday. You know the world is predicted to end tomorrow? 09/09/09.....I'm betting it won't! :)
Go get your hugs!