19 February 2013

Little Felt Snowmen

Hello Readers!

I had an anonymous comment about the little felt snowmen. Lady name of Kathy wanted to know how I made them so I thought I'd give you the link to the tute I used and tell you how I made them.  Only problem with that is I cannot find the tutorial I used. I didn't save it to my favorites and it is LOST in cyberspace. 

Guess I'll just have to make my own tutorial!

I'm afraid this is the only picture I have of the snowmen unless you all want to see what one looks like after three cats and a dog have dragged it around the house for a month. They make great cat toys! I am a bit surprised Fred dog hasn't done it in, to be quite honest. It is missing its scarf and it is no longer white....

These guys are little. They're about 2 inches tall. Here's how to make them. You shouldn't need any visuals...it's all basic stuff.

You'll need some felt, any color you want for your snowmen. I used scraps of felt from a santa hat I tore up to make a monster out of. Choose a different color for the scarf.

Cut two circles for each snowman from the snowman color felt. My circles were 2.5 inches across and 3 inches across. You could make yours bigger or smaller, it's up to you. You want one circle slightly larger than the other.

You'll need some thread and a needle.
I used white crochet cotton so I'd have a sturdy string to make the loop out of. You can use whatever string, whatever color it is, that you have laying around. The thread won't show except for the hanging loop once the scarf is put on.

Make a running stitch around one circle about a 1/4 inch from the edge of the felt. Gather it together with a cotton ball or some fiberfil inside. Knot the thread so it stays gathered and then do the same thing with the other snowman colored felt circle.
You should now have two felt balls, one slightly larger than the other. 

You can either glue these two balls together or you can sew them together. I chose to sew mine cause I sometimes can't be bothered with glue. 
If you decide to sew yours, this is how it was done on mine:

Once you get the two balls sewn together, with their raw edges meeting, take your thread up through your snowman's head, hold on to it so you have the length of loop you want and go back through the snowman where you sewed his halves together. Put a few stitches here and there just to keep the loop secure when you hang your snowman. 

From a different color of felt cut a half inch strip long enough to go around your snowman with extra so it can be looped around his neck.
I didn't sew the scarf to my snowmen. It's just tied around their necks.

Their eyes are drawn on with a black sharpie. 

I do hope this tutorial is helpful!

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Owls and Some Other Things

Hello Readers! 
I've been away for awhile. The eldest son kidnapped me for four days last week and I forgot the camera when I packed for that trip so there are no pictures of the dog and cat softies that I made for the grand daughter while I was away. There are no pictures of the numerous origami cranes I made for her either. 
I had a great time with the kids and the grandies! They've warned me another kidnapping is in order. I just don't know when it will happen. I may put up more of a fight for the next one than I did for this one! The grandkids always wear my hide out! I needed a few days to recover from all the fun. The old body went into rebel mode big time! I was supposed to come home on Saturday morning but I decided the kidnapping was ending on Friday evening. I was home before midnight and stayed up till the crack of dawn cause I couldn't sleep. 
Saturday was the Sisters Valentine Party at Ma's house. You'll see somethings from that later in this post.
I must warn you this post is heavy on the pictures.

2013 seems to be the year of the owl for me. I know it's really the year of the snake in the Chinese zodiac but snakes aren't on my radar at the moment.
It's owls and more owls and I really have no idea why that is.

This owl is made from ironing beads. I'm not sure that is what those beads are really called but you put them on a template and iron them to stick them together. This one is my first experience with these beads and it isn't the greatest thing. It will go on a chunky page.

I was surfing the internet earlier today and found these next owls after typing 'owls' into Google Images. I looked at hundreds of owls prior to these. 

They're made out of a cardboard box flap. They're about three inches tall, held together with hot glue. I peeled away on layer of the cardboard to reveal the corregation. I cut strips about an inch wide and rolled them into rounds. The eyes are plastic beads, the beak a sharpened dowel. I slapped a big magnet on the backside and called them done!
I really like them!
I suspect I'll make some more of these once I figure out a better way to peel that one layer off the cardboard. Took forever to do that the way I did it.

After I made the cardboard owl I thought; 'why the heck couldn't you make the same thing, but smaller, out of paper put through the crimper?' 
So I gave it a shot!

These guys are two different sizes. The top one is a might thicker than the lower one. I like the thinner of the two better but either will work. They are made in the exact same way as the cardboard owls except with construction paper and toothpick for the beak. I put a string on these guys so they can be used for charms on my owl chunky pages. They're about 2 inches tall.

And one last owl for this post....
I never claimed to know how to do beading. This owl proves I do need practice if I'm to get the hang of this! I used a pattern for a pony bead owl but used seed beads instead. This couldn't have been done (even as badly as this one is) without 2 beading needles. As you can tell by the ruler beneath the owl it is not very big at all. I used a necklace closure for the bail on this one. I have a ton of seed beads so you'll probably see more seed bead animals of one sort another in future posts.
That is a center-finding ruler the owl is laying on. One of my most useful tools!

The Valentine's Party was a roaring success!
I promised Ma I would be home for it when RJ kidnapped me on Monday evening last week. I started these hearts on Wednesday and had them all the beading done by the time RJ kidnapped me. I finished sewing them together while at son's house.

They're all made the same way.

About 2 inches across.

They're made from brick red felt, sewn with brown thread.
I couldn't find any red thread that would fit through the beading needle.

They're filled with polyfil and magnet slipped inside before the sewing was completed to close them up.

All of them but this one are done with glass seed beads. This one is done with steel seed beads. They might be brass, not steel. Metal nonetheless.

I gave five of them away to three of my sisters, my aunt and Ma.

Everyone oohed and ahhed over them.

A shot of all of them.

I've been working on this little pink fairy queen dottee for weeks! She's been done for about a week now. I forgot to take a picture of her when I did the last post. 
She's made from pink felt, embroidery thread, white tulle, fiberfil, seed beads for eyes, aluminum chain for her arms and legs and a recycled coffee can seal for her crown. She stands roughly 3 inches not counting her legs. I know dottees aren't supposed to have arms but she needed some arms.

I played with a new toy.

The new toy! Not sure when I got this thing. I know it looks like it should be a Valentine's thingie but I didn't get it this Valentine's day. I'm thinking Ma gave it to me a few months ago. I hadn't played with it at all till a few days ago. 
I was trying to go to sleep the other night and my mind was racing with all kinds of thoughts and this thing popped into the old head out of the blue. I got up the next morning and played for an hour or so with it. 
It comes with three large heart thingies but you only really need one when using the discs. Would be a fun project for a party of three! I used sharpies to make the spirograph envies.

I needed a new needle tool so I made a new one. I really liked my old needle tool which my brother made for me out of a half inch wooden dowel and a needle but I broke the needle off of it and it's now just a wooden dowel and I haven't seen brother for months. This one is just a needle wrapped with copper wire through its eye and covered with polymer clay. The copper wire was put there in hopes that it would help keep the needle from falling out with rough use. I tend to be very rough on the needle tool! The last one was fixed numerous times before I actually broke the needle rendering it useless. It is a pain in the butt to make little books without a needle tool and as you'll see a bit later, I've a new book in the makings.

My eldest sister asked me about making her some origami cranes a few weeks back. I decided to practice making some. While at son's house, I made about a dozen of these out of phone book pages and dictionary pages. These are a map and two dictionary pages cut into 5 inch squares. 

Happy 5th
markers on cardstock

AFA is celebrating its 5th year!

And as I said, I've a new book in the making! 
This one is HUGE! Weighs a ton. It's a cereal box for the cover and UPS envelopes, file folders and other cereal boxes for the pages. I'll be showing this one off again once I get the cover decorated and the pages sewn in. I cut the pages 10x7 inches so that gives you idea of its size. I have no clue how many pages are in it. I didn't count them.

I'm still working on the dolls with polyclay faces. Maybe next post they'll be done! 
That's all for today though.
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03 February 2013

WIP x a few

Hello Readers!

I posted all these pictures a few days ago, came back the next day and added some commentary and nothing happened. No commentary took! Not sure why I lost all the typing but here I am trying to put it back again!

At the moment, my muse if off on some desert island frolicking with the natives. She certainly abandoned me for the last two days! I'm not too worried though, I know she'll be back and raring to go eventually. 

For now I have some works in progress to show.
Poodle Drawing
marker on cardstock
4x4 inches

Gecko Drawing
marker on cardstock
4x4 inches

These two will probably end up as book covers or chunky pages. The end results are still to be seen. There will probably be some color added to these before the end results are known also.

Over the weekend....the first weekend of February...I dragged out the paints to play along in the paint-a-thon over at AFA (links up at the top right). 
My muse wasn't really into painting. I think she decided to jump ship after I had done these 4 paintings below.

Trees at Sunset
acrylics on acrylic paper
4x4 inches
Still need to do something to the backside if this one is to be a chunky page. 

Cherry Blossoms and Bird
acrylics on acrylic paper
and again this one too needs something done to the backside if it is to be a chunky page.

The owls below are for a swap. All of them still need their backsides prettied up before I can call them chunky pages. I am in hopes the muse will make an appearance in the next few days to get these done and on their way to the host.

acrylics on acrylic paper
4x4 inches

markers on acrylic paper
4x4 inches

markers on acrylic paper works but it sucks up the marker juice like crazy!

acrylics on acrylic paper
4x4 inches
this is my favorite of the owls in this post.

markers on cardstock
4x4 inches

I'm still working on the dolls I showed you all in the last post. They've been singing to me for the last couple days but the muse refuses to make an appearance so they sit waiting. Got ideas running through my head but without the muse on board, I'll just muck things up if I try anything with them. Something will happen with them soon though. I don't anticipate the muse staying away for too long.

Things are not going at as fast a pace this year as they were last at this time. I do a lot of research when the muse disappears so I'm still making progress, I just don't have much to show for it.

I did finish the snake on wood veneer though.

It has been sewn into a little book finally.
Snake on wood veneer in fingernail polish.
3x4 inches
40 pages of writing paper, sewn with waxed embroidery thread.

I had never used waxed thread of any kind to sew a little book till this one. I have made over a hundred little books in the past. Waxed thread makes all the difference in how tightly the book is sewn. I used a soy wax candle to wax the thread. It worked, but the beeswax I have (somewhere) would probably be a better choice. I looked high and low for that chunk of beeswax but never did locate it. It could be anywhere! It certainly wasn't in the drawer I thought it should be in though. 

I have other works in progress than these shown. Works that have been in progress forever!  You all remember that paper mache flamingo? He's still on the radar. 
There's a new monster in the works. I started him yesterday. He's blue plaid fleece. I think he'll be a right nice monster when he's done! That may happen today. I can sew without the muse in attendance. I need her for painting mostly.

Thanks kindly for stopping by to see what's up with me. 
Same old same old! 
Not complaining about that! Same old same old works for me most of the time.

Be good to one another!
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